40+ Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home You’ll Adore

We all love and enjoy DIY Christmas decorations, not because they are budget-friendly but also they give us a chance to bring out our creativity. You can go out and buy all sorts of items from the market yet that satisfaction of decorating the house with pieces made at home is beyond words.

If you aren’t a good DIYer, don’t fret, we have compiled an exhaustive list of easy DIY Christmas decorations that are beautiful to look at and don’t require much effort to make. Pick one of your choice and you will surely enjoy the personal touch it will lend to your home this Christmas.

Paper Crafts for Christmas Decoration

DIY paper spirals

Christmas paper crafts look great and are easy to make. This is why they are considered last-minute decorations. One of the simplest ideas of the lot, fold scrapbook paper in the shape of a triangle, using a spiral marker cut in each grove. Now fasten the ends with tape and you have a flowery accessory ready. For full tutorial, head over to Happiness is Homemade.

DIY paper Christmas spirals - Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home

Image: Pinterest

3D paper star

Looking for an easy DIY Christmas decoration that makes a cool star topper for your tree? A 3D paper star is just what you need. Learn the trick of folding paper into a 3D paper star on Gathering Beauty. Once the star is ready, you can place it on the Christmas tree or have a string attached to it. Using the string, you can hang it down from the ceiling or the fireplace mantel.

DIY 3D paper star Christmas decorations

Image: Gathering Beauty

Glittery reindeer art

You can create delightfully appealing decorations using minimum supplies. Have a look at this sparkling reindeer that’s been made using white paper, sparkle, and glue. If you have basic drawing skills, you have got this one, else have your child draw a reindeer for you. Now you or the kid can fill the outlines with some glue and sprinkle color sparkle over it. Wait until it is dry, and blow off the extra glitter (not sticking with glue) using a dryer. See the full tutorial at Inspiration For Moms.

DIY Glitter reindeer canvas art Christmas decoration

Image: Inspiration For Moms

Paper Christmas tree

Add a touch of rustic warmth to your décor by making this miniature paper Christmas tree. To create this, you’ll need some card stock, scissors, a paper cone (which will be the base you’ll work on), hot glue gun to fix things to the cone, faux berry branches, and some fake snow. Go through the tutorial at Place of My Taste for the step-by-step process.


Image: Place of My Taste

DIY Christmas Decorations from Paper Cups

Paper cup bells

Make Christmas-themed bells out of paper cups and decorate your home for the festive season. A few paper cups, ribbons, pipe cleaners, paint, and glitter is what you’ll require to make this DIY project. Begin by painting the cups in the desired color, then use pipe cleaners to connect beads and jingles bells and tie up the ribbon. Full tutorial on First Palette.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home You’ll Adore

Image: First Palette

Plastic cup twirlers

An easy-to-make Christmas decoration that will help you deck up walls and windows effortlessly. All you need is some plastic cups, scissors, and a ribbon. Cut the cups in form of a spiral string from top to bottom, tie them up like garland using the ribbon, and hang on a wall. See tutorial at I Can Teach My Child.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home You’ll Adore

Image: I Can Teach My Child

Plastic cup Christmas wreath

You will need Red Solo disposable cups, a decorative ribbon, glittered floral pieces, scissors, and a hot glue gun to make this Christmas Wreath. Just glue cups together in the shape of a wreath and decorate with ribbon and floral decorations. A complete tutorial on Living Locurto.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home You’ll Adore

Image: Living Locurto

Plastic cup snowman

How about making a cute snowman for Christmas decorations using disposable glasses? If you wish to try, you’ll need to create the snowman from a bunch of plastic cups (around 250 pieces), a lot of staples to bind them together. As you all know snowman is made of two sections, a rounded bottom, and a top. So, start attaching plastic cups using a stapler until you get a good full circle. After this, create another one, a bit smaller this time, to form your snowman’s head. After fixing the head and the body, adorn your snowman with paper balls to make eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons. Also, wrap a lovely scarf around his neck, and give him a matching woolen or Christmas cap to wear. To make it look more charming at night, place a lamp inside the hollow structure. Tutorial on Colorcitos.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home

Image: Pinterest

DIY Christmas Decorations from Wood and Greenery

Tabletop Christmas tree from twigs

You don’t need to use real Christmas trees in different corners of your home. You can simply make an alternative Christmas tree using tree branches, faux greenery, pinecones, baubles, and any other decorations you have. See the tutorial at Shabby Art Boutique.

