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Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers 2018

Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers

Don’t count your four-legged friends out from your Christmas gift list this year, instead, present them with some exciting items they’ll love and benefit from. What to buy can be a looming question? To help, we’ve made your search simpler by rounding up top-rated gifts every dog lover will appreciate, including dog house, beds, showers, feeders, monitors and more. 

1. Best Friends by Sheri Fur Donut Dog Bed

Best Friends by Sheri Fur Donut Dog Bed

If your puppy loves to cuddle up, you’d need this excellent fur donut cuddler. This bed by Best Friends by Sheri features a raised rim that gives a sense of security and provides head and neck rest. Resting in the donut dog bed, your pooch is definitely going to feel the warmth of a mother’s fur coat. Made from nylon and faux shag fur, the donut cuddler is extremely soft and secure for dogs of all sizes.Read More

2. Suncast Dog House

Suncast Dog House

Suncast Dog House is a very attractive, easy to install dwelling that your dog would love to call home. The Dog House features a durable resin construction and has a crowned flooring. Safe for dogs up to 100 pounds, the Suncast Dog House has vinyl doors and comes with vinyl letters to personalize the house with dog’s name.Read More

3. Pet Love Fence Bubble Window for Dogs to Peek Clearly

Pet Love Fence Bubble Window for Dogs

Dogs are curious babies and they want to know what’s happening on the other side of the fence. You can’t keep them confined behind the fence, therefore, make a window for your pet. The best way to allow your dog to safely satisfy his curiosity and not destroy the garden fence, take home the Bubble Window by Love Pet-J. The easy to install (instruction manual included) and easy clean window will become your dog’s best friend in your absence.Read More

4. Self-Dispensing Gravity Dog Feeder and Waterer

Gravity Pet Feeder and Waterer

Take home a combo of self-dispensing dog feeder and waterer, and keep your pet healthy and hydrated. The Gravity Pet Feeder and Waterer bundle uses gravity to ensure fresh and consistent supply of dry dog food and water. As soon as the food runs low in the bowl, the feeder dispenses more food automatically into the bowl. The waterer does the same, as soon as the water level runs low in the bowl.Read More

5. Go Pet Club Soft Crate

Go Pet Club dog carrier

Go Pet Club Soft Crate is a portable and compact kennel or carrier for your pooch. The carrier is lightweight, completely water resistant and designed from heavy-duty polyester with PVC backing. The carrier’s screen mesh on all four sides provides ventilation and a view of the outside. Go Pet Club Soft Crate feature front entry to ensure your dog knows what it’s entering into.Read More

6. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

Friends Forever orthopedic dog bed

For all pet loving parents, the Friends Forever orthopedic dog bed/lounge sofa is a must buy, simply because the comfortable bed, provides your dog a good night’s sleep in luxury. The durable, orthopedic bed is made from 4–inch human mattress grade memory foam base, which makes sure your dog gets exceptional comfort even if they suffer from joint pains and arthritis.Read More

7. FurHaven Pet Dog Bed

FurHaven Pet Dog Bed

Take home the FurHaven two-tone orthopedic faux fur and suede chaise lounge and pamper your dog in more ways than one. The luxurious L-shaped chaise couch features a plush sleep surface complete with velvet covered bolsters and gusset. The faux fur provides a snuggly soft sleep surface, while the two-tone design helps in hiding dirt and pet dander better than other similar beds. Read More

8. Maci-Fresh Dog Shower Sprayer and Scrubber In-One

Dog shower and scrubber

An ideal solution for your dog’s bathing needs, the Maci-Fresh Dog Shower Sprayer, with the combination of bath scrubber, makes bathing faster and more entertaining. The bathing tool easily connects with the shower or garden hose, and since you can wear it conveniently in the hand, it reduces stress during bath-time. It allows the use of both hands to bathe and calm your loved one during the bath.Read More

9. Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed

Elevated dog bed

Treat your pet to the comfort and rest it deserves with the Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed. Designed in a powder-coated steel frame, this extremely lightweight bed is perfect for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and weights. Its elevated design keeps your dog cool by enhancing the airflow to her fur coat and its comfort ensures reduced pressure on the dog’s knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows.Read More

10. Dog Nail Clipper and Trimmer By Boshel

Dog nail clipper

The Boshel dog nail clipper and trimmer is an ergonomically designed, easy to use grooming tool that is recommended by prominent veterinarians, professional dog groomers and trainers. Ideal for medium and large size breed dogs, the dog nail clipper features high quality 3.5 mm thick stainless steel sharp blades, powerful enough to clip the dog’s nails in just one cut.Read More

11. Pet Gear Wide Dog Stairs

Pet Gear Dog Stairs

Pet-Loving parents will score brownie points with their dogs, who suffer from joint pains and arthritis if they take home the Pet Gear Dog Stairs. The stairs with wide and convenient incline will help maintain and protect the dog’s joint health. The Pet stairs and ramp will aid your dog access safely hard to reach places, such as sofas, beds etc. and back down from them.Read More

12. Furbo Full HD Wi-Fi Dog Camera

Furbo Full HD Wi-Fi Dog Camera

Take home the Fubro Dog Camera, plug it into a power outlet (using its USB cord), download the Fubro app, and connect the device to the home Wi-Fi – you’re now good to keep track of your dog back home, when you’re away, all from your smartphone. Along with keeping a watchful eye, the Fubro HD Wi-Fi Dog Camera can also be filled with dog’s favorite treats and popped out for her when required.Read More

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