True North Retreat

The tiny home has living walls and built-in BBQ station

Acorn Tiny Homes

Houseplants have become a major trend in modern interior décor and they even resonate with the growing popularity of tiny homes.

People explore various ways to incorporate plants in tiny homes – some put them on shelves while others prefer hanging planters to fulfill their green desires.

The True North Retreat model by Canada's Acorn Tiny Homes goes beyond, featuring living walls both inside and outside - a distinctive feature seen rarely

The façade features faux stone and metal siding, along with a vertical living wall

As you enter, you find a cozy living room with sofa and table by the entrance

You can see a horizontal living wall in this area too     

The kitchen is U-shaped and comes with eat-at bar and BBQ pass-through window

The gooseneck design accommodates a raised master bedroom with oversized wardrobe

The main bedroom is accessed by a staircase

There are two lofts for sleeping and storage

This 38-ft long tiny house also has a hidden BBQ station accessible from outside

A bathroom with shower, toilet and laundry is included in the layout

You can buy the True North Retreat for $190,000