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Lego Planters

Build a cute little home garden with miniature Lego blocks

Don’t have enough space in your tiny apartment to grow a home garden? Well, tiny Lego pieces by Anna, the blogger behind Journey into Creativity, are great option to form tiny flower pots for your home with limited space. These small flower pots are not only space-saving, but also give stunning appearance to any place where they’re kept. To create these teeny planters, all you need is some Lego blocks, here white Legos are taken. After that, the white sections are decorated with colored ...

Bird Eye View by Noma Bar

Bird Eye View by Noma Bar is Treehouse gazebo overlooking Mount Asama

Renowned Momofuku Ando Foundation has commissioned Noma Bar, an Israeli-born, London-based graphic and typography designer, to create a treehouse within the woods of the Momufuku Ando Centre in Komoro, Japan. The bird eye view is a wooden gazebo, shaped like a bird with background painted like tree leafs. According to Bar, he got the inspiration to draw a bird-shaped treehouse after he saw two leaves on a floor joined in forming shape of a bird.  The nine-meter high bird eye pavilion is ...

LegGo Bike

Leg&Go bike grows with children from eight months to six years

Want your kids to learn bike from a very young age? Well, the latest Leg&Go bike is a fun solution to teach biking to your children. The stunning wooden straddle bike has the potential to morph into different forms for catering changing needs of your kids. It literally grows with your child from eight months to six years. This means it is the ultimate toy that will stay with your children from toddler to preschooler stages. Its frame is made from birch wood, which even features an array of ...


Handcrafted Lamps by Inclussivis represent fusion of wood and acrylic glass

Romania-based designer Edouard Lacota, founder of Inclussivis Design Studio, has created innovative handcrafted lightning that beautifully exhibits the fusion between wood and acrylic glass. Believing in creating imperfections as beauty, each handcrafted lamp is 100-percent unique and distinct from each other. Base of the illuminated lightning fixture is made out of hard block of Oak Wood, which is provided with natural wood finish to maintain the raw finish of the lamp base. Whereas, the ...

Shupua crystal-clear silicone glassware

Crystal-clear silicone glassware won’t break if you accidently drop it

We all tend to accidently spill, drop or bump glassware and tableware on regular basis. This often leads to breakage of your expensive crockery or glasses. Not anymore, as Shupua crystal-clear silicone glassware is here to solve all your glass breakage woes. As these glasses are made entirely from soft silicone, they can be easily squished without any fear of breaking the glass. This means if you happen to drop your glass of juice, water or wine you don’t have to worry about creating an ...

Enchanted Forest Queen Canopy Bed

Enchanted Forest Queen Bed will take you back in the land of fairytales

We all have heard stories about sleeping beauty and her prince charming, but what if you get a chance to relive that fairytale? Just imagine sleeping beauty in her deep sleep is awakened by the kiss of true love. Yes, I know it is too romantic, but the Enchanted Forest Queen Bed is a mesmerizingly designed canopy bed to offer that exact feel everyday when you get up. The canopy bed is made from handcrafted iron, which is a work of craftsmanship as it highlights all minute details of the bed ...

KFC Memories Bucket

KFC’s new crispy chicken bucket doubles as a Polaroid printer

Whether we like it or not, but clicking pictures especially selfies have become a major part of our life over past few years. We often find people around us capturing images of themselves and even their food at restaurants. May be that’s the idea that clicked KFC’s chain in Canada and they finally decided to create a whole new KFC Memories Bucket to celebrate their 60th Anniversary. What’s unique in creating a chicken bucket? Well, the new KFC Memories Bucket also doubles as a Polaroid ...

Arc Light

Arc Wall Light: Telsa coiled wall piece interacts with LED tubes

Arc Wall Light by industrial designer Vedat Ulgen is a blend of both scientific as well as artistic design that approaches the 21st century’s contemporary lifestyle. Ulgen strongly believes in experimenting with new technology, using materials in unconventional and irregular ways to bring out something new every time. The designer is also the founder of colorful container studio- Thislexik Studio, which has been previously showcased on our site. The Arc Wall light is wood board made ...

Bog Standard

Bog Standard is a hybrid toilet seat with roll holder in front

Henry Frank is an award winning product designer from Oxford, who has created Bog Standard, a hybrid, ultra-modern and unique toilet seat for his research project ‘Humour in Design.’ The basic idea behind this unconventional yet stylish toilet seat is to bring humor while improvising the already existing objects. The crossbreed toilet seat is made from oak wood and comes with tissue roll holder. According to Frank, placing the tissue roll in front of the toilet seat will hopefully ...

Ikea 2016 catalog

Sneak Peek at few awesome pieces from Ikea catalog 2016

Every year Ikea, Swedish furniture giant, comes up with something minimalist but very practical for homeowners. It’s always interesting to find out such household deigns that speak out for themselves and need no further description. Likewise, Ikea catalog 2016 is also full of simple yet wonderful surprises that any homeowner would love. The latest catalog is based on a theme ‘The Little Things That Matter,’ which focuses on people’s lives at home. This new collection represents ...

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