Christmas Decoration Ideas 2021 – DIY Crafts & Gifts

It won’t be long before Santa makes his way down your chimney. Start the most beautiful day of the year with beautiful Christmas decoration ideas and gifts, because Christmas is all about twinkling lights and back-to-back parties. Come spread good cheers and bid adieu to the holiday season in high spirits.


Best Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas for 2019Most Stylish Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner, if you’re searching for unique indoor Christmas decoration ideas for your house or workplace, here’s an exhaustive compilation that will help you make the decision effortlessly.

Simple-and-Affordable-Christmas-Decoration-Ideas-for-2019Simple and Affordable Christmas Decoration Ideas

Everyone wants to create an aura of festive, welcoming feeling without breaking the bank, especially when decorations are expensive during the holidays due to high demand. To help keep your Christmas decorations well within budget, we have gathered some beautiful yet affordable Christmas decoration ideas that will surely help you turn your place into a joyful wonderland.

40+ Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home You’ll Adore40+ Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home You’ll Adore

If you aren’t a convincing DIYer, don’t fret, we have here compiled an exhaustive collection of awe-inspiring DIY Christmas decoration ideas that are very exciting to look at and won’t require much effort to make. Try your hand on a DIY of choice and you will surely be able to bring joy and personal touch to your home this Christmas.

40+ Christmas Tree Alternatives You Should Try This Year40+ Christmas Tree Alternatives You Should Try This Year

Try to make something different from unused and readily available stuff. It can be paper, cardboard, scrap wood, wine bottles, wine cork, pine cones or any other item that you can use to make a Christmas tree. Hint – the most inspiring Christmas tree alternatives you can try this year.

Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments You can DIY This YearHomemade Christmas Tree Ornaments You Can DIY This Year

If you have time and some crafting skills, you should try DIY Christmas tree ornaments. These will not only save you money but allow you to add a personal touch to your Christmas tree. Kids and adults can equally participate in making the ornaments that’ll go on the tree and make it stand out in the neighborhood. Read through the guide listing different kinds of Christmas tree ornaments you can make on your own.

30+ DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas to Try This Festive Season30+ DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas to Try This Festive Season

You can spend an afternoon crafting a wreath with eucalyptus, pine, flowers, and other easily accessible items to make it smell like Christmas and add a few playful elements to create your own winter wonderland. To help you out accomplish this task, we have collected over 30 DIY Christmas wreath ideas that will make an excellent first impression.

DIY-Christmas-tree-ornaments80+ DIY Christmas Garland Ideas

Garlands are one of the most commonly used Christmas decorations. Yeah, you can buy a variety of Christmas-themed garlands from the market, but you can also try making them yourself at home. If you like the latter, we have rounded up some of the best DIY Christmas garland ideas for your help.

Christmas Decorations Made From Reused Household Items50+ Christmas Decorations Made From Recycled Materials

We are not telling you to drive down to your local store and buy new stuff; instead, you can just upcycle old and unused items and give them a brand new shape. In a bid to save the planet and also your pockets, try and make these Christmas decorations from things usually found at home.

15+ Best Kitchen Appliance Gift Ideas for Christmas 2019Best Kitchen Appliance Gift Ideas for Christmas

Do you wish to impress your mother or wife this Christmas? Why not gift her a useful kitchen appliance this year? Usually, appliances are good wedding gifts but they can be a fun and practical Christmas gift for homemakers.

25 Best Tabletop Christmas Trees You can Buy for Under $5025 Best Tabletop Christmas Trees You Can Buy for Under $50

They are fairly cheap and easy-to-maintain Christmas decorations yet bring festive essence to your home. Have no time to search which one is the best, fret not, we have done it for you. Below are some of the best tabletop Christmas trees you can buy right now.

Best Christmas Wall Decals for Quick and Easy Home DecorationBest Christmas Wall Decals for Quick and Easy Home Decoration

From snowflakes and reindeer to Santa and wall Christmas trees, you can find a variety of Christmas wall decals in the market. Don’t want to indulge in an intense search, no worries, we have done the hard work for you. Here are some of the best Christmas wall decals you can buy for under $70.

20 Best Christmas Tree Toppers of 202120 Best Christmas Tree Toppers of 2021

We are weeks away from celebrating the birth of Christ and this is probably the right time to check for the best Christmas tree toppers. Below is the list of the 20 best Christmas tree toppers of 2021 you should plan on buying to add a finishing touch to your tree.

