Last Minute Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas You’ll Love

Christmas, the most cheerful time of the year is almost here. Most of you would have already decorated your house with beautiful Christmas trees and other decorations. However, if you’ve still not found time to spruce up your Christmas decor, here are a few last minute Christmas tree decoration ideas that’ll help you stand out from the rest.

If you don’t like to go with the traditional ones, you are surely going to love these unconventional Christmas tree ideas. Get ready to welcome the pleasant ambiance of festivity in your home with these ideas listed below:

Ladder Christmas Tree

A simple and quick way to create a Christmas tree is by using a ladder. Bring out that wood or aluminum ladder from the garage, dust it off and begin sprucing it up with vibrant lights and streamers. It is a simple and elegant alternative to have a Christmas tree in your living room.

People are ditching real trees for ladder Christmas trees

Image: Paisley and Jade


Image: Pinterest

Hanging Ornamental Tree

You can weave together shiny ornaments of same or different colors like a chandelier. Use green ornaments if you want to give it looks of a Christmas tree. Now hang it at any central location in your home. See how to make this hanging Christmas tree at Not Martha.

Hanging Christmas Tree Mobile

Image: Pinterest


Image: NotMartha

Wall Christmas Tree

Don’t have much floor space in your apartment? Don’t worry; you can create an space-saving tree on the wall using garland, light strings, paper, and other decorative embellishments. All you need to do is draw a rough shape of a tree on a wall, exactly the way you want wall decoration to be, and then start ornamenting it with different different embellishments.

You can also create a wall hanging Christmas tree using broken tree branches.


Images: Pinterest

DIY Christmas tree from paper

Image: Instagram @livelylittles

Hanging Branches Christmas tree

Image: Pinterest

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Christmas Tree from Paper

Paper crafting is a cool hobby and if you are familiar with it, making a small tabletop Christmas tree will not be a tough task for you. There are hundreds of ways to craft paper into a tree. One most simple and quick DIY idea is to tear some newspaper or any paper into pieces and then pin these pieces in shape of a tree. See the tutorial at Katrinshine Blog.

Paper Christmas Trees

Image: Katrinshine Blog        

last minute Christmas tree decoration ideas

Image: Lia Griffith

Cardboard Christmas Tree

Take out scissors and unused cardboard boxes, and decorative papers to form an inventive tree. Cut cardboard in a beautiful tree shape and decorate it with buttons and ornaments. If you don’t have time to create cardboard Christmas tree by yourself, then buy one from market. See the tutorial at Artful Parent.

Easy DIY cardboard Christmas tree - last minute Christmas tree decoration ideas

Image: Artful parent

Bare Branch Christmas Tree

If you don’t prefer vibrant colors and want something simple, then nothing is better than going for nature-inspired rustic decor. You will need a broken tree branch and just decorate it like a small Christmas tree. It can be embellished with lights or shiny decorative objects. If you insist, they can be painted white or maybe some other color. These bare branch Christmas trees can be easily prepared and they are impressive.

Easy DIY Christmas tree from a tree branch - last minute Christmas tree decoration ideas

Image: Heart Handmade

Upcycling Wood Branches and Twigs into Christmas trees

Image: Instagram @mycreativity_pescara

Balloon Christmas Tree

Buy some green, white and red balloons from a craft store to create a festive tree. Blow up the balloons and fix them in tree-shape using glue or cello tape. Embellish the tree using shimmery decorations for the merry season.


Image: Pinterest

Christmas Tree from Books

Got a book collection stacked up at home that simply being layered with dust? This year put all hardbound books to a good use. Stack these books in the shape of a tree creatively and then embellish with other decorations. Voila!


Images: Pinterest

Glass Bottle Tree

Collect empty glass bottles and clean them up. Now stack up these bottles, one over the other, vertically or horizontally to form a tree-like structure. You can illuminate it using light strings and other ornaments.


Image: Pinterest

Natural Shrub Christmas Tree

This one is a really quick, easy and fun idea. If you’ve some potted shrubs or plants, take them along with the pot and ornate it with shimmering light strings, decorative streamers, and shiny decoration balls. Your alternative Christmas tree is ready in minutes!


Image: Pinterest

Pineapple Christmas Tree

If you are looking for an easy and trendy way to make Christmas tree, then pineapples can be a good option for you. Simply decorate with lights and ornaments, no need to remove the spiky leaves from the top.

Pineapple Christmas Tree - Christmas decorations

Image: Onnichabby

Broccoli Tree

You can even deck up your dining table with colors of festivity. Take some fluffy flowers of broccoli and arrange them like a Christmas tree on dining table. Add some little tomatoes in the middle to enhance the looks. See how Betty Crocker made it.


Image: BettyCrocker

These are some last minute Christmas tree ideas that you can make easily at home. Hope, you’d try out some of them. Happy Decorating!

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