10 Last-Minute Christmas Food Ideas for a Delicious Meal

Have you been too busy shopping for family and friends that you forgot to make your list for a perfect Christmas meal? Well, we understand that no one really likes to welcome their guests without planning any special food list. We have compiled suitable last-minute Christmas food ideas that will help you make you charmer of the day. These recipes are easy-to-make, appetizing and filling.

Red cabbage, apple and hazelnut salad

Make yummy red cabbage salad tossed with diced apples, chopped hazelnuts and zesty vinaigrette. This recipe will add vibrant color to your Christmas dining table along with a delicious taste.

Broccoli and cheese casserole

Serve a healthy dish for dinner prepared with broccoli and sprinkle some nutmeg and cheese casserole on it to elevate the taste.

Pan-roasted Brussels sprouts served with bacon

Saute some bacon pieces on a pan and cook the Brussels sprouts in the same pan so that vegetables perfectly absorb decadent taste of bacon fat as they become golden brown. Serve the dish piping hot to enjoy the actual taste.

Fresh mushroom and parsley salad

This is a quick salad recipe made from ingredients such as Giada De Laurentii, button mushrooms, fresh green herbs and a simple lemony dressing. It can be prepared in minutes without much effort.

Pan-seared trout with pecan brown butter sauce

Serve tempting pan-seared trout for fish lovers. Add pecan brown butter sauce to uplift the taste and serve with white wine.

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Prawn and mango cocktail

This prawn and mango cocktail is a perfect dish for those who like experimenting with their meal. Give your guests an alluring dish to go with red wine.

10 Last-Minute Christmas Food Ideas for a Mouthwatering Dinner

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Cranberry turkey meatloaf

Try this easy and filling Turkey along with cranberry meatloaf this Christmas to celebrate festivity over a touch of traditional Turkey feast.


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Orange and ginger glazed ham

Prepare yummy glazed ham along with a tinge of orange flavor for treating your taste buds. It can also be embellished with Christmas decorations to spruce up festive essence.


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Fruitcake with cheese and apple slices

This Christmas, lift up the classic combination of apples and cheese with thin slices of sweet fruitcake. Serve it after dinner to rejoice the taste of the dinner a bit more.

Orange dessert

Another sweet dish that you can serve after dinner is the orange dessert. It is prepared with orange marmalade, covered with meringue or whipped cream and garnish with candied orange gajitos.

For a memorable holiday feast serve these appetizing dishes to treat your loved ones, maintaining merrymaking aura within your home. Hope you’ll enjoy the day in full spirit along with these palatable food ideas.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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