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Anka Blanket

Anka blanket by Marsha Golemac offers good night’s sleep

For a perfect good night’s sleep, Australian art director and creative consultant Marsha Golemac has teamed up with the renowned blanket maker Kate & Kate to produce a limited-edition of Anka geometric and colorful blankets. Anka blanket collection is designed to push the creative boundaries of blanket designs and overhaul mundane traditional patterns. Where the whole market is filled with floral and subtle colored blankets, Marsha has offered residents with capsule collection ...


EverBlock: Fun bricks turn your imagination into a life-sized creation

Lego bricks are the coolest creation on this planet, allowing both children and adults to give shape to their imagination. Frequently, we keep updating your knowledge about new creations inspired by age-old Lego bricks game. But now with the help of EverBlock, larger versions of Lego blocks, you can turn your imagination into life-sized creations for day-to-day use. A set of Everblock comprises of few modular-building blocks that are large enough to facilitate construction of different objects ...

World’s first unmeltable ice-cream

World’s first unmeltable ice-cream can endure summer heat

Ice-cream is probably everybody’s favorite summer treat to combat summer heat with delicious flavors. But the most irritating thing associated with it is sticky fingers soon after your ice-cream begins to melt in the sun. Lately, Alton Towers Resort conducted a survey in UK to find out people’s experience while enjoying their favorite ice-cream in summer. According to the survey results, almost half of British people were unable to finish their ice cream before it melts in the summer sun. ...

Bedaway Ceiling Bed

Bedaway Murphy bed drops down from ceiling when you need it

On Homecux, we’ve featured lot of transforming beds and floating beds, which elegantly hide away when not needed. Today, we are going to acquaint you with another space-saving Murphy bed by Swedish brand Bedaway. The ceiling bed can be easily disguised within your living room in morning to maximize the space. Unlike folding beds, the Bedaway rises to the ceiling for opening floor space of a living room during the day. So you can use the available space for seating or dining during daytime. ...

Globe Garden

Globe Garden Chair by Peter Opsvik overcomes stereotypical sitting habits

Norwegian industrial designer Peter Opsvik has rekindled his 29-years-old Globe Garden Chair to change the stereotypical sitting habits with unusual sitting solutions. The garden chair is relaunched under the Globe concept, a joint project of Peter Opsvik and Anders Olsson of Moment AB. The new Garden chair is an updated version of its predecessor. In new adaptation, the chair is provided with supporting footrests, which were not present in the older version. The 1.7-meter high chair has round ...

Vintage Overland

Vintage Overland designs custom-crafted caravan for travel fanatic

Want to clinch your wanderlust? This custom-built handcrafted teardrop caravan not only satisfies your love for traveling, but also let you enjoy spontaneous adventure. To fulfill the same desire, Colorado-based company Vintage Overland has crafted tough and rugged camping trailers for travel enthusiasts. Made out of welded steel frames and anodized aluminum, the handcrafted teardrop caravans are designed to be pushed beyond limit and still provide a safe haven wherever you roam. Vintage ...

Little Big House by Room 11

Little Big House by Room 11 is environmentally responsive project

Room 11 architects Thomas Bailey and Megan Baynes have designed and built an environmentally responsive house for themselves. Located in the eastern slopes of Mount Wellington of Tasmania, Australia. The two-story building is a compact timber cladding house that creates perfect camouflage with the nature and enhances its relation with landscape through reflective mirror glazing. This box-shaped house is designed to blend with the natural surroundings, while the over-sized galvanized windows ...

Steampunk-inspired chess with bullet shell pieces

Steampunk-inspired chess with bullet shell pieces

Gone are the days when only wooden pieces dominated your chess board. Now designers are crafting them into unique shapes whilst adding whimsical touch to the age-old game. Likewise, Olde World Custom Creations has tried to give steampunk-styled makeover to a complete chess set. Although bullets and chess are not related in any possible way, but the designer has brilliantly combined the two separate things together like icing on the cake. It is a handmade set made out of modern wooden board ...

Optimus Prime birthday cake

Truck-shaped cake morphs into Optimus Prime robot

Transformers fanatics may have seen, as well as crafted all different types of related objects over the years. But none of them would have ever thought of a transforming Optimus Prime birthday cake. Yes, you read that right! YouTuber Russell Munro with his wife has created this unusual transforming treat for their son, who wanted a Transformers-themed cake for his sixth birthday. At first glance it appears like a normal truck-shaped cake, but the fun begins when it actually transforms itself ...

Barnacles-inspired sideboard by Stuart Haygarth

Barnacles-inspired sideboard by Stuart Haygarth

This unusual piece of upcylced furniture represents a fascinating interplay of art, sustainable material and spectacular form. Created by London-based designer Stuart Haygarth, the Barnacle sideboard boasts an eye-catching layout that is made out of recycled materials collected from a beach. While viewing a photo book that featured deep sea ship wrecks, Haygarth got inspired to create something depicting the same, and it resulted in shape of a remarkable piece of furniture. To be precise, he ...

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