This Tiny House Has Rooftop Deck Accessible From Inside 

Tiny House

Happy Jasta  ·  8 July,  2024

Inspired by the vast waters of the Alqueva reservoir and the traditional cork oak forests, Portugal-based MadeiGuincho has built a new tiny house on wheels

Featuring cork on the exterior, this home beautifully blends heritage and contemporary design

Inside, there is a raised living room and kitchenette

Large casement windows flood in natural light in this section

Just above it is a floor with an outward-opening skylight

The back provides access to the shower and patio for enjoying outdoors

The bedroom is on the first floor but it has a low ceiling

A standout feature is the rooftop deck that can be accessed from inside

This tiny house is one of the three cabins intended to be used as a getaway for those seeking seclusion from hustle and bustle of city life