10 Practical Christmas Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Gifting pet lovers what they may appreciate is the best way to show your affection and Christmas is the best time for that. Do you have anyone on your list who is a die-hard pet lover or owns a pet? Don’t embarrass yourself by gifting a pet lover with a tie, card, book, or any other typical Christmas gift. Doing so will be nothing more than a formality of exchanging gifts  – it wouldn’t be a personalized option.

If you don’t want to leave that impression, choose your Christmas gift that is special, unique, and most importantly, practical. Here’s a list of 10 unique Christmas gift ideas for pet lovers in your life.

Window-mounted cat bed

If your buddy owns a cat, gift him this window-mounted cat bed, which will be a great treat for his lazy feline. This is a practical gift idea since cats love sitting on the window to bird watch. So, let her do what she really loves to. This cat bed can carry more than 50 pounds, i.e. it is good enough to sleep two adult cats at a time.

The mounted bed is designed to keep the cat’s comfort in mind so that your cat does not feel bumpy. The bed will definitely be a favorite spot to chill and sleep for your loving feline friend.

Buy: $15

Window mounted cat bed

Image: Amazon

Pet tent bed

This soft, tent-shaped dog bed is a perfect gift for small pooches to stay warm and cozy in winters. Your pet lover friend will absolutely love it, as it will provide their furry friend a comfortable space to sit in and a furry bed to sleep and snuggle in. Each pet tent is made using faux suede, linen, or corduroy and each comes with soft poly-foam lining to ensure comfort.

Price: $23

Pet tent bed Christmas gifts for pet lovers

Image: Amazon

Metal dog wall hooks

If your dog-loving buddy likes everything about dogs, then consider gifting these beautiful dog-shaped metal hooks to them. They are just perfect to hang a dog’s clothes, blanket, and other accessories. It can also be used to hang coats, garments, etc. The dog-shaped wall hooks will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Price: $26

Christmas gifts for pet lovers

Image: Amazon

Rufus Dog-shaped planter

You could gift your dog lover friend this rustic-looking planter in the shape of a Dachshund. Made using polystone material, it measures in at 4 inches high and 12.25 inches long. It will not be a simple planter but also a whimsical sculpture. The planter can be a perfect home decor accent for your friend’s house.

Price: $30

Christmas gifts for outdoor lovers

Image: Amazon

Aquapaw pet bathing tool

Surprise your friend by gifting him Aquapaw this Christmas. It is the world’s first wearable sprayer and scrubber for dogs that can be turned on and off by a simple touch of a button. Its one-size-fits-all design allows you to better control your pet as well as the flow of water while you clean your furry friend. Aquapaw pet bathing tool will help your friend clean his pet daily without any hassle.

Buy: $25

Aquapaw - pet bathing

Image: Aquapaw

Doggie Fountain

Help your best buddy in keeping his dog hydrated all the time by gifting him Doggie Fountain. The accessory transforms a garden or a patio into a source of freshwater for your pet so that he can easily access water whenever he desires. When the dog steps on the paw pedal, the device releases a fountain of freshwater. Your thirsty dog will very quickly learn how to step on the paw pedal to get a refreshing drink. A dog person will definitely admire this gift from you on Christmas.

Buy: $120

Doggie Fountain

Image: Amazon/MATOP

A felt cave for pets

Whether it is a dog or cat, pets love having their private space where no one can enter and disturb them. Have a look at this awesome two-toned felt cave that looks like a small rock on the path. The cave can be set anywhere in the house or in your pet’s favorite sleeping spot. It will definitely look good as a part of your home décor. Gifting it to a cat lover and a small dog owner for Christmas makes for a great idea.

Buy: £49.50  (~ $66)

A felt cave for a pet

Image: Etsy/LoveCatCaves

Texsens pet backpack carrier

Make carrying pets easy for the pet lover in your life with this specially designed backpack. The backpack has a comfy pad inside for a pet to sit, sleep, and move freely. It has three sides made of PVC mesh for optimal airflow. The pet carrier is perfect for dogs up to 15-pounds, or cats up to 18-pounds.

Since the choice of your bag speaks a lot about your personality, there are various designs and colors available to choose from according to your personal style statement.

Buy: Starts from $30

Christmas gifts for outdoor lovers

Image: Amazon

Automatic cat feeder

A pet feeder can be a great Christmas gift for a pet lover. This automatic pet feeder from PETLIBRO is a great option. It features a large food tank with 6L capacity and can serve up to 6 meals daily with 1-50 portions (15ml each). This clog-free cat food dispenser has a timer that delivers pet fed on set time periods. There is also a built-in infrared sensor to indicate situations of insufficient or stuck food.

Your pet will no longer feel starved even if you are not at home. The feeder is super easy to operate as you just have to turn it on and control the setting through the buttons and LCD screen. It can also save a 10s message for the pets.

Price: $62

Christmas gifts for pet lovers

Image: Amazon

Self-cleaning litter box

If your friend is tired of cleaning the mess of his kitty, nothing would be a better gift than the PetSafe self-cleaning litter box. The device helps clean kitty without any mess. It is a self-cleaning litter box that uses disposable litter trays to provide hands-off convenience. There are also safety sensors to ensure the scooping cycle only occurs when the cat is out of the box.

Price: $139

Christmas gifts for pet lovers

Image: Amazon

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