Upcycling Wood Branches and Twigs into Christmas trees

Image: Shabby Art Boutique

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Christmas tree from broken tree branch

Make a rustic alternative Christmas tree from a long fallen tree branch and other decorations. Just put it in a planter and fill it with sandstones. Finally, decorate with blue-colored ornaments, burlap pieces, and lights. See full details at Little Red Bag Productions.

Upcycling Wood Branches and Twigs into Christmas trees

Image: Little Red Bag Productions

Green tabletop Christmas tree

Create a whimsical tabletop Christmas tree using a Styrofoam cone and an old faux pine garland. You need to wrap and hot glue the garland around the cone. A thin birch wood branch is used as the trunk of the tree while a wide birch wood log is used as the base. You can see the DIY process at The Navage Patch.

Greenish tabletop Christmas tree

Image: The Navage Patch

Bottlebrush Christmas tree

Sisal Bottlebrush tree is a good way to create a small display at home. Brush can be painted in desired colors (preferably green) or you can even make one on your own. Check out the tutorial at Smile Mercantile to make one from scratch using sisal rope.

Sisal Bottle Brush Christmas Trees - Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home

Image: Smile Mercantile

Birchwood Christmas wreath

If you want to bring natural elements into your Christmas home decor, you should decorate your home with this octagon-shaped birch wood wreath by Love Create Celebrate. It is made from birch wood pieces that are cut on both ends so that they attach to each other seamlessly. You need to be careful while making cuts on the birch wood pieces. Maintain the classic red and green theme, this all-natural Christmas wreath is decorated with foliage, pinecones, berries, and ribbons.

Birch wood Christmas wreath

Image: Love Create Celebrate

Pallet wood Christmas tree

It is time to repurpose those wood pallets that you have crammed up in your store or garage. Create a unique Christmas scene for your front porch by making a colorful Christmas tree with wood pallets. Attempt this if you have basic woodworking know-how and painting skills. Once done with woodwork, you’ll need bulbs, LED strips, Christmas balls, and ribbons for the decoration. The pallet Christmas tree will certainly look stunning on your porch with the apt Christmas lighting. See the tutorial on Redhead Can Decorate.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home You’ll Adore

Image: Redhead Can Decorate

Wall Christmas tree from twigs

Collect a few broken tree branches from your neighborhood and start binding them to look like a conical tree. You can use sisal or some fabric. All you need is to decorate the wall Christmas tree with colorful ornaments and other festive decorations.

Wall Christmas tree from twigs - Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home

Image: Prima

DIY Christmas Decorations from Pinecones

Pinecone Christmas tree decoration

The naturally available pinecones can be used to make cute tabletop Christmas decorations. You can even turn them into alternative Christmas trees. While making one, you can use wine corks as the base and paint them. Now add a mini wooden tree topper to enhance the final look. Check out the full process at Babble.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home You’ll Adore

Image: Babble

Ombre pinecone

If you have an obsession with colorful things, the ombre pinecones by Whimzeecal is a perfect Christmas craft for you. You can paint pinecones in three or four different shades of the same color or different colors and your decoration is ready.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home

Image: Whimzeecal

Pinecone elves

If you have a creative bent, you can transform pinecones into cute Christmas decorations. Mini wood beads serve as the head while tubular caps, mufflers, and shoes are made from felt. You can choose colors as per your taste. See the tutorial at Lia Griffith.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home

Image: Lia Griffith

Pinecone Christmas wreath

Stroll down to a nearby pine forest and collect some pinecones to make an elegant Christmas wreath for your living room. Just glue up the pinecones on a wire wreath frame and decorate with light strings, artificial foliage, and berries. See the full tutorial at A Piece of Rainbow.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home -

Image: A Piece of Rainbow

Mason Jar DIY Christmas Decorations

Mason jar Christmas tree

Create a mason jar base for a small flocked Christmas tree that can be placed on a table or shelf. Paint the jar in white chalk paint. Finally, decorate with a wide wired buffalo check ribbon; a few fake berries can also be added. See full details on Weekend Craft.

