Whether you’re enduring a scorching summer day or seeking relief after a long day of work, finding respite in your backyard is always a welcome retreat. The great news is that there are numerous options available to make cooling off in your backyard an enjoyable experience, regardless of your budget.

This article delves into 11 straightforward and efficient methods to beat the heat and remain comfortable while relaxing in the outdoor space of your home. Whether you’re looking for simple and cost-effective additions or more intricate projects, there’s something for everyone to keep cool outdoors. Let’s explore some exciting ways to transform your backyard into a refreshing oasis for the summer. Remember to consider your backyard’s size, your personal preferences, and the practicality of each idea in order to choose the best option.


You can add shade to your garden with a small gazebo that features a completely covered roof. Typically octagonal in shape, it needs more space but provides more protection from the sun and rain. Gazebos also create a cozy lounging area to enjoy outdoors in comfort and style.

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Pergolas are rectangular in shape with a partially covered roof (permanent or retractable) that provides a limited amount of shade in the garden. A pergola offers some level of shade and simultaneously elevates the attractiveness of your home’s outdoor space. You can choose to grow climbing plants on the structure if you need of more shade.   

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Sail Shades

Sun sails offer great protection against harmful UV rays, keeping your family and friends protected from the sun all day long. They comprise a flexible and breathable fabric canopy, typically made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Installing sail shades is quite easy as it is suspended between anchor points and they can also be adjusted or removed when needed.

Our Recommendation: Artpuch shade sails

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Retractable Awnings

Expand the shaded area on the front or back of your home with a retractable awning. It is an adjustable outdoor structure that attaches to the house, providing shelter from sun and/or rain.

Our Recommendation: AECOJOY retractable patio awning    

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Patio Umbrellas

If you need instant shade in your backyard, patio umbrellas are the most affordable option you have. They serve as a simple and efficient method to alleviate the heat in your yard. They present an added benefit of mobility, enabling you to seek shade wherever you need it.

Our Recommendation: Sunnyglade patio umbrella 

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Outdoor Pool

There are various factors to consider when setting up a swimming pool, like how much space you have, what type of pool you want, and how much it will cost. If you can set up an Olympic-size pool in your backyard, go ahead. If you feel like you’re not ready for such a grand gesture, opt for a temporary, above-ground pool you can easily buy from Amazon.

Whichever pool you settle for, it will provide you respite from the hot summer sun and give you days of unbridled fun and enjoyment. However, it’s vital to put in place safety precautions like a pool cover to keep your water clean and prevent algae growth. If you’ve got kids around, supervise them whenever they are out in the pool.

Our Recommendation: Bestway Steel Pro above-ground backyard swimming pool

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Outdoor Shower

Outdoor showers are another great addition to your backyard space. Just like with a pool, there are several considerations for an outdoor shower as well. When setting up an outdoor shower, ensure easy access to a water source, a level of privacy, proper drainage, durability, and future maintenance. With these considerations in mind, you’ll likely have an outdoor shower serving you for a long time.

Our Recommendation: Kitpop Outdoor Shower

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Misting Systems

A misting system is a perfect cooling option for your backyard or patio. It cools down the space with a spray of misty water into the air with the help of a high-pressure pump and nozzles. The resulting fine mist evaporates momentarily, creating that heavenly, cool feeling on hot days.

Ideally, misting systems take their place on patios, decks, and pool areas. You can install a permanent one in place or opt for the portable choice. Also, they come in different sizes and styles depending on your needs and budget.

Our Recommendation: VsMon-Fri Mister System

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Outdoor Fans

When it comes to outdoor fans, the options are limitless. Depending on your budget and requirement, you can settle for ceiling, pedestal, or wall-mounted fans. Pedestal fans, for example, are portable, so you can move them around the yard as needed, making them versatile. When choosing an outdoor fan, ensure that the one you settle for is recommended for outdoor use and has weather-resistant properties.

Our Recommendation: OEMTOOLS Oscillating Pedestal Misting Fan

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Water Features

Incorporating water features like fountains, waterfalls, etc. into your backyard can indeed help you cool down the outdoor space. They also create a more pleasant and refreshing landscape in the backyard.

Our Recommendation: Naturefalls Outdoor Fountain

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Trees and grass can be helpful in cooling down your backyard temperature. Trees provide natural shade that not only reduces the direct heat but also lowers the temperature of the surrounding air and surfaces. When selecting trees for your backyard, consider factors such as the tree size, growth rate, and suitability for your climate. Likewise, grass maintains the ground surface temperature.   

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