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Lamborghini Sofa

Show off your love for luxury sports cars with Lamborghini sofa

Can’t afford to buy a super-expensive luxury sports car? Don’t dishearten yourself, as you can relive your passion through hi-end furniture pieces that exactly resemble your favorite sports car. We’ve already featured some of the brilliant luxury sports car-based furniture designs on Homecrux, including Lamborghini Murcielago desk and Bugatti Veyron Desk. Both these exclusive furniture designs bring your love for supercars straight into your home or office.

Design Epicentrum, the same Polish studio behind the Bugatti Veyron Desk, has now brought another enticing retreat for Lambo fans in form of the Lamborghini sofa. The high-end sofa is made out of fiberglass to look as enticing as the original Italian luxury sports car brand. It is a must have couch especially for those, who already own Lamborghini Murcielago desk.

This is because both these matching furniture pieces will certainly give a fresh as well as swanky makeover to your home or office space. You can park this posh Lambo-based couch within your living room, study, office or bachelor’s pad to pretend you’re driving the real thing.

The Lambo sofa can also be customized in variety of colors from the iconic yellow and deep orange to classic black shade. Moreover, the seating area is upholstered in contrasting shade to give it an eye-catching appearance. With all these opulent features and design, who needs the real Lamborghini?

Lamborghini sofa is available on the official website of Design Epicentrum, starting from $11,890 and the price may vary as per your customization demands. Furthermore, it’ll take nearly four months to develop and ship the sofa to your residence, after you place the order.

Lamborghini Sofa

The luxury sports car-based sofa resembles the original Lambo

Lamborghini Sofa

Its seating area features contrasting shade

Lamborghini Sofa

Attractive luxury couch to show off your passion for sports cars

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