This year, Halloween is being deemed to be bigger than ever. Despite two months left for the festive season to commence, we are sure you’ve started pondering what decoration materials you’ll adorn your home with. In case you find everything from outdoor to indoor decoration falling in place and still feel a missing element, we know what it is. It is your home that deserves a makeover and we are not telling you to replace it with a new one, rather just try face-painting some decals on it.

It’s always fun and games searching for something supernatural unless the supernatural comes knocking at your door. In a bid to make your Halloween even more fantastic, we have shortlisted 25 Halloween Decals for your home that will send your guest in frightening mode.

| Halloween Door Decals

Halloween Frankenstein Face Door Stickers

Image: Etsy/NutmegWallStickers

Halloween Frankenstein Face Door Sticker by Nutmeg Wall Stickers is easy to apply. These stickers are digitally printed and can be applied to any clean, smooth surface ranging from walls, doors, mirrors, and furniture.

Buy: $10

‘Knock if You Dare’ Vinyl Door Sticker 

Image: Etsy/NutmegWallStickers

‘Knock if you Dare’ decals are made of high-quality matt vinyl with precision cut and available in an array of colors. These stickers not only add finishing touches to your Halloween décor but can also be easily removed if you get tired and bored of them.

Buy: $13

Witches Welcome at Hatchway 

Image: Etsy/HalfstarUK

In case you didn’t plan to wear any witch costume, and still want to add a witchy spoof to your Halloween party, try this ‘Witches Welcome’ door decal by Halfstar UK. This welcome door decal can frighten kids and can be used at the entrance or inside if required. Moreover, this vinyl decal can be easily removed if you do not like it anymore.

Buy: $19

Jack-o’-lantern on Your Jamb

Image: Etsy/StephenEdwardGraphic

This Jack-o’-lantern Door Decal is usually suited for wooden doors and is available in multiple size configurations. The Happy-Face-looking Jack-o’-lantern is very attractive and will allure kids easily. Not just this, it can also be placed on the walls of your bedroom.

Buy: $9

Witch, Monster and Reaper Welcomes You at Entryway

Image: Amazon

If you are looking for something really creepy and haunting have a glimpse at this ‘Witch Monster Reaper’ door decal which is ideal for both your front door and back garage. A mere sight of it can send a shiver down anyone’s spine. This 3D door cover will make anyone feel like these ghosts are coming to rip our souls apart.

Buy: $8

Trick or Treat at Your Doorstep 

Image: Etsy/StephenEdwardGraphic

The Trick or Treat Door Decal is a really fine addition to your front door. Moreover, if placed beneath a wreath it will look ten times better than any other sticker. It is also available in multiple-size configurations and is made of vinyl.

Buy: $8

Bat Cauldron 

Image: Etsy/ScrappyDoodlesUK

If your wannabe renegades kids want something out of the box this Halloween, we are sure they will love these Bat decals more than anything else. Cool and spooky, these bat decals are suited for both the front door and the inside. In addition, these bat decals can also work as stickers for your fridge, windows, or garage.

Buy: $10

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Spider Cluster 

Image: Etsy/ ThePaperPartyCompany

Spiders are something everyone is scared of from teenagers to adults. These spider door decals will make your front door look like a web. If placed somewhere in the dark, we are sure it can frighten anyone by the very sight of it. These spider decals are available in mixed sizes and can make a plain wall look spookier for your Halloween party.

Buy: $11

LOMIMOS Halloween Door Sticker

Image: Amazon

The sticker is made of high-quality PVC plastic and comes in multiple parts featuring a nose, eyes, and mouth. The door decal is easy to install and comes equipped with enough foam glue. This door decal is perfectly suited for your entrance door to frighten kids during Halloween.

Buy: $6

Pumpkin Door Decal

Image: Etsy/HalfstarUK

Halloween is incomplete without a pumpkin door decal. Associated with evil, these pumpkins will scare the heck out of your guest. These decals make your walls look as if they are custom painted. These are ideal for kids’ rooms. Made from high-quality matt vinyl, these stickers can also be removed easily if you no longer need them.

Buy: $13

| Wall Decals

Female Skeletal Portrait 

Image: Etsy/RachelleDawnDesigns

A wicked woman’s skeleton portrait hanging in your dining hall can daunt anyone from a toddler to an adult. This portrait decal is made of vinyl and measures 9.5 inches in width.

