World’s Most Expensive Milkshake by Serendipity 3

World’s Most Expensive Milkshake Costs $100

The world is full of people who spend high amounts on an exotic dish, and sometimes only for showing off. The picture gets even broader when you’re being served something that holds a world record. Keeping these things in mind, ...

How to Build Space-Saving Sofa Bed for Under $150

Space-saving is something all of us want to accommodate new stuff without disturbing the aesthetics of the interior. Furniture that can save on space makes complete sense, especially in cities where every square foot counts. Space-saving furniture such as sofa ...
How to Optimize Your Outdoor Space

How to Optimize Your Outdoor Space

With shrinking living spaces, outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly more and more valuable to homeowners. In fact, an article by Freshome noted that outdoor living space was No. 2 preference among homebuyers with over fifty percent buyers showing interest in ...