Hotel 7132’s wood and stone guest suites feature tinted glass shower

Hotel 7132’s wood and stone guest suites feature tinted glass showers

7132, the alpine luxury resort located in a distant village of Vals, Switzerland is famous for top-quality architecture, gastronomy and hospitality for a stress-free vacation. Recently, the hotel commissioned US-based Thom Mayne of design firm Morphosis, Swiss architect Zumthor and  Japanese ...
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KEMP Collection by Daniel Kemp

3D printed Kamp kitchenware for sublime coffee drinking experience

An award winning designer, Daniel Kamp of Kamp studio has released a collection called Kemp Collection, which includes homeware and wearables. Through his limited edition collection of sculptural products, designer intends to create a deep connection of warmth and love ...
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royal enfield bbq

Bengaluru students turn Royal Enfield into wonderful BBQ on wheels

A band of brothers from Bengaluru, India have come up with the unique idea of setting up their stylish two wheelers into a BBQ that goes anywhere there are foodies waiting for the treat. Arun Varma and Krishna Kumar Varma ...
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Parabolic shelves by Takayoshi Kitagawa

These unique parabolic shelves hang from the ceiling

Modern day shelving systems are far from being mere storage spaces. They display more than they hold, especially in domestic settings. Displaying objects such as books, plants and various decoratives can add charm to any home. Nevertheless, these days there ...
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Accessories, Featured

These human-powered vacuum cleaner shoes are impressive but impractical

Every now and then we come across ideas which are unique and solve some inherent problem. Take for example the task of cleaning your home which nowadays is performed by automated vacuum cleaners. Automated cleaning solves a major hassle in ...
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Keeping Up with the Kattarshians

Watch ‘Kattarshians’ in a new reality show featuring kittens

In Iceland, a reality show called ‘Keeping Up with the Kattarshians’ has been created for cat lovers. This show is a cat version of the Kardashian clan’s show, featuring four 9-week-old kittens: Guðni, Stubbur, Briet and Ronja. Living together in ...
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Dream home
Earthquake resistance house by Paul Hennessy

This tiny house is strong enough to withstand earthquakes

Concern about the safety of buildings, as well as of human life after the Christchurch earthquake and the deteriorating economic conditions has forced many residents to come up with new ideas. This also prompted builder Paul Hennessy, of Park Homes ...
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Exploded Chair by Joyce Lin creates the illusion of being fragmented

Joyce Lin, a student artist from the US is pursuing her studies, but she also has a deep interest in creating interactive sculptures. And it is clearly visible in the Exploded Chair project which she designed as part of her ...
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Concierge automates home security with the push of a button

Home automation is the latest trend that is driving the electronics industry crazy. The fight for supremacy in this tightly contested space is intense, and every product wants you to ride the wave that we call IoT. Amongst this crowded ...
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Laura Loukaides bakes cakes that are everything but cakes

Laura Loukaides bakes cakes that are everything but cakes!

UK-based Laura Loukaides, a 23-year-old cake artist has learned the art of baking on her own, and now she has reached a state where her extraordinary cake designs are creating a lot of buzz over the social media. In 2016, she ...
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