Mason jar Christmas tree - Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home

Image: Weekend Craft

Mason jar snow globe

Decorate your living room for Christmas with a fun, personalized jar snow globe that anyone would love. It is super easy to create using a mason jar, glitter, glue, mini trees, snowman, Santa, and fake snow. You can also create one with water inside, but for that, you’ll have to replace simple glue with waterproof craft glue. Jar snow globes are perfect to make DIY toys. See the full tutorial on Tidy Mom.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home You’ll Adore

Image: Tidy Mom

DIY snowy mason jar luminaries

Mason jars can easily be turned into snowy Christmas tea light holders. Exterior of the jar covered in salt gives a snowy look. Next, decorate it with foliage and twine. See the tutorial on Instrupix.

DIY snowy mason jar luminaries

Image: Instrupix

Christmas mason jars

If you are fond of painting, you can try and make these festive sweater mason jars. You’ll need to paint the jars with white acrylic craft paint and then make two strips using Washi tape so that you can make elegant patterns on the jar. Further, use a white paint pen to make snowflakes. See the tutorial at It All Started with Paint.

Christmas mason jars - Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home

Image: It All Started with Paint

Painted mason jar snowman 

Snowman and Santa are two popular Christmas figures that you can make with the help of mason jars. Before you start painting the jar, don’t forget to tape the areas where you will be drawing the eyes and mouth, etc. Check out the full tutorial at Sustain My Craft Habit.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home You’ll Adore

Image: Sustain My Craft Habit

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DIY Christmas Decorations from Glass Bottles

Painted wine bottle tabletop Christmas tree

Christmas is a great opportunity to reuse wine bottles to create hand-painted decorative accents. Have a look at this illuminated wine bottle that you can make to light up your space. A hand-painted wine bottle can be a fun addition to your home, a gift for a loved one, or a centerpiece for your living room table. See the tutorial at Ann’s Entitled Life.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home You’ll Adore

Image: Ann’s Entitled Life

Chalkboard paint wine bottle  

Make use of empty wine bottles by creating an array of chalkboard paint Christmas-themed wine bottles. It is a fun project that you can do in under a day. You will need to paint the bottles with chalkboard paint and write the desired messages with chalk. The messages can be erased and rewritten, just in case you want to. See the tutorial on how to remove labels and then paint the wine bottles at The Artful Crafter.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home You’ll Adore

Image: The Artful Crafter

DIY Christmas Decorations from Wine Bottle Cork

Wine cork Christmas tree

If you can’t part with old wine corks, then turn them into a whimsical cork tree that will surely win the heart of your guests. We personally love this idea since it can add spice to a dinner table or mantel. To create a tree, you will need a lot of corks, one small or large Styrofoam cone (depending on how tall you want the tree), a red ribbon, a battery-powered string of lights, and a hot glue gun. Start gluing corks in an upright position around a Styrofoam cone, leaving a small space between each cork for the battery-powered light string to fit in. When done, glue up another layer of corks randomly. Once you reach the top, glue a bow, star, or small ornament of your choice to give the tree a festive appeal. You can even wrap a red ribbon around the cork tree. Check out the tutorial at Kendall Jackson.

DIY wine cork Christmas tree

Image: Kendall Jackson

Wine cork reindeer

Wine corks can be used to create a tiny reindeer, which will bring a lot of cuteness to your coffee table. Creating the reindeer is easy; even kids can try it. In addition to a few corks, you will need screw pins, springs, and a few embellishments to shape up the reindeer’s face. See the complete tutorial at Snapguide.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home You’ll Adore

Image: Snapguide

DIY Christmas Decorations from Yarn

Miniature yarn Christmas tree

Have you ever come across a mini Christmas tree made of yarn or thread? If not, have a look at this super easy to DIY and lovely Christmas tree by A Beautiful Mess. It is made using a paper cone and colorful yarn wrapped around it evenly. A star topper is added for a finished look. These little trees will surely spruce up your Christmas decor.

