Cento-60 Sofabed is a perfect combination of design and functionality

Cento-60 Sofabed by Swiss Plus

Swiss Plus, Zurich-based Company has added a brand new Sofabed to their BED for LIVING furniture line. Developed in partnership with BICO, the Cento-60 model is an ideal combination of a designer sofa with a comfortable and healthy sleep system. Designed to be a great space saver, lots of care and hard work has gone into the development of Cento-60 so as to bring elements such as design, quality and functionality together.

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Compact CCP Mofa mopping robot for complete, spotless cleaning

CCP Mofa

Problems which we mainly face while using ordinary floor mops is that they are uneasy to handle and can’t reach every corner of the floor or under the furniture. CCP Mofa mini robot is a high tech mop with microfiber material at its bottom, created especially to make the experience of floor cleaning more comfortable. It is a square compact mop of size 235 x 80 x 235 mm and weighs 0.5 kg with battery life of 1.5 hours. Due to its small size, it can mop the floor under the furniture and even reach corners smoothly.

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Lui Cat Scratcher by Modko makes lounging and scratching so much fun

Eco-Friendly Lui Cat Scratcher

If you are looking for essential pet products that will not just be loved by your feline companions, but will also be attractive enough to match with your home décor, then Lui Cat Scratcher is something that will fill the slot. It is specially designed for owners looking to reclaim their homes from expensive furniture scratches, misplaced cat hair, and hideous pet products. This multipurpose product will not only provide a place for your kitty to scratch, but will also serves as a cozy lounger for napping and playing.

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Transformable Fractal floor seat adjusts to all body positions and heights

FRACTAL by Andrea Kac

FRACTAL is a contemporary furniture collection which is specifically designed to be used at the floor level. Inspired by origami, Fractal Floor Seat tends to create flexible surface that adapts to our body and evolves with our activities through the presence of creases and folds. Created by Uruguayan product designer Andrea Kac, this square shape seat does not come with any extra support or reinforcement. However, it can provide the required support to your resting body with its amazing technology. FRACTAL can be used as a pouf, a seat, a chaise long and can be assembled to create various room configurations.

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E House is a cost effective home in the lap of nature

E House by Hannat Architects

Situated at the foot of a mountain, E House by Hannat Architects is an inventive and modern approach to bring together traditional Japanese typology and contemporary architecture. Located in Miyagi prefecture of Japan in the Tohoku region, E house is the first residential project completed by the Tokyo-based firm which was founded in 2012. The initial plan was to build a family house for one of the relatives of the partners, but the rapid increase in building material and contractor costs due to Tohoku earthquake altered their plans. Therefore, the architects were left with a challenge to look for some inexpensive materials and cost effective methods for the building process.

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Student pad made using recycled timber pallets

Student pad

During holiday season we all try to relax our minds from the hectic schedule of assignments and project. But Angus Hughes, a CQ University student, has built his own student pad out of timber pallets and packing timber. The student pad is entirely formed of cast-off timber which is usually discarded by local businessmen.

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This smartphone-controlled glass toaster cooks steaks for $1000

Noun glass toaster by Bugatti

Just like any other kitchen appliance, a toaster has also evolved through generations and has become advanced and modernized not only in appearance but also its working. Italian kitchen appliance maker Bugatti has created a new toaster that takes a contemporary kitchen appliance design to a whole new level. Launched at Milan’s EuroCucina 2014 expo, this toaster christened Noun, not just browns your bread, but also cooks steaks.

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Philips SENSEO Up, one cup coffee machine made from recyclable plastic

Philips SENSEO Up

Philips SENSEO UP coffee maker is an intelligent machine with stylish design, which is made from 13 percent recycled plastic, and a combination of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) collected from post-consumer electronic waste. Philips has launched the coffee maker in various bright colors, unlike other recycled plastic appliances which are only available in dark colors.

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This DIY wood log lounger looks uncomfortable

DIY Wood Log Lounger

HomeMade Modern is an online portal that communicates instructions for implementing simple and beautiful DIY home furnishing ideas. Each of the DIY projects published here is created out of naturally durable materials. The founder of the firm, Ben Uyeda was approached by RYOBI tools to create a green furniture on the occasion of Earth Day. He was also asked that his DIY project must show how eco-friendly tools could be utilized to create sustainable home decor items out of waste. Keeping all these instructions in mind the Log Lounger was fabricated, in which the yard waste was recycled into a cool outdoor furniture. Read further to take a look at full DIY instructions on this affordable project.

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Designer creates recycled chairs from discarded shopping carts

KART by Xavier Degueldre

Sometimes a simple and an innocent question can act as a first step in creation of something. This is what happened with designer Xavier Degueldre that led to the creation of KART concept. One day the designer was asked a very basic question by his son that what happens to the old supermarket trolleys after their death. This provided Xavier with an opportunity to combine his lifelong passion, his sensitivity towards the world around him and his concerns for the planet along with offering his son the answer to his question.

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