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Incredible Washing Machine Chair will reflect your green personality

Nowadays we see people becoming more and more environmentally conscious in every aspect of life. They are seen abiding by the green principles like following the three R’s of waste management, which are reducing the amount of waste produced, reusing the waste if possible and recycling the appropriate man-made and natural materials. We have enormous examples of daily use products that are designed by implying the three R’s. One such instance is the Washing Machine Chair created beautifully by a Jerusalem based industrial designer Antonina. This washing machine transformed chair was a result of a project titled “I used to be a washing machine”.

Antonina took an old washing machine and repurposed it as an incredible chair. The old washer was carefully dissected by her and was transformed into not one or two but three different styles of chairs. Each of these seating furniture pieces was strikingly gorgeous. Dodge the gallery above to check out the DIY instructions and go green by reusing your old washing machine as a comfortable seat for yourself.

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Well, these instructions are only applicable for only the kind of washers that the designer has used for her washing machine chair. Therefore, people having various sorts of dumped washers with different innards might not like to give it a try. However those who do, may be able to create a series of chairs similar to those displayed in the pictures. So go ahead with the manual, disassemble the necessary pieces, build a unique range of chairs and incorporate them into domestic space.

Refer the video below and get started to create your own washing machine chair:

Via: Gizmag

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