25 Best Tabletop Christmas Trees You can Buy for Under $50

Santa is on the way and all of us are busy decorating our homes with desirable decorations to welcome him. Christmas trees are a must in every bucket list for the holiday season. There are endless tree options, and you can even make one yourself, but if you are looking to decorate crammed up interiors, nothing can beat the beauty of the tabletop Christmas trees.

They are fairly cheap and easy-to-maintain Christmas decorations yet bring festive essence to your home. Have no time to search which one is the best, fret not, we have done it for you. Below are some of the best tabletop Christmas trees you can buy right now.

Cardboard Tree

This recycled cardboard Christmas tree looks great and is super easy to setup. You just need to join the pre-cut pieces and stack them like a tree. It can be decked with paint, cloth, scrapbooking, etc.

Buy: $5

Cardboard tabletop Christmas tree

Image: Etsy/ZumoDeMonte

Golden Tinsel Tree

This 2-feet tabletop tinsel Christmas tree will bring shimmer and shine to any space. Its pre-shaped design allows an easy and convenient setup. The tree is sturdy and big enough to hold additional ornaments.

Buy: $10

Golden tinsel tabletop Christmas tree

Image: Amazon

White Tabletop Christmas Tree

This 24-inch artificial Christmas tree has straight branches made from shiny white tinsel. It is perfect for small spaces and can be placed on a table or shelf. It has a four-legged base to stand on its own. You can add ornaments to it according to your desire.

Buy: $8

White tabletop Christmas tree amazon

Image: Amazon

Rainbow Stripe Bottle Brush Tree

Vintage bottle brush inspired rainbow-colored sisal trees would look stunning on your tabletop. Hand-dyed and gold-leafed bottle brush trees will look adorable alone and gorgeous in a group. These charming firs have wire centers with a square wooden base and can be bent to complement your creative skills. Add a modern twist of color and imagination with these beautiful rainbow stripe trees.

Buy: $17

Rainbow stripe bottle brush tabletop Christmas tree

Image: Etsy/CrankyCakesShop

Frosted Tabletop Christmas Tree

These miniature bottle brush Christmas trees are flexible and can be bent to any angle. They are made of metal and plastic with a wooden base. These are available in 30pcs of different sizes.

Buy: $14

Frosted tabletop Christmas tree

Image: Amazon

3D Printed Light up Christmas Tree

Handmade from PETG plastic, this 3D printed light up tabletop Christmas tree will add a wow-factor to your holiday display. This contemporary Christmas tree is a fun decoration and makes a beautiful present as well. Bringing the ambiance of warm lights, the tree comes with a battery lasting up to 200 hours. The unique swirly design inspires a fuzzy festive feeling and creates a magical and welcoming vibe in the house.

Buy: $15

3D printed light up tabletop Christmas tree

Image: Etsy/3DConnectedPrinting

Snow Flocked Tabletop Christmas Tree

This 2-feet, snow flocked tabletop Christmas tree comes in a natural woven and rustic rattan pot for a cool look. You can decorate it with other desired decorations as well.

Buy: $15

tabletop Christmas tree ideas

Image: Target

Lighted Acrylic Tabletop Christmas Tree

This battery-powered tabletop Christmas tree comes with color-changing LED lights. There are a total of three pieces measuring differently at 10-inch, 7.5-inch, and 5.5-inch in height.

Buy: $15

Lighted Acrylic Tabletop Christmas Tree

Image: Amazon

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Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree

It is a set of 3 small nesting trees carved from wood with enamel overlay. They can be used on a table and shelf. Storing them is also easy.

Buy: $16

tabletop Christmas tree_1

Image: Amazon

Stuffed Tabletop Christmas Tree

The stuffed tabletop Christmas tree will look impeccable and add a unique element to your holiday decor. The tree is crocheted with a high-quality yarn and stuffed with a non-allergenic filling. Add more joy and spirit to the most wonderful time of the year with this mini stuffed Christmas tree.

Buy: $21

Stuffed tabletop Christmas tree

Image: Etsy/jenHandyCraft

Felt Christmas Tree

Made from scraps of recycled felted wool, these trees are handmade and feature a glittery gold star on top! The random colors of the tree make it a whimsical addition in holiday decor.

Buy: $22

tabletop Christmas tree

Image: Etsy/OneStitchAway

Tabletop Christmas Tree with Lights

With artificial green branches and 35 UL white lights, this tree will give a realistic-like appeal in space. It stands 2-feet tall and 18 inches in diameter.  The tree comes in an red burlap base for a Christmas-y look.

