Californian man builds a cute under-stair bedroom for his dog

Your dog is loyal, spunky and always knows how to get you in a better mood. He is just as much of a family member as your child, and as a parent it is your responsibility to do something special for him to show your affection. Well, we all do, but a Californian did this in a different style. He built a striking human-like room for his doggy ‘Pal’ inside the house to make his pet feel that he is an important family member like others who live in the house.

The man built this dog apartment under the staircase of the house to provide his French bulldog a comfortable living space. To make the room look like a part of the home, he painted walls of the dog room in white color, and completed the small room with tiny portraits and mini baseboards. The floor covering of the doghouse is parallel to entire house’s flooring, made of teak. There is also a cozy bed on the side of the dog room to provide bed restful sleep.

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The most interesting thing about the dog apartment is the sensor lighting, which automatically turns-off when Pal lays down on the bed to relax. There is also space just outside the house, where the pet gets his meal on time in two steel bowls.

Interior design of the dog house will leave many of us in shame and think that the dog has a better space to live than us. Well, the dog apartment is not too difficult to build, if you love your pet. You can also build something similar or of your own liking if you have enough space under the staircase of your house.

Californian man built a separate human-like room for his dog

Californian man built separate room for his doggy Pal

human-like doghouse

Doghouse is built under the stairs

Dog apartment under the stairs

Dog’s apartment space

Dog apartment built by a Californian man

Doghouse looks like a human room

Via: Nowtolove

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