Tobiishi stepping stone makes your home entrance a little more innovative

In Japanese architecture, there is a small space next to the main door called genkan where people take-off their shoes before entering the house. Tokyo-based designer, Duncan Shotton, has designed Tobiishi, a stepping stone for the genkan, so people in ...
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Airship: A spacecraft-themed movable home by Roderick James Architects

Roderick James Architects has been in the industry for more than 30 years. They have a wide experience of changing a boring small space into a miraculous structure. Up till now, they have designed over 1000 houses, cabins, tree-houses and ...
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3D wall plant mounts by Luisa+Liliana Parrado help turn walls into garden

You thought mundane walls of your home were the last place for a hanging garden. Think again. With modular wall mounts for planters, such as Garden Module by designer duo of Luisa+ Liliana Parrado  it has become easy to make ...
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Roca London Gallery featuring Zaha Hadid’s organically-shaped interactive water display

Leading international bathroom brand, Roca is showcasing its new interactive water display by Zaha Hadid gallery at Roca London Gallery. This is the second time Roca and Zaha are working together. Before that, Zaha designed the curvy Roca London Gallery ...
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Furniture with wheels is new concept for urban dwellers

Furniture with wheels is the new concept for urban dwellers

Chinese design studio CL3 collaborated with New York-based architectural firm Lim + Lu for an international project, a few months ago. Both the firms will be working with a group of former students from the College of Architecture, Art and ...
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USB-powered BB-8 droid desk fan for Star Wars freaks

USB-powered BB-8 Droid desk fan for Star Wars fanatics

If you are a hardcore fan of the mysterious BB-8 Droid of Star Wars, then you’ll surely love this mini desk fan that looks similar to the cute little droid. The toppling head with an eye remains same, but variation ...
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Muji prefab cabin available for purchase at $27k

Finally Muji prefab cabin available for purchase at $27k

Since, Japan is one of the most densely populated areas of the world, tiny houses are popular there. Japanese urban dwellers have started downsizing lifestyles to fulfill the dream of owning a home in the city. A few years ago, ...
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Dyson’s new air purifier eliminates harmful gases

Dyson introduces new version of Hot + Cool air purifier with more advance filtration system to trap harmful gases. Dubbed Pure Hot + Cool Link, this version of the air purifier has the next generation filters with an extra layer ...
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Rubik’s cube cake by Cedric Grolet is the new inspiration for cake lovers

We used to find colorful cubic puzzles extremely interesting when we were kids. We still find them interesting, but solving a Rubik’s cube is not everyone’s cup of tea, however eating one can be. Yes, the tiny geometrical puzzles are ...
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At $57,500, world’s most expensive pillow will ease your insomnia

There’s someone who has actually put a price on a good night’s sleep. The neck specialist Thijs van der Hilst has created the world’s most expensive pillow that will set you back the whopping US $ 57,535. Yes, you read ...
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