Yarn Christmas Trees People are now decorating homes with a variety of Christmas trees. One simple idea is to make trees by wrapping yarn around a cone; however, you can find many other ways. It's quite easy making yarn Christmas trees.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

DIY snowman using balloons and string

You can reduce the costs of Christmas decorations with your DIY skills. It is not much difficult DIYing a stunning snowman Christmas decoration using balloons and string. Making balls from strings will take some time but it is an easy project.

DIY Snowman Christmas Decoration using Balloons, String and Glue

Image: Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group/Facebook

DIY Yarn Garland

This super cute DIY banner garland will make your home ready for the most wonderful time of the year. It is made out of layered tassels. See the tutorial at The Beetique Blog.

DIY Christmas decorations - garland

Image: The Beetique Blog

DIY Christmas Decorations using Macramé

Macrame Christmas stars

This Bohemian-inspired wall decoration will make beautiful essence to your home. You can also add fairy lights to make it more festive. Check out the full tutorial at Twome.

DIY Christmas decorations from macrame

Image: Twome

DIY macrame Christmas trees

These cute little tabletop trees add a perfect touch to any Christmas scene. You need to weave macramé around a wooden frame. The project is difficult and you can get help at Hometalk.

DIY Christmas tree decorations from macrame

Image: Hometalk

DIY Christmas Decorations from Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle stick snowflakes wall decor

You can create wall decoration pieces for Christmas using only ice cream sticks and glue. Wondering how? Have a look at these beautiful snowflake wall decor by Unsophisticook. Anybody can make them within no time using popsicles and drape walls in the Christmas spirit.

Image: Unsophisticook

Popsicle Christmas decoration

You can make a festive Popsicle stick craft window easily with just a few simple materials. The main task is to glue up the Popsicle stick in a good-looking way. You can also use fabric and other decorations for elegance. See the full tutorial at Little Bins for Little Hands.

Christmas decoration from popsicle

Image: Little Bins for Little Hands

Gilded popsicle stick garland

Popsicles are great for crafting Christmas decorations. You can even turn them into festive garlands. If you are interested in making one, this is a perfect option. Just glue up the popsicles, write some wordings and hang it wherever you want. See the full tutorial at Pars Caeli.

Gilded Popsicle Stick Garland

Image: Pars Caeli

DIY Christmas Tree Toppers

Glitter paper star tree topper

How different your Christmas tree looks depends mainly on how well you decorate it. When it comes to decorating, a tree topper is what makes or breaks the charm. If you haven’t found a unique star topper you wanted for your tree, try making one using paper and glitter. Catch the full tutorial on Lia Griffith.

Glitter paper star tree topper

Image: Lia Griffith

Wire star tree topper

It can be fun to try making a star topper for your Christmas tree using a wire hanger. To make one, you need to bend the wire hanger in the shape of a star and attach pom-poms to it using thread. See the tutorial on DIY Network.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home You’ll Adore

Image: DIY Network

Unique DIY Christmas Decorations

Snowman Christmas wreath

Here is an adorable Christmas wreath idea to make your front door inviting at Christmas. You will love crafting this lovely grapevine snowman wreath this year to adorn your door. To craft it, you require three different-sized grapevine wreaths, a hat, a scarf, and little adornments to give it a Christmas appeal. You can also glue pine tree shrubs on grapevine wreaths to give it a natural appeal. See the tutorial on Sweet Little Bluebird.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home You’ll Adore

Image: Pinterest/Sweet Little Bluebird

Berry wreath

Christmas without wreaths has no charm. Instead of buying an expensive one from the market, consider creating this low-priced, lovely berry wreath. The wreath is created using only a few artificial berries, a wreath form, and a hot glue gun. You will instantly fall in love with its charming appeal and two colors (red and white) that justify Christmas festivities in the best way. For more clarification on how you can also make one, jump over to the full tutorial at That’s What Che Said.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home You’ll Adore

Image: Thats What Che Said

Vintage Christmas ornaments wreath

Full of colors, this vintage-inspired DIY Christmas wreath is made from glass ornaments and tinsel garland. Just glue them over a wreath form and finally decorate with tinsel. It can be prepared in a few hours. See full details at Inspired by Charm.

