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30 stone bathtubs

35+ Stone Bathtubs that will Rock Your Bathroom

Soaking in a bathtub relaxes your mind, body and soul. There are plenty of health benefits of taking a dip in the bathtub but with an unlimited number of choices, choosing the right one is actually one hell of a task. Whether it’s ceramic, wood, copper, or stone, there is a range of materials you can choose from to make bathing an exotic experience.

With the rising popularity of stone home décor, many of you might possibly be thinking of giving it a chance. Installing a stone bathtub is a great way to add longevity, luxury, and a natural appeal to your bathroom. Here is a collection of some of the best and famous stone bathtub designs that offer functionality, beauty, class, and ingenuity to bring a professional spa-like experience to your home.

Terrazzo stone bathtub by Paradise Living Co

This handmade, recycled crushed stone and concrete terrazzo bathtub is perfect to relax after a long day. Each piece is polished and sealed with epoxy resin. It is perfect for some elegance to bathroom.

Terrazzo stone bathtub by Paradise Living Co

Image: Paradise Living Co

Arabescato marble bathtub Pietra Design

Add some extraordinary appeal to a bathroom with this bath. Its curved design and natural patterns look very stylish. The bathtub does not have an overflow.

Terrazzo stone bathtub by Paradise Living Co

Image: Pietra Design

Papillon granite bathtub by Stone Forest

Designed by Stone Forest, the Papillon bathtub is a perfect choice to elevate your bathroom decor. Made from granite, this bathtub features a hemispherical shape and elegant marble patterns, perfect to add unmatched character to any bathroom. Other than its pleasing appearance, you’re also going to love its relaxing shape.

Stone bathtubs

Image: Stone Forest

Spa Bathtub by Neutra Design

Designed by Nespoli and Novara, this rounded stone bathtub will be a conversation starter in bathroom. Its perfectly round shape and the soft, embracing lines can create a relaxing feeling.

Spa Bathtub by Neutra Design

Image: Neutra Design

Kora stone bathtub

Crafted for elegance and organic simplicity, Kora is a cool marble bathtub designed by Enzo Berti for Kreoo. It is sculpted so intricately that it doesn’t show any joints, lines, and marks on the body; rather has black patterns that look like veins and go well with all types of bathroom styles. Sitting on a black metal base, it looks like floating in mid-air.

Kora bathtub

Image: Kreoo

Travertine bathtub by Pietre di Rapolano

This stunning bathtub is crafted from giant travertine. The maker has hollowed the block to give it the shape of a classy bathtub. Those who care a little less about details can go for this tub. It will be an attention-grabbing piece in the bathroom.

Spa Bathtub by Neutra Design

Image: Pietre di Rapolano

PB Bath by Cocoon

This freestanding bath designed by Piet Boon is crafted from one solid block of grey marble. The bath drain is also crafted in the same material. Its rim is designed in a cool way that enhances the appearance.

freestanding bath grey marble

Image: Cocoon

Desco Circle by Pibamarmi

This asymmetrically shaped tub is created by Italian architect Vittorio Longheu for Pibamarmi will bring a minimalist vibe to the bathroom. It measures 67″-long by 35″-wide tub stands 21″ tall and weighs approximately 772 pounds.

Desco Circle by Pibamarmi

Image: Pibamarmi

Boat-shaped stone bathtub by Antonio Lupi

Crafted out of a huge piece of grey marble, Vascabarca is a limited-edition bathtub designed by the French artists Anne and Patrick Poirier for the famous Italian bathroom brand Antonio Lupi. Weighing about 600 kg, this bathtub is a great choice for modern bathrooms, thanks to its unique boat-shaped design. Furthermore, each bathtub is signed and numbered in Roman numerals by the designer duo.

Vascabarca-Barcavasca tub by antoniolupi

Image: Antonio Lupi

Henry Timi’s rocky bathtub

This bath by Henry Timi features a one-of-a-kind design. It looks broken at first sight but actually, it isn’t. With uneven patterns on its base, it adds spectacular charm and functionality to any bathroom. The rough design on one side mimics the uneven rocky surface which justifies its name.

Henry Timi’s bathtub

Image: Henry Timi

Nero Marquina marble bathtub

The Nero Marquina marble bathtub is and entirely hand-carved using a single piece of a marble block. This gorgeous black shiny bathtub with white patterns on its surface provides a bathroom both, comfort and charm. It looks super luxurious and provides supreme touch to any bathroom space. You’ll love its glossy black color and, relaxing shape. Soaking in this round stone bathtub will be a spa-like experience for you. The best thing is that you can get it in customized size and depth.

