Colin Furze Christmas Tree DIY

26ft Christmas Tree Going Through a House – That’s Rare!

Whenever Colin Furze gets down to build something, the end result is eye-popping for sure. As with all the ingenious (at times bizarre) things he has built in the past, this one too is off the charts. A 26ft Christmas tree that seems to go right through his 18ft house. Yes, that’s what Colin did for Christmas 2018.

As you can judge by starting sequence of the video below, Colin and his mate cut down the longest pine tree from the nearby woods and loaded it onto a pick-up truck. Like all times the pro-DIYer was at his A game while planning for this never before done DIY. So he got down to cutting the tree in three large sections which would fit in his lounge, bedroom, and the roof.

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By Colin’s standards, this one didn’t require much tinkering, as he just had to make sure the tree looks completely straight when viewed from the outside of the house. This creates the illusion of a Christmas tree going right through his house and out through the roof. A few embellishments made sure the Christmas tree looks ready for the holiday season.

His two little kids love the new playful tree bursting right through the middle and Colin absolutely loves that. 

Colin Furze Christmas Tree DIY

Image: Colin Furze/Youtube

Colin Furze Christmas Tree DIY

Image: Colin Furze/Youtube

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