Halloween is creeping closer by the day and you might be stockpiling wacky decor and creepy food ideas that would be a part of the day. When fantasizing about Halloween food – you can’t afford to miss out on dessert after dinner. Over the years, It has become quite a tradition to elevate the celebration with Halloween-themed cakes.

We have compiled a huge list of sweet, cute and creepy cakes that can make your guests cackle up with fear and delight. Inspire yourself in Halloween cake ideas from the images below:

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Spider-Themed Halloween Cakes 

Image: Pinterest
Image: Instagram @bofrost_deutschland
Image: Instagram @kanelitytonkakkuparatiisi
Image: Instagram @idratherbake
Image: Instagram @caramel.patisserie
Image: The Cake Blog
Image: Love and Confections
Image: Pinterest
Image: I Love Cooking
Image: Cakecentral
Image: CakesDecor
Image: Sugar Geek Show
Image: Lil Luna

Bats Halloween Cakes

Image: Hungry Happenings
Image: Preppy Kitchen
Image: Instagram @cakebycourtney

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Gothic Cakes

Image: Pinterest
Image: Domestic Gothess
Image: The Recipe Chefs Cakes
Image: liv for cake
Image: Pinterest

Scary Skull Cakes

Image: Instagram @cakes.in.bloom
Image: Craftsy
Image: The Cake Girls
Image: inspired by charm
Image: Williams Sonoma
Image: Pinterest
Image: Instagram @sweetbuttercreamco

Bone Cakes

Image: Instagram @cookiesmut
Image: Hello Magazine
Image: Domestic Gothess

Cute Ghost Cakes

Image: Wilton
Image: Instagram @koalipops
Image: Instagram @shino3764
Image: Delish
Image: Erin Bakes

Freaky Zombie Cakes

Image: Hive Bakery
Image: Instagram @conjurers_kitchen
Image: Beyond Cakes Chertz
Image: Pinterest

Frankenstein Cake Decoration

Image: Instagram @tatliidusler/

Coffin Cakes

Image: Celebrations at Home Blog
Image: Family Bites
Image: Betty Crocker

Graveyard Halloween Cakes

Image: The Plain Jane
Image: Annie’s Noms
Image: Butter Hearts Sugar

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Monster Cakes

Image: Instagram @twistedkittycakes
Image: Tumblr/im-horngry
Image: Momtastic
Image: Wilton
Image: icing insight
Image: YouTube/The Icing Artist
Image: Pastelesallegro
Image: Instagram @bakingwithblondie

Drip Cake Decorations for Halloween

Image: Instagram @manvscakes
Image: Instagram @sugar.ladyyy
Image: Instagram @pinkpastelbakery

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Eyeball Halloween Cakes

Image: Food Network
Image: Made with Happy
Image: Pinterest
Image: Instagram @tallgirlbakes

Black Halloween Cakes

Image: YouTube/The Scran Line
Image: Instagram @cakesbymelle
Image: Instagram @allmixedupcakes

Unicorn Cakes

Image: Cupcake Projectz
Image: Sugar Geek Show
Image: Instagram @bcakeny
Image: Instagram @caramel.patisserie

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Cakes

Image: Bombshell Bling
Image: The Cookie Writer

Witch Cakes

Image: Pinterest
Image: Instagram @carminapasteles
Image: J Cakes
Image: Instagram @chocobella_novafriburgo
Image: Instagram @titeyscake
Image: Reddit/Super-green-thing
Image: Instagram @peachy_keans
Image: Instagram @elhornitodelchef

Mummy Cakes

Image: Pinterest
Image: The Cake Girls
Image: Instagram @lacremepasteleria
Image: The Bearfoot Baker

Stitched Skin Cakes

Image: Gillian Bell/Behance
Image: Coolest Birthday Cakes
Image: Imgur

Haunted House Cakes

Image: Pinterest
Image: YouTube/HMONG baker
Image: Instagram @v.a_cakes
Image: Instagram @two_sisters_and_a_story
Image: Instagram @victoriajanebakes
Image: Pinterest
Image: Instagram @thereshouldalwaysbecake
Image: Instagram @sweetsweetsues

Spooky Pumpkin Cakes

Image: Jane’s Sweets
Image: Instagram @ashleymerrithew
Image: Instagram @blushbakeryca
Image: Wilton
Image: Instagram @ilovebundtcakes
Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest
Image: Ashlee Marie
Image: Instagram @bakingbutterlylove

Pumpkin Patch Halloween Cakes

Image: The Whisking Witch
Image: Queenslee Appetit

Kitty Cakes

Image: Betty Crocker
Image: Pinterest
Image: BBC Good Food
Image: The Cake Blog
Image: 30seconds
Image: Dodaliron

Haunted Forest Cake

Image: Pinterest

Boo Halloween Cake

Image: Parade

Glowing Ghost Cake

Image: I Scream for Buttercream

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Candy Corn Cake

Image: Sugar & Sparrow
Image: Make Fabulous Cakes

RIP Tombstone Cake

Image: Pinterest

Wounded Halloween Cake

Image: Pinterest

Brain cake

Image: How to Cake It

Sliced Finger Cake

Image: YouTube/Gayathri’s Cook Spot
Image: My Kitchen Stories

Grim Reaper Cake

Image: Pinterest

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