DIY Christmas garland ideas

90+ DIY Christmas Garland Ideas: Ultimate Roundup for 2020

Christmas is near and you may have decided what decorations you will be putting up in different areas of your home. Literally, there are so many ways to bring festive essence to your space; however, Christmas home decoration isn’t complete without festive garlands.

Believe it or not, garlands are the most common Christmas decorations out there. You can buy different kinds of Christmas-themed garlands from the market but there is another way out! You can also try making Christmas garlands by yourself.

If you are interested in DIY, here is a roundup of some of the best DIY Christmas garland ideas that will surely inspire you to do it. Read on:

DIY Christmas garland from tree trimmings

There is no need to spend a lot of money. You can craft a beautiful garland from tree trimmings easily. Just cut a few small branches of a Christmas tree and attach them around a gauge wire, fashioning them into a garland.  

DIY Christmas garland from fresh leaves

Leafy garlands will help you easily decorate your house for Christmas. Just wrap up a couple of Magnolia leaves around a wire or use individual eucalyptus branches.

Festive garland from flowers

Flowers can also be used to create vibrant Christmas garlands that infuse an aura of fairyland to space. Emphasize on the happiest time of the year with beautiful flowers. You’ll need some foliage, flowers, and twine to create a Christmas garland. They will make your house smell like a meadow!

Rustic Christmas garland from pine cones

Pine cones can be great Christmas ornaments. It is easy to buy pinecones if you don’t have them in your area or just don’t want to go collecting. All you need to do is hang some pine cones in a line. You can also dig your creativity by painting them in your style. Pinecone garlands are very easy to make, and they can add a rustic charm to your holiday decor.

DIY Christmas garlands from paper

Paper crafts are popular since they are easier and can also be done by kids. You can make festive Christmas garlands from paper. You will need basic crafting supplies like colored paper, glue, thread, scissors, etc. Cutting and folding the paper into different patterns and shapes is the main task –making a mini Christmas tree garland from them will be easy.

DIY paper Christmas Tree garland

Image: minted

paper doily DIY Christmas garland

Image: House and Home/Curbly

DIY tissue paper snowflake Christmas garland

Image: North Pole

Christmas garland from paper plates

Paper plates can easily be turned into Christmas garlands. Kids can also be involved in this fun DIY project. Faces on the plates can be designed accordingly. You can paint them monochrome or multicolored. Like a snowman garland!

Christmas garland from paper cups

Create a string of plain or patterned paper cups and use them as a quirky Christmas garland. Pair them with light strings to increase the charm. You can get more creative by gluing jute twine around the paper cups.

paper cup DIY Christmas garland_1

Image: prima

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Christmas garland from cupcake wrapper

Cupcake liners are colorful, which makes them perfect for utilizing as Christmas decorations. Making a garland out of them is easy and convenient. You just need cupcake liners, string them up in a thread and it is ready! They can also be folded into different shapes.

DIY Christmas garland from cupcake liner

Image: diys

DIY fabric Christmas garland

Making a Christmas garland from fabric is a cool idea. Thin strips of different colors of fabric can be stringed up as a garland easily. There are also other ideas like cutting out trees, triangles, and other shapes out of fabric. You can go for no-sew fabric garlands.

DIY christmas-garland from fabric

Image: Dana Bueno

DIY vintage-christmas-garland from fabric

Image: Cotton Bee

DIY felt garland for Christmas

Felt can be cut for different shaped garlands and even sewed into various alphabets. These handmade decorations will look elegant on a wall or fireplace mantel.

twisted Felt DIY christmas-garland

Image: Purl Soho

Christmas garland from burlap

Burlap Christmas garlands bestow a rustic feel to your holiday decor. You will need a 4-inch wide strip of burlap ribbon. Weave a neat line of large running stitches in the center of the strip, fold it up by tightening the stitches. You can also braid little pieces of colorful burlap into a garland and decorate light strings.

DIY lighted burlap Christmas garland

Image: Create Craft Love

DIY Christmas garland from pom-poms

Bring instant festive charm to your Christmas decor with colorful pom-pom garlands. All you need is pompoms, thread and a needle. You can pair the pom-poms with beads or straws – there are endless possibilities.

