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Caravan Tokyo

Anagrama design studio turned Caravan Tokyo into a stylish accommodation

Mexico-based branding design studio Anagrama has fashioned a simple, classy yet intriguing branding and interiors for a Japan-based mobile-accommodation service Caravan Tokyo. The Caravan Tokyo is a mobile accommodation project located in several strategic areas around the city, representing the cultural features of Tokyo and Japan. According to Anagrama, while creating the interior and branding of the Caravan Tokyo, the inspiration is taken from the amalgamation of Formula 1 race cars and ...

Kromatix World’s first colored solar panels by Emirates Insolaire

Kromatix: World’s first colored solar panels on Switzerland’s building

We’ve have seen numerous sustainable building facades installed with colorless solar panels. But Emirates Insolaire LLC, a pioneer in the development and application of unique solar technologies and a joint venture of Dubai Investments PJSC [DI] and SwissINSO Holding Inc., wants to add some color to tedious solar panel deigns. Therefore, the firm has created remarkable Kromatix- the world’s first colored solar panels installed on a building in Lausanne, Switzerland. The entire solar paneled ...

zero energy house

CIT high school students built zero energy house in Pennsylvania

Students of Northampton County’s Career Institute of Technology are building  a zero energy house in Forks Township with the instructions, advice and help from teachers and other construction experts. Completely energy efficient solar powered house can produce as much energy as it consumes and paves ways to a better and healthy tomorrow. According to Toni Lynch, owner of Polysteel Better World Building Technology and CIT school board member, the house is entirely built by students and is ...

Cubrick Cabinet

Cubrick Cabinet swirls open to expose hidden storage sections

Seeking elegant cabinet that’s not only space-saving, but also adds playful touch to interior? You’re in luck, as designers Ian Spencer and Cairn Young, from London-based furniture design company Yard Sale Project, have created one such interactive piece of furniture for modern homes. When completely closed it appears like an ordinary vertical cabinet, but its rotating mechanism expose several hidden storage compartments. The cabinet is made from wood and lined with Impala fabric in ...

Cultivator 3D Prints Meat

Cultivator bioprints meat to satisfy consumption needs of tomorrow

Back in March, we acquainted you to the unique PancakeBot that can 3D print pancakes into various designs. What if you could even 3D print your desired meat, just like this amazing pankcake robot? Well, lab-grown or simply 3D-printed meat will soon be a reality, as two German design students have come up with a conceptual machine called Cultivator for bioprinting meat. Both the students, Sarah Mautsch and Aaron Abentheuer from the University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd, have created ...

BFF ConsoleTables by Vick Vanlian

BFF Console Tables by Vick Vanlian playfully acknowledge women’s fashion

As part of Private Session Collection by Lebanese designer Vick Vanlian, the vivacious BFF Console Tables are designed to reflect women’s beauty and their love for fashion. The pop-art-inspired range of tables pay homage to the language of Jeff Koons and Takashi Murakami, meanwhile serves as functional furniture for storage and to display home decor objects. Base of each console boasts gorgeous leggy look of a woman, showing off her gorgeous high heel pumps. The legs and heels are painted in ...

Camp Champ Outdoor Kitchen

Camp Champ wooden crate opens up to reveal fully-equipped kitchen

Tired of eating basic tasteless food while camping? Not anymore, as Camp Champ is here to resolve all your outdoor cooking woes. It is basically a square wooden crate that opens up to reveal a fully-equipped kitchen. As packs full kitchen into a tiny box, which means you can easily take it in your car to your desired camping spot. Camp Champ comes with enough space to stock an entire spice rack, dishes, percolator, kettle and other stuff you need for cooking. It is even water-resistant to ...

Ripple Maker

Ripple Maker provides emotionally caffeinated experience to coffee lovers

Isn’t it amazing to get a cup of coffee with personal message and photograph specially scribbled for you? Yes, you heard it right. The Ripple Maker from Steam CC is designed to give you an emotionally caffeinated experience. The company in collaboration with their launch partner Lufthansa is all set to change the consumption of coffee by providing foam prints on the coffee, adding personal and unforgettable reminiscence to your everyday coffee experience. The Ripple Maker is ...

Times 4 Coffee Table

Times 4 Coffee Table rotates to reveal its colorful quadrants

Looking for elegant table with storage sections, but without compromising your comfort? Times 4 Coffee Table by Goncalo Campos interprets the same through its pivoting pie chart-shaped design. The tabletop gently rotates to reveal its four colorful quadrant portions. These small sections are used to store your belongings, preventing unnecessary clutter. This coffee table is designed for Polit, Italian publishing house for contemporary furniture, to offer something unique yet functional to the ...

Woof Washer 360

Gently clean canine coats with ring-shaped Woof Washer 360

Your adorable furry friends don’t only dislike bathtime, but also scared of harsh water sprays. The latest ring-shaped Woof Washer 360 makes the cleansing process gentler and faster, providing massage-like feeling to your dog. The circular dog washing system even washes hard-to-reach areas, all thanks to its 360-degree spraying jets. With its 360-degree circular design, the washer can thoroughly clean your dog within less than one minute. All you need to do is connect the washer 360 to a hose ...

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