This Egg-Shaped Golden Sauna Stands Out in Arctic Landscape of Sweden

Can you guess this egg-shaped chamber with gold plated steel shell is actually a sauna? Dubbed Solar Egg, it is an art installation by designer duo Bigert & Bergstrom. Located in Luossavara ski resort in Kiruna, Sweden, this golden egg sauna is built as a part of urban transformation project by developer Riksbyggen.

Inspired by the Arctic climate (where day and night changes with the seasons), the designer duo opted for the egg shape to represent rebirth and new opportunities. The Solar Egg sauna is constructed as a sculpture for social gatherings.

Featuring a multi-faceted design, the shell of the golden egg sauna is made up using 69 stainless golden mirror sheets that reflects the surrounding city and landscape. The sheets can be disassembled, allowing the installation to be moved to different locations. It measures 16 feet tall and 13 feet wide and can be accessed through a golden pull-down staircase.

Its interior is made from wood, with wall panels and floor decking made out of pine and bench from aspen. In the centre of the Solar Egg stands a wood-heated, heart-shaped sauna stove made out of iron and stone. It can accommodate up to eight people at a time.

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The best thing about Solar Egg Sauna is that it seamlessly blends with the Arctic landscape and provides space for conversations.

Update: According to Azure Magazine, the Solar Egg sauna is landing to North America, with first installation at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis until April 28, 2019.  

Fireplace Sauna Chamber from inside

Image: Bigert & Bergstrom

Solar Egg Sauna in Sweden

Image: Bigert & Bergstrom

Solar Egg sauna

Image: Bigert & Bergstrom

Solar Egg Sauna

Image: Bigert & Bergstrom


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