Tiny House on Tracks for Serious Overlanding 

Tiny house on wheels are typically large travel trailers towed behind a vehicle

However, Canada-based Rubitracks has tried something different by building a tiny house on tracks

Powered by a 1st Gen Cummins engine, the tiny cabin can move independently, at a top speed of 40 mph

Owing to the bolt-on tracks like military tanks, the contraption transforms into an ATRV

As seen in the video, the tiny house can navigate muddy areas like beaches as well as hilly terrain

Inside, you'll find a spacious cabin with two seats in the front driving section, along with additional seating and a table in the rear

You will not believe that the dashboard serves a king-size bed

The design also includes two headlights for travelling in night

Another standout feature is windows in the front section, bringing loads of natural light inside

The maker has priced the tiny house on tracks at $30,000