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Disney-inspired dresses sewed by 18-year-old Angela Clayton

Long Island, New York-based Angela Clayton is an 18-year-old costume designer, who has been creating costumes resembling princess’ in Disney movies. Started three years back as a hobby, Clayton now completely enjoys sewing wonderful dresses and is a self-taught artist who has learned through trial, errors and internet.

According to Clayton, it all started when she got interested in cosplay, as it combined her love for makeup, photography and fabric. Having love for historical and fantasy garments, the young girl enjoyed challenge of working on original designs, complexity and detailed work that came with historical projects.

Wardrobe filled with medieval dresses, according to Clayton, has its own complexity and elegance. While some have been completed in a day or two, there are many dresses that took her more than 250 hours to complete. From Cinderella-inspired version to outfit from the Portrait of Doña Isabel de Requesens painting by Raphael and Giulio Romano, the young girl has created many.

Hoping to make a career out of this, Clayton is more interested in getting hands-on experience rather than going to college. Currently obsessed with medieval fashion, the budding artist really loves English fashion of 1620s and 1630s and the ball gowns from 1860s.

But her personal favorite is the Christmas angel dress and the pleated dress that has a matching bonnet. To keep her fans updated about her work, the promising artist loves to keep her blog updated and has recently started YouTube channel with tutorials on sewing and other informative videos to help people learn sewing.

Here are some of our favorite dresses created by Angela Clayton.

Christmas Angel dress with detailed golden flower setting and light to add magical effect

Elsa Dress from Frozen Movie

Cinderella Dress

Merida from Disney’s Brave Mobie

Outfit from the Portrait of Doña Isabel de Requesens painting by Raphael and Giulio Romano

Christmas Costume, Glittery Gown

Heinrich-Inspired Gold Foil Dress

Maroon Medieval Dress & Escoffin

Orange Tudor Ensemble

Pleated Navy gown

Medieval dresses showcasing her love for English fashion

Damask Print Medieval Gown

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