Shoeblox vertical display system creates extra storage space on wall

Imagined for people living in small apartments, the Shoeblox is a vertical storage shoe rack that lets them store spare footwear without having to utilize floor space. Developed by Dynamic Innovations – a Canadian startup, the storage–cum-display rack is designed by ...
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V1 chair by Odesd2

V1 lounge chair by ODESD2 encourages privacy at home or workplace

Privacy-encouraging furniture is gaining popularity, as it provides complete isolation to the user in any room volume. V1 lounge chair by Ukrainian design bureau ODESD2 is one such piece of furniture that’s designed to offer peaceful atmosphere to the user. ...
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Rolls-Royce Luggage Set

Rolls-Royce luggage set intends to match the stylish Wraith

Luxury luggage collections have been limited to popular brand names – Louis Vuitton and Goyard. But now Rolls-Royce has stepped into the market with its classy six-piece luggage set that’s designed to complement Wraith, the stylish and powerful Rolls-Royce ever. ...
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Beer Pipeline

Personal beer pipeline offers limitless access of foamy drink to this Russian man

Andrey Yeremeyev, a Russian mechanic always dreamt of having a personal beer pipeline that brings beer straight to his kitchen tap. And to convert his dream into reality, the mechanic has gone an extra mile by building himself a beer ...
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Handmade paper Lampshade by SHare Studios

These handmade paper lamps redefine indoor lighting

Minimalism, especially in art, has been there from post World War II era. Introduced to strip-off all unnecessary elements and give people a simple and functional product, Stephanie Hare – the owner of SHare Studios – has created a collection of handmade ...
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Ryan Nelwan Homemade Touchscreen Mirror

This man’s DIY touchscreen mirror allows users to order Uber

Smart mirrors are not new to the world, but this one is one-of-a-kind as it can even call a taxi for the user. Ryan Nelwan, an engineer at San Francisco-based app design studio Swipe Labs, is the man behind this ...
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Star Wars Death Star II Fire Pit

Star Wars Death Star II fire pit for galactic backyard

Star Wars merchandise is as popular as the iconic sci-fi flick itself, but recently we came across a heart-throbbing fire pit. This incredible steel fire pit is inspired from the iconic Death Star II battlestation from Star Wars. The images ...
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Straw Bale Home in East Boise

Boise builder uses straw bales to construct a fully-insulated home

While people use concrete, wood and brick to build the most comfortable homes, an East Boise builder Mark Lung has used straw bales for constructing his house at 1312 E. Franklin Street. Instead of fiberglass insulation, he has used straw ...
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Samsung and Legrand showcase thread-enabled IoT light switch

Recently at Samsung Developer Conference 2016, Korean electronics giant Samsung and Legrand, French industrial group, has collaborated to showcase the world’s first Thread-enabled IoT light switch. This smart switch will be powered by Samsung’s Artik, which is fully-integrated chip to ...
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Mimi Moto Gasifier Stove

Mimi Moto: Forced air gasifier stove prevents release of toxic gases

Most people in South African townships rely on wood-burning stoves for cooking, as these are cheaper and don’t even need electricity for cooking. But these traditional-styled stoves produce several toxic gases, leading to many casualties through harmful smoke. To get ...
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