Chinese Dad Builds Safety Pod to Take His Baby Outside Safely, Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Chinese Dad Builds Safety Pod to Keep his Baby Safe from Coronavirus

Cao Junjie, a creative father of a two-month-old infant in Shanghai has built a safety pod to carry his little one outdoors amidst the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

The pod comprises two parts – the baby pod and the filtered air supplying machine with an air quality indicator. These accessories altogether are attached to a bodysuit that can be worn while going out with the baby.

In an interview, Cao said that he was inspired by the Death Stranding movie to build this unique baby safety pod. He evaluated that babies can’t be forced to wear masks. This safety pod uses a glove-like entity that allows comforting the baby without touching them.

The Chinese father is surely futuristic, but with the fear of Coronavirus on streets, this has just a small value. Some people would, however, wish to build one for themselves so that they can go out for a stroll.

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Everybody wants to go outside and socialize with people but staying at home is probably the best idea to stay away from Coronavirus.

Via: Reuters

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