Stone Bathtub by Marblebee 1

Image: Marblebee

Simi bathtub by Bathco

Clean lines and curved design define this cool fixed stone bathtub from Bathco. These bathtub designs are quite comfortable and good-looking, rather than being a simple square piece of stone. The darker tones of marble offer an elegant look that instantly merges with the existing décor of any bathroom.

Bathtub by Bathco

Image: Bathco

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Ovum marble bathtub

The uniquely-shaped Ovum marble bathtub is a mesmerizing creation from the collective team of Archizero, Michele Cazzani, Tony Matijas, and Paolo Rivolta for Franchi Umberto Marmi. Its slightly tilted design looks comforting and beautiful. Despite being carved out of hard natural stone, the egg shape symbolizes the perfection of craftsmanship.

OVUM marble bathtub

Image: Franchi Umberto Marmi

Level 45 marble bathtub

Designed by famous architect Naghi Habib for Italian brand Falper, Level 45 is a freestanding marble bathtub. The exceptionally unique arc shape, emphasized by a matt surface offers an elegant and sophisticated look, making it perfect for modern bathrooms. The space-saving design of the Level 45 stone bathtub is ideal for homeowners having small bathrooms.

LEVEL 45 Marble bathtub

Image: Falper

Roma two-color stone bathtub

Roma is a graceful oval-shaped stone tub from D’Vontz. The two colors of natural stones add depth to the tub and make it a striking piece of art. High sides with armrests ensure comfort, while four different choices of natural stone offer personalized options for better suitability.

Roma natural stone bathtub

Image: D’Vontz

Sandstone Bathub from Marblebee

If you want to add the beauty of wood and sturdiness of stone both in your home, then this Sandtone Bathtub from Marblebee will be a great pick for you. The wood-like bathtub is totally made of natural stone, and that’s what makes it different from the other stone bathtubs on the list. The Zen-style luxury bathtub is a piece of art and will surely boost the earthy feeling in your bathroom.

Sandstone Bathub - Best Stone Bathtub

Image: Marblebee

Fusion natural stone bathtub from IL Marmo

This earthy bathtub from IL Marmo’s Fusion collection is ideal for those wanting a combination of shower and bathtub in one. There are options to buy a single tub, shower, or a combination of both. The warm tones of this bathtub are mesmerizing and suitable for infusing new life into a boring bathroom.

Fusion natural stone bathtub from IL Marm

Image: IL Marmo

Samara natural stone bathtub 

Made in an appealing oval shape using natural stone, the Samara Bioprot bathtub by L’Antic Colonial will look elegant in any bathroom. It appears to be made from three slices. The simple colors and patterns create a relaxing experience.

SAMARA BIOPROT natural stone bathtub

Image: L’Antic Colonial

Onda marble bathtub by Dedalo Stone

Crafted from a monolithic piece of white marble, it is a square-shaped bathtub from Dedalo Stone. Due to its chaise longue-like profile, it can be installed as a freestanding isle. On both short sides of the hydromassage bathtub, there are two marble panels fixed with the help of magnets, which can be removed to inspect the built-in hydraulic system. It is a designer bathtub that can add the class and feel of natural stones to the bathroom.

Monolithic marble bathtub by Dedalo Stone

Image: Dedalo Stone

Pfeiffer designer stone bathtub from TCC Whitestone

Bring in a modish appeal to your bathroom with Pfeiffer designer bathtub is made by MAAMI HOME combining Calacatta marble and wood. Designed by Cláudia Verde, it looks like a large rugged piece of rock, coupled with a wooden frame to function as a soaking tub. The rough, imperfect look of marble adds a rustic character of this tub.

Pfeiffer bathtub by TCC Whitestone


Aquatica Purescape Graphite Bathtub

If you’re dreaming to incorporate some black essence into your bathroom, you should absolutely consider this freestanding bathtub made of award-winning composite AquateX. The solid, matte surface of the material presents a silky and velvety texture, which is very pleasant to touch. Coupled with an ergonomic design, it’s ideal for ultimate relaxation at home.

Graphite black surface bathtub

Image: Aquatica

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Naga bathtub from Bati Bali 

Created by Indonesian company Bati Bali, Naga bathtub is made from beige marble. The uneven surface of this oval-shaped bathtub makes a modern statement in any bath. There’s also an option to include a teak wood footstep. Edges of the tub are wide enough to keep important stuff within reach.

NAGA Bath-tub

Image: Bati Bali

Round stone bathtub from Elite Stone

Sitting on a shining metal base, it is a solid block of grey bubble onyx crafted into a freestanding bathtub that exhibits fine craftsmanship. The circular shape and clean lines are ideal to add some color and texture to your bathroom.

Grey bubble onyx

Image: Elite Stone

Kama Deva bathtub by Marina Pandunata

Kama Deva bathtub is designed by the Indonesian interior designer Marina Pandunata of Bati Bali from beige marble. Measuring 1400 x 1400 x 700 mm, this bathtub features an elegant conical form, matched with a wooden base to infuse a romantic spirit into your bathroom. There’s also an optional footstep and wooden amenity tray for more convenience in keeping bathing essentials within reach.

