Sengled to Release Health-Monitoring Smart Bulb at CES 2022

Sengled Brings Health Monitoring Smart Light Bulb to CES 2022

Smart lighting company Sengled has announced a number of HomeKit-compatible products at CES 2022, including Video-Sync TV Light Strips, Wi-Fi Outdoor String Light, and a Wi-Fi Portable Lamp. The company is also introducing a smart A19 bulb with built-in health monitoring radar technology. Like most of the Sengled bulbs, this also works without a hub.

Equipped with a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Mesh Dual Chip, this smart bulb allows users to monitor certain biometric parameters such as heart rate, body temperature, and other vital body signs. Since the pandemic, people have become overly aware of their health and wellness, in such a scenario, almost every brand is trying to integrate some sort of health monitoring feature in the devices, and the Sengled bulb is no different. 

The Sengled health-monitoring smart bulb uses Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar together with the company’s proprietary AI algorithms to help users track sleep and monitor their health stats.

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When multiple bulbs are connected via a Bluetooth Mesh network, the bulb creates a virtual map to help detect human behavior. It can also send for help in case it detects someone has fallen.

This health monitoring smart bulb is a testament to Sengled’s expertise in the lighting industry. It has earned 2022 CES Innovation Award Honoree recognition for the company.

Via: PressRelease

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