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Pineapple Jack-o’-Lanterns: Forget Pumpkins This Halloween!

Jack-o’-lanterns are the most recognizable symbol of Halloween, and they are mostly made up of pumpkins or turnips. It is believed that the custom of making jack-o’-lanterns for Halloween began in Ireland, in the 19th century with turnips or mangelwurzels, but with time it has changed. Nowadays, people are making jack-o’-lanterns with pineapples. Yes with a pineapple! You might be surprised, but they have been doing it for so long. And these pineapple lanterns are as spooky as the traditional pumpkin lanterns.

There are countless pictures of pineapple lanterns on the social media and the fact is, they are trending more than the pumpkin ones. These pineapple lanterns are easy to make, and they have some other benefits too. For instance, you can use its extracted pulp for making piña coladas.

As pineapple has a prickly shell, so for a beginner it is a little difficult to carve out. But don’t worry, here are some tricks on how to make jack-o’-lantern with pineapple at home.

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 #Step 1

First you have to cut off the top of the pineapple and with a pineapple corer, scoop-out all its pulp.

#Step 2

After that take a sharp knife that works well to give pineapple a grotesque face.

#Step 3

To give the fruit lantern effect put a light source inside it, such as a candle or tea light. And, Tada! Your frightening pineapple lantern is ready to scare the hell out of your guests.

One more important thing, pineapple lanterns won’t last as long as the pumpkin ones, but pineapple lanterns give the sweet aroma that can be good for the party time. You can use the artificial lights instead of a candle for its longevity of use without any mess.

So, do give a try and post the pictures on social media to inspire others.

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Image: Instagram/allisongipson

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