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Perdu underground house is eco-friendly abode with subterranean pool

Underground homes or low-impact houses are generally preferred by green enthusiasts who want to minimize their negative impact on environment. With housing crisis and shortage of land, many architects and designers are looking supporting the thought of underground homes, to promote a better living for conscious takers. If you are a nature enthusiast and want to give your bit to nature, then take inspiration from England-based NC Homes and Huntsmere. Both the firms have proposed underground ...

Fluens Loveseat

Fluens Loveseat redefines the concept of furniture design

The award-winning designers Andre Gurgel and Felipe Bezerra of Mula Preta Design Studio have created Fluens Loveseat, a beautiful chair supporting  asymmetrical aesthetics and sophisticated design that will add graceful touch to your interiors. The designer duo that previously created Apito Bluetooth speakers – designed in shape of a whistle, loves to experiment with aesthetics and functionality, giving you something new every time.  The nature-inspired Fluens Loveseat, smartly ...


Leaf: First ever Plug n Plant system for growing cannabis at home

Cannabis is a recreational drug and holds medical importance. It is used to treat diseases and/or improve symptoms. Therefore, if you want to grow your own cannabis at home (provided it’s legal in your area), Leaf is the perfect fridge shaped incubator that allows you to grow quality cannabis. Leaf is a first ever incubator fitted with Plug N Plant system. Designed to give users an optimal weed growing experience, the machine grows quality cannabis without any tedious work involved. ...

Misen Chef's Knife

Misen Chef’s knife is fancy and amazingly useful

Whether you are a professional cook or a homemaker, you know that in kitchen utensils, knife holds the most important place. The sleek yet dangerously powerful tool, gives a sensational feel when its blades slip swiftly through tomatos or onions.. To make us all professionals with our chooping and cutting chores, Misen, a new company dealing in kitchenware utensils has recently unveiled an extraordinary knife for an affordable cost. Dubbed chef’ s knife – it is a professional ...

Frost Flower by Tsé & Tsé

Frost Flower by Tsé & Tsé is a creative lighting option for your walls

Well, festive season is rapidly approaching and you must start planning your home decorations now rather than waiting till the last moment. Probably, the very first thing that comes to anybody’s mind while thinking of decorations is an elegant lighting system. That’s the reason we’re here to acquaint you with a fancy lighting option dubbed Frost Flower for your walls. Created by French designers and brand Tsé & Tsé, the lighting system is a climbing lamp with flexible stems that ...

Tempescope by Ken Kawamoto

Tempescope recreates weather forecast inside your home

You often have to look for an app on your phone, tablet or laptop to find out next day’s weather forecast. But the prediction is not always precise. So, don’t you desire a convenient way to show tomorrow’s weather more accurately? Well, Tokyo-based software engineer Ken Kawamoto and his co-workers (Motoki Koizumi and Hirokazu Kobayashi) have listened to your secret wish and created the solution in form of a novel device dubbed Tempescope that brings outside weather into your home. It is ...

New Apple TV teardown

New Apple TV teardown reveals reason for its taller size

Apple is recognized for its slim devices, case in point the iPhones. This time around the tech giant has bent rules with the Siri-enabled Apple TV. The new Apple TV box is 35mm in height, which is obviously taller than its predecessors. What’s the reason behind its taller size? Don’t stress too much, iFixit has recently ripped apart the Apple TV box to find out the answer. The biggest surprise during the teardown process was that the set-top box is easy to open. This is because it is ...

Miami’s most expensive penthouse sells for whopping $60M

Miami’s most expensive penthouse sells for whopping $60M

Located on Miami Beach’s widest stretch of white sand, the luxurious penthouse at 18-story Faena House condominium tower has been recently sold for whopping USD $60 million. With that it has become the most expensive real estate purchase ever in the Floridian paradise. The given images reveal that the property is filled with opulence to the core. That’s the reason some mysterious buyer has dropped $60 million for the luxury penthouse- $10 million over the asking price. It is a massive ...

Velux Cabrio Balcony

Velux Cabrio turns skylight into a small balcony in seconds

What if you could add a little balcony to loft or attic space of your home? Thinking how is it possible on slanting rooftops of attics? Well, Danish window company Velux has a brilliant solution in form of a window installation dubbed Cabrio. It is nothing but a roof window that can easily transform itself into a small balcony, providing you 180-degrees outside views. Velux Cabrio is made up of two sections to serve different purposes. The top section has standard GPL top-hung roof window that ...

Food Art by Samantha Lee

Mouthwatering food art by Samantha Lee [In pictures]

Malaysian-mother Samantha Lee has found a creative way to platter healthy meal for her two young daughters. Rather than serving daily meal, she serves them edible food art that not only makes them gobble it up without complaining, but also serves them the nutrients required in such growing age. The first ever food art created by Samantha Lee was a Hello Kitty served to her kids on plate. Lee always wanted to encourage her daughters to have healthy eating habits and with the same motive, she ...

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