Buy: $21

tabletop Christmas tree

Image: Amazon

Brown and Gray Glittered Feather Tree

Eccentric but strikingly beautiful, this brown and white feather-covered Christmas cone tree will add a touch of softness to any decor. This 19-inches tall feather cone tree will embellish your holiday village, or you can put it on an end table or even as the centerpiece of your dining table. It is adorned with a soft dusting of gold glitter to add holiday sparkle.

Buy: $27

Brown and Gray Glittered Feather Christmas Tree

Image: Target

Christmas Tree Made of Starfish Sea Stars

Available for purchase at the world’s most famous homemade marketplace Etsy, this one-of-a-kind tabletop Christmas tree is made of seashells and white fingers natural starfish. Available in different sizes, it makes for a great Christmas decoration.

Buy: Starting at $19

unique Starfish tabletop Christmas tree

Image: Etsy/seaglassboutique

Miniature Ornaments Wooden Tabletop Christmas tree

Bringing the Christmas spirit to your house, miniature ornaments wooden tabletop tree makes a perfect centerpiece for your table. This 12-inches tall wooden tree clad in sparkly green glitter is handcrafted and embellished with ornaments. It includes 25 ready-to-hang decorative ornaments including metal balls and hand-painted figurines.

Buy: $15

Rainbow stripe bottle brush tabletop Christmas tree

Image: Etsy/BestPysanky

Lighted Tabletop Christmas Tree

Introduce a glowing and ultra-festive LED Cone Tree Novelty Sculptures from Wondershop to your house with an additional touch of seasonal sophistication. These cone trees will look stunning both indoors and outdoors. Their intricately woven texture with warm white LED lights are a perfect way to enliven your space with a festive look.

Buy: $40

Lighted tabletop Christmas tree

Image: Target

Metal Tabletop Christmas Tree

Bring some metallic accents to your décor with this 13-Inch tabletop Christmas tree with acrylic ornaments. There are lights to further enhance its look.

Buy: $14

tabletop Christmas tree with metallic accents


Cactus Christmas Tree

This 9″ tall, cactus-shaped tree can be a good alternative for Christmas tree. It is a unique and new home decor trend. Being a small tree, you can take it anywhere and spread holiday cheer wherever you want.

Buy: $10

tabletop cactus Christmas tree

Image: Amazon

Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree

It is a set of 3 wooden Christmas trees and 4 hand-painted miniature houses. This handmade home decor is a good gift.

Buy: $42

Hand painted wooden tabletop Christmas tree

Image: Etsy/WoodDecorZentochka

Succulent Tabletop Christmas Tree

This handcrafted Christmas tree with artificial succulents and wood flowers will add a neat and natural touch to a table top. It can stay as a décor piece for the entire holiday.

Buy: $40

Succulent tabletop Christmas tree

Image: Etsy/CommonDwellings

Bracht Wooden Holiday Tree

Bracht trees are a fun project for the whole family. These trees are laser-cut for a precise fit and easy to assemble using slot construction. You can create a great centerpiece with these trees that come in brown, white or red, and can be decorated with paint, glitter or other craft material. The trees are made of cardboard and are available in various sizes.

Buy: Starting at $40

Cardboard Bracht Tabletop Christmas tree


Plywood Tabletop Christmas Tree

This Scandinavian-inspired Christmas tree is made of two pieces of birch plywood, which one can easily put together to form a tree. It is a cat-safe product (pet parents you know), perfect for table decor. There is a possibility to paint, color or decorate it in your own way.

Buy: $44

plywood tabletop Christmas tree

Image: Etsy/KlikKlakWood

Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

This 32-inch fiber optic Christmas tree comes with built-in color changing lights that mimics ornaments. With a brown holiday-themed stand, it will look festive on dinning table or shelf.

Buy: $26

Fiber optic tabletop Christmas tree

Image: Amazon

Ceramic Tree

This 4.5-inch artificial ceramic Christmas tree comes with multicolored lights that will spruce up your home in festive flair. There are over 50 non-removable translucent multi-colored bulbs all over the tree.

Buy: $26

Ceramic tabletop Christmas tree

Image: Amazon

Hammacher Prelit Christmas Tree

This two-feet tall prelit Christmas tree from Hammacher is a good option for those who want to include Christmas trees but not the real ones. Each tree comprises 76 green branch tips and is decorated with 25 LED lights. There are bunches of ruby-red berries and woody pinecones that make it look like a real conifer.

Buy: $50

Prelit tabletop Christmas tree

Image: Hammacher Schlemmer


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