KAMA DEVA bathtub by Marina Pandunata

Image: Bati Bali

Onsen bathtub

Featuring clean lines, curved back, and a large alcove, Onsen is a modern take on classic rectangular bathtubs by Rodolfo Dordoni. Designed for Salvatori, the bathtub is available in Bianco Carrara, Crema d’Orcia, Pietra d’Avola, and Silk Georgette. It is designed to function as a center of wellbeing in a home.

Onsen bathtub by Rodolfo Dordoni for Italian company Salvatori

Image: Salvatori/TattaHome

Conca hydromassage bathtub by Vaselli

Designed for a large bathroom, this low-profile stone bathtub from Vaselli is characterized by its round form and warm appearance. Its oversized design provides enough space for two people to bathe at the same time and relax comfortably on backrests. It is indeed a stunning example of form and function.

Conca hydromassage bathtub by Vaselli

Image: Vaselli

Slate bathtub from Maxim

Designed by Spallo Kolb for Max Frei AG (Maxim), this rectangular tub is made from black slate, an ideal material for those who fall for dark-themed decor. This black slate bathtub is slightly raised from the floor with two wooden beams, giving it a special form of lightness, despite the alleged heaviness of the material. There’s also a wooden backrest that can be used in different positions to enhance comfort and bathing experience.

Slate bathtub from Maxim

Image: Spallo Kolb

Rock crystal bathtub from Baldi

This shiny bathtub is crafted from a single block of rock crystal weighing over 10,000 kg found in the Amazonian rainforest. The outer surface is left rough to show the unhindered natural beauty of the rock crystal. By integrating lights in its surroundings, it becomes a shimmering gemstone.

Rock Crystal Bath Tub

Image: Baldi

Huge river rock bathtub

Perfect to be placed outdoors, it is a natural bathtub that reminds of riverside stones with rounded edges. Sitting on a base made from small river stones, it is ideal for people who love being surrounded by nature. It is placed in a vacation rental in Gora Kadan in Japan.


Huge river rock bathtub

Image: Gora Kadan

Convivium V3 by Nespoli E Novara

This modern-style freestanding bathtub with a glossy finish looks great in a dark-themed bathroom. There are a total of nine different types of stones to choose from. The unique shape of this bathroom fixture enhances the overall appeal of any bathroom.

CONVIVIUM by nespoli e Novara

Image: Neutra Design

Le Acque bathtub by Toscoquattro

Unlike most bathtubs featuring straight and clean lines, the alcove of this freestanding bathtub is organically shaped like a pearl shell, ensuring comfort on all sides. Its curved silhouette and soft white appearance turn any simplest bathroom into a welcoming space.

Le Acque bathtub by Toscoquattro

Image: Toscoquattro

Granite bathtub from Stone Forest

Adding a bathtub heavily inspired by nature can definitely take bathroom decor to new heights. Made from rough beige granite, its outer surface nicely shows off intricate patterns of natural stone, while the alcove is finely finished for a cozy feeling. From the outside, it looks like a stone, but interiors with clean and sophisticated alcove tell the story of a modern bathtub.

Cromatic stone bathtub

Image: Stone Forest

Dedalo Stone’s Hydra bathtub

Dedalo Stone’s Hydra bathtub is made of marble stone and glass. With transparent glass on two sides, it brings an element of nothingness to your bathroom. The bathtub gives an impression of a uniquely shaped chaise lounge.

stone bathtubs

Image: Dedalo Stone


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Lava stone bathtub from Ranieri

Combining a delightful curved design with warm and welcoming tones of natural brown lava stone, distinguish this bathtub carved out of a single block of volcanic rock. Optimal accuracy in design and finishing makes it an element of great value for bathrooms. A built-in headrest offers a relaxing soaking experience.

Lava stone bathtub from Ranieri

Image: Ranieri

Gemstone bathtub by Jan-Carel Koster

Dutch sculptor Jan-Carel Koster has created this unique, three-person bathtub for GUIDERO Holland B.V. from an 18,000 kg block of Labradorite. The different colors refracting from the bathtub are what make it a beautiful and functional sculpture for your bathroom.



Image: Jan-Carel Koster

Oval bathtub by RiFRA 

The oval shape of this freestanding bathtub is what makes it different from others. It creates a striking silhouette with its refined shape, elevated base, and polished structure. The stone used to craft this bathtub is naturally hardwearing, stain-resistant and smooth. It is a thoughtful choice for those wanting the utmost comfort and luxury under one roof.


Egg-shaped bathtub by Rifra

Image: RiFRA

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