World's First Haier Shoe Washing Machine

Cleaning Shoes Made Fun and Easy with Haier Shoe Washing Machine

So you’ve got dirty shoes and want them clean. That is easier said than done, and it requires a lot of effort and time to clean shoes with hand. The other option is to put them in the washing machine and let the appliance do its job. But it isn’t a practical approach as washing machines aren’t meant to clean your shoes. So, you fall back to the only option of cleaning shoes with your hands.

To get over this, Haier has just unveiled world’s first shoe washing machine at 123rd Spring Canton Fair. The household shoe washer is tailor-made for removing even the last speck of dirt from your shoes without causing any damage to the fabric or sole. And all that convenience at the push of a button.

The shoe washing machine uses water spraying technology which penetrates deeper into the fiber to remove dirt while being delicate enough to not damage the shoe fabric. Haier also emphasized on the fact that this machine won’t take much space.

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In fact, it will fit right alongside your contemporary washing machine which is a great plus.

There’s no word yet on the pricing or availability of the Haier shoe washing machine, but most of you are going to eye this appliance, I’m sure.

World's First Haier Shoe Washing Machine

Image: Haier Group

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