Best Christmas Scented Candles to Bring Holiday CheerBest Christmas Scented Candles to Bring Holiday Cheer

With a wide variety of scented candles for the holiday season, here’s a list of fragrant wax accents that are available for purchase and will put you right in the mood for Christmas.

DIY Candle Holders For ChristmasDIY Candle Holders For Christmas

We are not asking you to buy a candle holder, instead, we are recommending ways to try and make one of your own. Here’s a list of 20 DIY candle holders for Christmas made from glass bowls, wooden logs, and other easily accessible materials.

These Appetizing Christmas-Themed Food Ideas Will Leave Guests in AweThese Appetizing Christmas-Themed Food Ideas Will Leave Guests in Awe

We are not asking you to buy a candle holder, instead, we are recommending ways to try and make one of your own. Here’s a list of 20 DIY candle holders for Christmas made from glass bowls, wooden logs, and other easily accessible materials.

15+ Homemade Edible Gifts for Christmas 202115+ Homemade Edible Gifts for Christmas 2021

The sweet-smelling cookies and chocolates are the first things that come to mind but there are many other edible items that you can gift to family, friends and neighbors. If you are looking for DIY edible gifts for Christmas, here is a list dozen of fun, thoughtful and tasty recipe ideas for you to try out this holiday season.

Most Searched Christmas Cookies on GoogleMost Searched Christmas Cookies on Google

Based on the Google Trends for 2021, we have compiled a list of some of these most famous, loved, easy to make and trending Christmas cookies that will make your mouth water.

Hot and Spicy Alcoholic Drinks to Enjoy This Christmas25 Hot and Spicy Alcoholic Drinks to Enjoy This Christmas

There is a wide variety of hot drinks that you can enjoy during the holiday season – some are boozy, while some are spiced fruity beverages. Whatever your preference, we have brought a list of about 25 hot and spicy alcoholic Christmas drinks to warm your cockles. Let’s start!



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It’s that time of the year again when the wintry sun is in a hurry to set and let the long, cold night play its magic by veiling the entire surroundings in a white layer of frost. Sub-zero temperatures and cold winds don’t feel so cold because they carry the warmth of celebration and happiness with them. The festivities are right here. Christmas trees decked in beautiful ornaments, neighborhoods lit in festive lighting, stores filled with Christmas presents, it’s just a matter of time before the festive tunes start echoing all around.

From Thanksgiving Day to Black Friday to Christmas, the holiday season is all about celebration, laughs, happiness, and good cheers. The celebration becomes better when you are surrounded by your family and friends because we believe home is the best place to celebrate the holidays. If you are planning to have a blockbuster celebration, and not sure where to start, make a list of things you want to do for a bright Christmas celebration with Christmas decorations on top of the list.

Whether planning to drape your deck in retro colors or trying to get extravagant with modern home accessories, get in the holiday spirit with practical Christmas decoration ideas for indoors and outdoors and make your home look its best.

The true meaning of Christmas is much more than just celebration and tradition – it’s about giving, spreading love and happiness. And, sharing is not limited to those who we love and care for. It is also about people who make you what you are. Because it’s time to be grateful for those who brought happiness and a smile to your face. However, the pursuit of gratefulness may bring with it holiday stress and make you forget the true meaning of the holiday: happiness, fun, and joy.

So how can we rake in all the excitement without being impolite? One way is to think of holiday and Christmas decoration ideas as fun — something to be enjoyed as much as the festival itself. Anticipation of good things and holiday happiness is where all the festive feelings begin. This is important because we can create good experiences only when we feel happy and excited.

Hence, indulge yourself in festive decorations and see your imaginations taking shape in the form of the beautiful lights that brighten up your home and neighborhood during the dark season. Doors, windows, and porches shine bright with strings of lights and candle arches, while dark corners of the living room look great in Santa stockings, poinsettias, Christmas tree ornament, and figurines. If you also want to create your own little winter wonderland to make Christmas even more festive and fun, start your preparations right now.

However, preparation and decoration are a lot more than just planning. It’s also about getting in high spirits and welcome the excitement that’s about to come our way and extending that joy and happiness to others.

At Homecrux, we want to make sure you get the best recommendations when you search for Christmas decorations ideas online. This page displays the closest matches for your search query. With thousands of unique décor ideas and options available, we have strived hard to curate a list of best ideas and suggestions that suit your home and lifestyle. From easy DIY crafts and design inspirations to unique Christmas trees and gifts, our collection has it all.

