Morgan Sofa Bed by Milano Bedding

These sofa beds by Milano Bedding are perfect for small apartments

Previously we introduced you to Lampo Motion from Milano Bedding. Now, the Italian furniture brand has come up with a new line of multifunctional furniture that gives new meaning to transforming furniture. Exhibited at the iSaloni 2016 in Milan, the new ...
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Furniture, Outdoor
Riga brazier barbecue table

Riga brazier barbecue table for social outdoor dining experience

Another May weekend is nearly here, which means you must be planning for backyard barbecue parties. For those in need of new barbecue grill setup, Riga ceramic brazier BBQ table by French brand Cesarré is the ultimate outdoor furniture piece. ...
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A Live-In Tale by Egue y Seta

Light-filled home with a reading hammock, idyllic for bookworms

Although we can read everything on our computer or smartphone screens nowadays, but only book lovers know how soothing is the smell of books. Another thing that’s required for an amazing reading experience is light-filled soothing atmosphere, which is rarely ...
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DIY Cat Treehouse

This DIY pet treehouse keeps your cat’s jungle instincts in mind

Does your cat loves treehouses as much as you do? What would you do to make your kitten’s dream come true? Spend dollars unnecessarily to purchase an expensive pet treehouse or build something creative like Imgur user [Zacharydavidr]? Before beginning ...
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Cloud Watch Winder by Boca do Lobo

Cloud watch winder inspired by Newton’s law of attraction

Boca do Lobo is renowned for designing furniture like an art, and now the firm has created another statement art piece, Cloud watch winder. It is a stylish cloud-shaped device that’s meant to protect your expensive timepiece. What makes this ...
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Featured, Kitchen
Elica Empty Sky Rangehood

Elica Empty Sky rangehood improves kitchen air and aesthetics

For those who are looking to improve aesthetics of their kitchen along with air quality, Elica Empty Sky rangehood is absolutely perfect. Firm cords holding the sleek hanging extractor give it subtle and streamlined appearance that seems to mimic a ...
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Audiovase by Shuffle Three

Audiovase enhances music experience without audio accessories

Forget expensive Bluetooth speakers or headphones to enjoy better audio quality. Now you can enhance your music-listening experience with an electronic-free device, Audiovase by Shuffle Three. It is a tiny vase-shaped device that can increase your smartphone’s volume without any ...
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Poligon Wooden Animal Trophies

Poligon: Add some funk to your room with wooden animal trophies

If you are a true animal lover, then you’d surely not like brutal animal heads hanging all around your home. But for those who appreciate the art of traditional taxidermy, Polish brand products Traverse has created wooden animal trophies with ...
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Featured, Furniture
World map dining table

Imgur user builds world map dining table using wood burning tool

It might sound strange, but Imgur user Zending created a unique world map dining table to pass time. Posted four days ago on image sharing community, according to Zending, “he was bored and decided to build a dining table.” The 6-feet long ...
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Finch Buildings to create sustainable homes with Lego-like flexibility

With increasing number of green housing and solar-powered energy options, there are various residential properties for eco-conscious homeowners. But why live in block-shaped wooden houses, when you can rearrange them into different configurations? Yes, you read that right. Now Dutch ...
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