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Ribbon Christmas garlands

The mere presence of ribbons can evoke a festive vibe into space. Use patterned ribbons, attach them to a thread and also use some shiny ornaments. Or you could cut the ribbons into small pieces and tie them around a light string.

DIY Christmas garland from yarn

Yarn can also be used to decorate for holidays. Making a yarn garland is easy and it works well for Christmas. Cut long strings of yarn and make a bunch. You can also create a neat braided look. Vary the colors, widths, and lengths of the yarn pieces.

Crocheted Christmas garland

Crochet patterns can create a decorative vibe. There are various options – stars, trees, stockings, etc. that can be chosen according to skills. You can use your favorite colors to personalize the decorations. Single stitch bows with pom-poms will be a good combination.

DIY Christmas tassel garland

Tassel garlands can add absolutely delightful charm to your space. Just grab some yarn balls and make tassels of various designs and sizes. Attach the tassels into a string, making a garland.

Christmas garland from Stockings

If you have Christmas-themed stockings at home, they can be used to create a cheerful garland. You will need to string up the stockings and hang them wherever you want; however, they will look great on the fireplace mantel.

Christmas garland from Mylar tinsel

You can create sparkly Christmas garlands from Mylar and tinsel needles. They bounce light back onto walls, which creates a hypnotic effect. Create wave-patterned garland or simply string up some bunches of tinsel needles.

Tinsel Christmas garland

Image: Decoist

DIY Christmas garland from buttons

Buttons are tiny little things, but they add an unexpected touch to festivities. It might take some time to fashion a Christmas garland with buttons but the results will be worth the time. You’ll require colorful buttons of various sizes, thread, and needles. Just thread the buttons onto the string and the garland is ready to decorate your home.

Christmas garland from beads

Beads come in dozens of sizes, plenty of materials, and colors. Get hundreds of beads and thread them into a wire or twine. You can decorate your Christmas tree, fireplace mantle, or windows with these bead Christmas garlands.

DIY garland from Christmas ornaments

The first thing anyone notices in a well-decorated Christmas tree is the garland. You can create a giant ornament garland without much effort. Take as many ornaments as possible and thread them onto a wire or wire ribbon. It will require some patience to make the garland but once ready, it will get you a lot of compliments.

Light strings into Christmas garland

Light strings can help you add an enchanting essence to Christmas decor. You can use a light string as garland on the wall or attach them to colorful ping-pong balls. Fixing ornaments on the light string also works pretty well.

Christmas garland from wine corks

Unused wine corks can be turned into a festive garland. Drill holes in the corks and weave them in the thread. Add colored beads to make the garland more appealing!

Candies for Christmas garland

An edible Christmas garland is easy enough to entice kids. You’ll need a lot of candies and patience while making this garland. You can experiment with different colors of candies.

DIY Christmas garland from candies

Image: DIY Candy

Christmas garland from gingerbread letter/cookies

Gingerbread houses are popular among children and so will these gingerbread cookie garlands. You need a gingerbread cookie cutter that can be used to make various Christmassy shapes and figures. Once the cookies are done, string them up on a ribbon and you’ve got a festive garland.

DIY Christmas garland from marshmallows

If you’re looking to do something different, make marshmallow garlands. Yes, it will be a fun decoration. Marshmallows come in varying sizes, shapes, and colors, however, you can still include cranberries in between for some texture and color.

DIY Christmas garland from marshmallows

Image: Betty Crocker

DIY Christmas garland from marshmallows

Image: Campfire Marshmallows

Christmas garland from orange peel

Making a Christmas garland from orange peels in extremely easy. You just need to cut the orange peel in the pattern you like. It can be a star, a leaf or anything you can imagine. Next, just string them up and the garland is ready!

DIY Christmas garland from dried fruits

Making Christmas garland from dried fruits is a truly unique idea. Cut several kinds of fruits into thick slices and dry them in oven. Once done, you can thread the dried fruit slices onto a twine. You can also include cinnamon sticks and dry leaves.

DIY Christmas garland from dried fruits

Image: Gardenista

Christmas garland from popcorn

Stringing up popcorns as a garland is a simple yet effective idea. Use cranberries in between the popcorns for a colorful look.

DIY Christmas garland from popcorn

Image: Simmworks Family Blog

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