Vintage Christmas ornaments wreath - Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home

Image: Inspired by Charm

No-sew sock snowman

How about creating a cute snowman using a single sock? We are in love with this adorable little craft that anyone can create at home. To make it, you have to fill a sock with some rice. Once you are happy with its size, tie the top using a rubber band or thread. Also, tie it from the middle to differentiate the snowman’s head and body. Once you achieve a definite shape; affix a button, eyes and wrap a scarf to complete its look. See more details on Handimania.

No-sew sock snowman DIY Christmas decoration

Image: Handimania

Christmas gnomes

These cute little tomte gnomes are quirky decorations for Christmas. If you have a creative hand, you can make one using an old sock. They can be used to decorate the mantel, bookshelves, and console tables. See the tutorial at Love Our Real Life for help.

gnomes as DIY Christmas decorations

Image: Love Our Real Life

Plastic straw tabletop Christmas tree

You can beautifully embellish your Christmas tree or ceiling with adorable decorative accents made using plastic straws and metallic spray paint. Watch the video below, and learn how you can use plastic straws for Christmas decorations. A full DIY tutorial is available on Make Film Play.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home You’ll Adore

Image: Make Film Play

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DIY Christmas advent calendar

Learn how to make a simple wall-hanging advent calendar out of a copper pipe at Growing Spaces. Place an optimally sized branch horizontally and attach different sized strings to it on which the dates will hang. The dates here are made of copper pipe pieces.

DIY Christmas advent calendar

Image: Growing Spaces

DIY light balls

If you want a unique lighting effect in your backyard, try and make these DIY light balls. These lighted ornamental balls thrown around the lawn will make a merry effect. They are relatively easy to make. You’ll require a chicken wire, small wire cutters, a measuring tape, gloves, and LED mini lights to create them. Start with wrapping wire in the shape of a ball and covering it with a colorful LED light strip. Find more information in the tutorial on Christmas Lights Etc.

DIY light balls-1

Image: Christmas Lights Etc

Sequin sparkle balls

Want to add colorful, unique, and hand-made ornaments to your Christmas tree? Then this DIY is definitely for you. Have a look at this beautiful sequin sparkle ball that your kids can create easily. They will love decorating the Christmas tree using their own crafty skills. To create the sequin sparkle balls, kids would need to add sequins to a foam ball using T pins. It can be embellished with different types of decoration items since there is so much space to showcase creativity. See the complete tutorial on Girl in the Garage.

Sequin DIY Christmas decoration balls

Image: Girl in the Garage`

DIY toilet paper roll Christmas decorations 

Want to involve kids in decorating your home? You can engage them in creating cute little Christmas-themed decorations from toilet paper rolls. From snowman to elves, there are different things to try. You will be needing basic craft supplies like paper, cardboard, colors, pom poms, buttons, googly eyes, etc. See full details at The Best Ideas for Kids.

Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts - Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home

Image: The Best Ideas for Kids

Faux mercury glass vases

If you have a desire to decorate your home or dining table with mercury glass vases for Christmas, The Paper Mama has a cool idea for you. Clean the glassware thoroughly and spray a layer of mirrored paint on the outside. Repeat until you are satisfied with the appearance.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home You’ll Adore

Image: The Paper Mama

Christmas tree made of books

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to make a Christmas tree from books? You are in luck if you have a collection of books stashed up somewhere, collecting dust. To create a Christmas tree, form a pile of books in the shape of a Christmas tree, with bigger books forming a firm base and the shape getting narrower as you progress to the top. When it finally takes a pyramid-like shape, light up your book Christmas tree with colorful LED strips to give it a festive appeal. And when the festivity is over, you can store your books on a bookshelf (not leave them to bite the dust again).

Christmas tree made by books

Image: Family Sponge/Pinterest

Image: Hallmark Channel

Christmas card display

A Christmas cardholder can provide a beautiful way to showcase your memories. There are many different ways: you can hang them on a wall or just create a wooden holder. You can get the full tutorial for the latter at Jenna Burger.

Christmas card display

Image: Jenna Bburger

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