Here are a few tips and suggestions to decorate your home for Christmas:

Christmas – the name itself marks joy and happiness. If you are planning to give a complete Christmas makeover to your home for a festive look, you can start with:

  • Christmas tree: Christmas tree forms an important part of the Christmas decorations because it is a symbol of the renewal of life during darkness and adverse conditions. Bristle-like tips of dark green needles make for a timeless look that adds holiday appeal to any room.
  • Tree ornaments: Colored balls of different shapes and sizes can be used as ornaments for Christmas tree decorations.
  • Snowflakes: Snowflakes look great in outdoors. You can use snowflake ornaments, cotton snow, and tin icicles to decorate your indoor or outdoor Christmas tree, seating area, or Christmas party table.
  • Christmas lights: This doesn’t need much explanation. You can use an abundance of string lights across the front door, porch, lawn, and living and bedroom to illuminate the entire place in a warm and ambient light.
  • Scented candles: Scented candles not only illuminate the house in ambient light but also stimulate the jolly spirit of the season by spreading a sweet aroma.
  • Mantles: Beautifully decorated mantles look elegant in Santa stockings and Advent calendars and prove to be good decoration items.
  • Stockings: Stockings are a beautiful Christmas accessory that comes in beautiful shapes and sizes perfect to be hung around the Christmas tree or mantle to represent hope and good luck.
  • Figurines: You can keep a reindeer, raffia bow, snowman, elf, and a moose family along with pinecones and twig garland to create a beautiful Christmas display.
  • Poinsettia: Poinsettia is a traditional star-shaped beautiful Christmas flower. It is used during the Christmas festival for its holy and cheery spirit. You can place a bunch of Poinsettia on the porch or the hallway.
  • Wreaths and garlands: Wreaths and garlands are the traditional forms of Christmas decorations. They look great on the front door and are placed to welcome the guests.
  • Santa sled: Santa Claus is the first figure that comes to our mind when we think of Christmas. You can put up a cardboard Santa dressed in cherry red sitting in a DIY wooden sled. This large outdoor Christmas decoration will attract the attention of passersby.


Christmas tree brings with it an air of festivity. Be it green needles, tinsels, or ornaments hanging from its branches, the Christmas tree is one of the most essential parts of Christmas decoctions. Christmas tree has been part of our culture and celebration for ages. Evergreen trees were used to celebrate the winter season before the birth of Christ. However, it was not exclusive to the Christmas celebration back then. It became a vital part of the Christmas celebration when the world’s first decorated Christmas tree was erected in Riga, Latvia in 1510. Since then, the tradition of erecting and decorating a Christmas tree in beautiful colors and ornaments has found its way into our culture.

Decorating a tree has become the best part of the Christmas celebration, lately. Every year, about 25-30 million real Christmas trees are sold in the US alone. This shows millions of people across the globe bring home a Christmas tree every year and put together a beautiful show to welcome the white-bearded oldie carrying a sack full of gifts into their home.

Some interesting facts about Christmas tree:

  • First decorated Christmas tree was erected in Riga, Latvia back in 1510
  • The tradition of using small candles to light a Christmas tree dates back to the 17th century
  • The first use of the term ‘Christmas tree’ in English was in 1835
  • Thomas Edison’s assistant, Edward Johnson, devised the idea of electric lights for Christmas trees in 1882
  • Christmas tree lights were first mass-produced in 1890
  • In 1856, Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the United States, was the first President to place a Christmas tree in the White House
  • Teddy Roosevelt banned the Christmas tree from the White House for environmental reasons
  • Since 1966, the National Christmas Tree Association has given a Christmas tree to the President and first family for display in the Blue Room
  • 33-36 million Christmas trees are produced in America, while 50-60 million in Europe each year
  • As per Statisticbrain, about 35 million Christmas trees are cut each year
  • About 73 million new Christmas trees are planted every year
  • According to the National Christmas Tree Association, about 350 million real Christmas trees are currently growing on Christmas Tree farms in the US alone
  • Christmas trees are a crop, grown specifically for the market, and are not harvested from wild forests
  • Americans purchased 27.4 million real Christmas trees while only 21.1 million artificial trees in 2017
  • Origin of artificial Christmas trees dates back to the 19th century in Germany. Later, they became popular in the US
  • Back then, artificial trees were made using goose feathers dyed green and attached to wire branches. The wire branches were then wrapped around a rod that acted as the trunk.