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DO.RE.MI. Showerhead by Paolo Bertarelli

DO.RE.MI. is minimally designed ceiling showerhead by Frattini

The trio showerhead by Rubinetterie Fratelli Frattini is minimally designed to complement contemporary architecture. Designed by architect Paolo Bertarelli, the showerhead is entitled DO.RE.MI. and is a sleek and modern showerhead that offers fully-customized showering experience. Offering a strong visual impact, the three modern stainless steel cylinder-shaped showerheads are designed to be used either individually or in combination. As an add-on to the Constellation collection, the trio ...

Baymax Lamp turns Santa Claus

In the holiday spirit, Baymax Lamp turns Santa Claus

All those who have watched the movie Big Hero 6 still admire the Baymax robot. But do you remember the cute little Baymax Lamp that was released in March 2015? The lamp was designed to pay tribute to this famous Disney character and is a must have lighting fixture for any kid’s room. The robot’s sole purpose is to take care of people; likewise this cartoon lamp is created to shed comforting light into any room. But now for the upcoming Christmas, Baymax Lamp has been turned into Santa ...

Lucis Lamp

Lucis lamp lets you play with 16 million colors at your finger tips

Lighting is very important to determine indoor or outdoor atmosphere and set your mood right. May be that’s the reason various designers are coming up with technologically advanced, touch-sensitive lighting fixtures. Latest to join them is the cube-shaped Lucis lamp that hosts over 16 million color options to change setting of any location wherever you go. With beautiful Plexiglas housing, the LED lamp can fill any space with desired colors. This wireless portable lamp allows you to create a ...

Fruit Toilet Paper rolls

Tooty-fruity loo rolls turn your bathroom fruitilicious

Everything is rapidly changing around us, be it any household item or some office related accessory. But one thing that has always been neglected all these years is the poor toilet paper roll. Toilet paper is a necessary day-to-day item; still no one ever tried to experiment with it until now. Designer Kazuaki Kawahara from Japanese design studio Latona Marketing Inc. wanted to change the age-old design of toilet paper wraps. So, he has given fruitilicious makeover to its packaging. Entitled as ...

Tiny Cabin by Christian Montez

Couple builds tiny movable home using recycled materials

England-based young couple Christian Montez (29) and Kyra Powell (28), while struggling to get on the property ladder, decided to take matter in their own hands and built themselves a cozy tiny cabin located on the outskirts of Hereford. Made from recycled and reclaimed materials, the two-story property constructed on the outskirts of Hereford was completed in just nine weeks. Started as a DIY project, the compact cabin boasts double bedroom, lounge, kitchen and an office. Moveable house that ...

Best Morning Ever Coffee Mug

‘Best Morning Ever Coffee mug’ for warm coffee with steaming donut

Florida-based Tom Medwin has fashioned an innovative coffee mug that apart from keeping coffee hot also comes with a donut warmer. Named, Best Morning Ever coffee mug, it is designed to lock the flavors you love until the last sip and to let you enjoy your baked treat just perfect. The 470 ml porcelain mug is designed with built-in hot plate covering your coffee, keeping it hot for longer period. The plate also acts as lid to hold doughnut, making sure that it gets nice steaming. Claiming to ...

10 low-cost marble pieces to add instant luxe to your home

10 low-cost marble pieces to add instant luxe to your home

Looking for stylishly sophisticated accessories and furnishings for your home? Well, white marble is a great option to add some flare into your home interior. But marble doesn’t come cheap and adding this contemorary stone to your house would surely cost a fortune. While marble is often a pricey material commonly found on high-end kitchen countertops or bathrooms, these days several designers are even coming up with elegant marble house items that are affordable and stylish at the same ...

Selfie Mirror

Selfie Mirror: World’s first smart mirror that takes perfect selfies

Tired of selfie sticks and clicking selfie with your smartphones, you want a new way to escalate your fad? Here, creative team of Smart Ltd., has recently unveiled a prototype Selfie Mirror that is fitted with built-in HD camera and 2000 lumen light. Claiming to be world’s first smart mirror, designed for hands-free selfies, the simple mirror is equipped with advance technology, thus making an ordinary mirror a portal to smart home. In addition to clicking you perfect selfies, the mirror ...

The Story Pod by Atelier Kastelic Buffey

Mobile Story Pod would make you swap e-books for hard-cover novels

Do you still love the smell of paper in books, rather than e-books that have taken over the real reading experience? If yes, then you’re surely going to love the all new mobile library concept by architecture studio Atelier Kastelic Buffey. The firm has recently come up with a compact black box-like structure called the Story Pod to promote reading in open spaces. Keeping thoughtful approach to architecture in mind, the designers have created this structure to serve as a unique book exchange ...

Anti-Lego Slippers

Anti-Lego slippers save your feet from tiny bricks on your way

The Lego Group founded in 1932 is best known for its plastic Lego bricks and toys that are still admired by everyone for more than 66 years. Whether big or small, we all at one point of time have created stories with our set of Lego bricks or there are many who still love to play around with these colorful building blocks. However, there also comes a time when we hate these small plastic bricks, especially when you accidentally place your foot on them. No one can deny the painful ...

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