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Doughnut shaped Guangzhou Circle Mansion in China reflects ‘8’ in water

Doughnut shaped Guangzhou Circle Mansion in China

The Guangzhou Circle Mansion located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China is a doughnut shaped skyscraper that houses headquarters of the Guangdong Hongda Xingye group, the GDPE (Guangdong Plastic Exchange), several exclusive office units and an exclusive hotel. This one of a kind circular building in China is created by Italian architect Joseph DI Pasquale of Milan-based AM project. The Guangzhou Circle Mansion also won the designer an international architectural competition.

The circular building is referred to as ‘the flashy rich people’s circle’ by the locals according to Sky News report. It covers a total floor area of 85,000 sq m. Stepping away from a vertical skyscraper, the Guangzhou circular mansion includes 33 floors reaching  a height of 138 m with a giant circular hole measuring 48 m in diameter. The main interior area located right below this central hole and serves as the home for the plastic exchange hall. This particular space acts as the heart of this doughnut shaped complex.

The concept of the building was inspired by the jade disc and numerological tradition of Feng Shui where this double disc type symbol presents the ancient Chinese dynasty that ruled over 2000 years ago. When the reflected image of this circular building is seen in the water, a perfect 8 can be clearly seen. And as we know that number 8 has strong cultural values and is considered to be lucky in Chinese. We can say this as the date of Beijing Olympics also stared on 8-08-2008 at 8:08 AM.

Via: Gizmag

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