FrailTea kettle monitors health based on tea-making abilities

UK-based graduate student Callum Smith from Northumbria University has scooped the ‘Good Life’ category award at 2016 RSA Student Design Awards, sponsored by tech giant Philips. He bagged the award for his prototype design FrailTea kettle that would help doctors ...
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How to select curtain fabric

The homeowner’s guide to selecting the right curtain fabric

    If you are thinking about redesigning your bedroom, lounge, or study, the curtains are probably not going to be your priority. There are all kinds of exciting things to think about; from armchairs to daybeds, color palettes, table ...
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Origami bird-shaped swinging light by Umut Yamac_4

Bird-shaped swinging origami lights by Umut Yamac

Origami lights are great to gift someone or to decorate your homes. for this reason there are many Origami-enthusiasts bringing their newest creations to the world. Recently, a London-based architect and designer Umut Yamac has created the amazing origami-like Perch ...
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Dear Human Sweet Seat

Dear Human Sweet Seat rearranges to create chair or pull-out bed

Keeping today’s nomadic culture in mind, Canadian design studio Dear Human has put together a versatile piece of furniture called Sweet Seat. Offering multiple uses, the seat can be rearranged to form a compact chair or a pull-out bed. It ...
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Buchholz Berlin Fair Play

How about a wooden branch holding all your kitchen knives?

Kitchen is one place in your home where you want everything to be perfectly organized. Right from the different kind of appliances, to the accessories that sit on the counter-tops. One area of your kitchen that can add depth and ...
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US couple built a tiny travelling house

US couple builds spectacular tiny travelling house for just $20,000

With a perception to think big and build small sustainable houses, a US couple has built an amazing tiny travelling house. The tiny house is just 130 square feet big, with a well designed cabin, a kitchen, two lofts, and ...
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Bottle Opener from table saw blade

How to make bottle opener from a table saw blade?

Here at HomeCrux we focus on ideas that make it easy for you to enhance your home décor. DIYs are one of them, and this easy one is just right for you. A bottle opener made from table saw blade. ...
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BuddyGuard Flare home security system

BuddyGuard Flare is an artificial intelligence infused home security system

The home automation market is currently being dominated by big players like Google Nest, but that isn’t stopping other innovative start-ups from coming-up with intelligent home security systems. BuddyGuard Flare uses an artificial intelligence engine which respects your privacy when ...
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Felted wool cat bed by Elevele

Felted wool cat beds by Elevele blend with your home decor

The felted wool cat beds by Elevele provide your adorable kitten a perfect place to curl up and escape the world. Elevele is Etsy shop that creates beautiful handmade cat beds/cat baskets/cat caves with fine perfection. Their cat caves form ...
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cooper cooler instant beverage chiller_6

Cooper cooler chills your drink in just one minute

Summer is hotter than imagined this year, and people are using various methods to keep themselves cool. But when it comes to chilling the warm beverages, people rely completely on their refrigerators and freezers.  They are useful, but can’t chill ...
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