10+ Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Audiophiles

Struggling for a perfect Christmas gift for a sound snob in your life? Or maybe you’re the one stricken with the audiophile bug. Well, we understand that audiophiles have a weird fascination with the perfect sound quality of every musical gadget that they own.

So, it gets really hard when you go out shopping for them, especially when you have little or no knowledge about any of the audio-related technology. Don’t worry, as we have put together some cool Christmas gift ideas to make your audiophile companions happy, this holiday season.

Texsens Light Bulb Bluetooth Speaker

smart light bulb Bluetooth speaker

Image: Amazon

It is a color-changing LED light bulb, with an integrated Bluetooth enabled speaker to allow music playback without any clutter of wires. It is a 4 watts speaker and 4 watts light. You can use the companion mobile app to adjust the brightness of the light and change the color. Multiple bulbs can also be synchronized to play music together. The bulb can be plugged into any standard E26 light socket.

Buy: $66

Sonos Move Smart Speaker

Sonos smart speaker portable

Image: Amazon

Sonos is a renowned speaker maker so this battery-powered smart speaker from Sonos will be a great gift for a music lover. Designed for outdoor and indoor listening, it offers deep, powerful sound for up to 11 hours. With built-in Amazon Alexa, it can also take voice commands to play music, check news, set alarms, get questions answered, and more.

Buy: $459

Innovative Technology Outdoor Rock Speaker

rock wireless speakers

Image: Amazon

Let your friend enjoy music in a disguised way with this rock-styled wireless speaker. It can be installed on the patio or in the garden. It comes with a matching solar array that takes about 15 hours in the sun for a full recharge and plays for about 10 hours. The rock speaker can withstand all weather conditions and require little maintenance.

Buy: $130

Bone Acoustic Horn Stand Sound Amplifier

Christmas gift ideas for audiophiles

Image: Bone Collection

Made from soft-touch silicone material, it is an acoustic sound amplifier that uses no electricity. Just put in the iPhone and enjoy the amplified sound. It supports both portrait and landscape orientations, which is again a useful feature. It is a worthy gift for music enthusiasts.

Buy: $18

Wooden Omega Headphones Stand

Christmas gift ideas for audiophiles

Image: Amazon

Made of dark walnut finished layered wood, this 10-inch tall headphone stand can be a great gift. Its universal design will work with almost all headphones. It will be a rustic centerpiece on a table or shelf.

Buy: $27

Marshall Guitar Amp Key Hanger

Marshall Jack Rack key hanger looks like real guitar amplifier

Image: Pluginz Keychains

It is an officially licensed Marshall Amplification Jack Rack that will make a good gift for musician. The key hanger features a real amp design, 4 Marshall guitar plug keychains, and 1 wall mounting kit. Help your friend hang keys like a rockstar!

Buy: $34

DuoMuo Vinyl Record Coasters

vinyl record coasters Christmas fifts for music lovers

Image: Amazon

This set of 6 vinyl shaped coasters will be a cool item on the table of a music lover. The coasters are made from silicon and come with a small rubber disc on the bottom that don’t scratch the surface. They can also be used in the home bar, if you may.

Price: $13

Guitar-Shaped Photo Frame

Christmas gift ideas for music lovers

Image: Amazon

Constructed of MDF board, this guitar-shaped picture frame is lightweight and durable. The wall frame also includes acrylic picture protectors. Each piece holds two 4×6 and two 3×4 pictures. It is a perfect gift for a music teacher.

Buy: $30

Small Treble Clef Art Sculpture

Christmas gift ideas for music lovers

Image: Etsy/HomeAnds

This treble clef art sculpture is an appropriate gift item for any musical person. The art piece is handcrafted from recycled, biodegradable, and vegan PLA. It will serve as a simple and unique home décor item for many years to come.

Buy: $13

Music Note Bamboo Chopping Board with Personalized Note

Christmas gift ideas for music lovers

Image: Etsy/SimplyAcrylicDesign

If your music-loving friend spends most of their time in kitchen, this bamboo chopping board will be the right gift for them. The board has a treble clef sign and also space for a special note from your side.

Buy: $27

Cassette Tape Coffee Table

Christmas gift ideas for audiophiles

Image: Etsy/Unpluggedwoodworking

This cool retro table is made from solid oak and a little walnut in the tape section. Its design is based on an 8:1 scale drawing of an original cassette tape. The table will add a musical charm to any space.

Buy: $714

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