Buy: $9

Black Crows and Winter Branches for Your Walls 

Image: Etsy/FabDecals

These black crows and winter branches will deliver a Game of Thrones vibe to your house. Whether it’s the ‘House Lannisters’ or the house of Starks, these black crows and branches are easy to install and work in different spaces. The decal is available in small and large packs constituting three branches and four crows and three larger branches and ten crows respectively.

Buy: $34

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Wall Scene Sticker

Image: Etsy/Stukk

What fun is Halloween if you don’t have a pumpkin wall scene on your wall? The sticker is available in a variety of colors and sizes and is made of vinyl. These stickers are wonderfully suited for your kid’s room and will make their Halloween even more fantastic.

Buy: $7

Witch on Enclosure 

Image: Etsy/Foreverskystudio

Witches and their broom have been frightening everyone from the days we were reliant on fairy tales for a good night’s sleep. The narrative still remains in our memories even after so many years and sends a shiver down our spine. You can witness the same fear in the eyes of your guests once they have a glimpse of this Witch wall decal.

Buy: $22

Spider Web 

Image: Etsy/EnSuArtDecals

Transform your children’s bedroom into a Spider Firefly funhouse with a spider web decal on the wall. This wall decal will add spookiness to your kid’s room which your ward can cherish with friends.

Buy: $27

Ghost Hands 

Image: Amazon

This wall decal of ghost hands is perfectly suited for your living room wall. These oversized ghost arms coming from behind the couch can scare any guest.

Buy: $11

| Halloween Window Decals

Bloody Hands on Windows

Image: Amazon

There is nothing more spooky and frightening than finding bloody hands imprinted on your windows. The 4-piece bloody delivers a horrifying touch to your mansion and can scare your neighbors. Perfectly made for Halloween these hands come in an array of sizes and will add a killer vibe to your home.

Buy: $5

Cute White Ghosts Window Sticker

Image: Etsy/Stickerscape

Your kids will fall in love with these cute-looking white window decals. Made of PVC material they are perfectly suited for your kitchen or entrance window, where your ward can play peek-a-boo with neighbor’s kids. Each ghost sticker measures around 11cm and 17cm in width and height respectively.

Buy: $8

Many Eyes Stalking You Through Your Window 

Image: Etsy/HalfstarUK

These eye decals can be used on a pumpkin or on windows and look very scary. Made of Vinyl material these eyes come in multiple colors and size configurations. Not just this, these eyes will look really great on the front steps. Moreover, they look really frightening during the nighttime.

Buy: $10

Spider Window 

Image: Etsy/LoneOwlStudio

Comprising 30 spiders, two webs, and six strings per sheet, this spider window decal is all your home needs this Halloween. Made of removable vinyl and vegan adhesive, this spider window decal is most suited for your kitchen window and kids won’t even dare to come near it.

Buy: $9

Giant Bloody Window Poster

Image: Amazon

A poster with two separate taglines – “Help” and “Do Not Enter” with giant bloody hands and a human reflection is enough to scare your neighbors during Halloween week. This will be an awesome addition to your Halloween party and measures 30-inches in width and 60-inches in height.

Buy: $10

Witch Window Sticker Upside Down

Image: Etsy/Stickerscape

Measuring 63cm in height and 37cm in width, this Cauldron Window Sticker is perfect for the holiday season. This design features a cauldron and witch window sticker, perfect for applying to a window or patio door.

Buy: $12

| Halloween Garage Door Decals

Monster Face Welcomes You to the Garage 

Image: Amazon

This Monster Face garage decal is made of PVC material and comes in green color. It will be a perfect addition to your garage door and is pretty easy to install. The complete monster package includes two eyes, one nose, and twelve fangs. The eye measures 14.6 inches in length while the fang measures 10 inches and the nose measures about 7.95 inches respectively.

Buy: $8

Monster Teeth Garage With Sharp Canines 

Image: Wayfair

This monster teeth garage decal is quick and easy to assemble. Primarily made of plastic, this mural is most suitable for your backdoor garage. Measuring around seven-inches high and 16 inches wide, the mural will be a great addition to your Halloween season. It looks scary and daunting from every angle.

Buy: $336

Last Supper Garage Door Mural

Image: Wayfair

This super garage door mural is made of plastic and measures around seven inches in height and 16 inches in width. There is a hook attached to the top and bottom of the garage door which flexes as the door moves. The top hook attachment protects your mural from theft while the bottom hook keeps the mural safe from wind damage.

Buy: $335


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