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Sandra Drive dragon skeleton is perfect for Halloween 2015

Sandra Drive dragon skeleton is perfect for Halloween 2015

Garden area is the most imperative part of one’s house to dress up for Halloween season. Probably with the same thought, North Syracuse-based couple, Stan Munro and Suzi Campanaro, recently created a massive dragon skeleton decor that extends throughout their entire lawn. Located on 107 Sandra Drive, North Syracuse, their house is surrounded by a lush green garden area. So the couple decided to embellish their lawn with something interesting that nearby kids would love. As a result, you can ...

Philips Hue smart lights can be commanded via Siri

Philips Hue smart lights can be commanded via Siri

Wouldn’t it be great if Siri could turn down the smart lighting within your home? Well, this has been actually made possible by Philips, one of the first companies to confirm support for Apple’s HomeKit into its Hue smart bulbs. Now the company has finally released its latest Philips Hue 2.0 bridge, which allows Siri to take charge of your smart home lighting. All thanks to this new hub, you’ll be able to control existing bulbs in your house via voice commands you’ve given to Siri. But ...

Smart Bud-E Fridge by Bud Light

Running out of beer? Smart Bud-E Fridge will send an alert

Do you often run out of beer while watching your favorite game on TV? Well, we know it’s quite frustrating. Not only during game time on television, but there’s actually no good time to run low on beer. So to resolve this annoying problem, Bud Light has recently come up with a smart Bud-E Fridge, which connects with your smartphone to send an alert immediately when it finds out your beer stock is about to finish. The smart mini-fridge allows you to manage your brews directly from a ...

Eclipse of Rainbow

Eclipse of Rainbow cleverly replicates the supermoon lunar eclipse

Greece-based designer Eugenia Antoniou has created a mesmerizing luminaire, which is inspired by the supermoon lunar eclipse and rainbow color phenomenon. Entitled Eclipse of Rainbow, the nature-inspired LED lighting solution takes its existence from the lunar eclipse, and emphasizes on the phenomenon of light and shadow. Designed by placing an opaque disc between the light source and adjusting the level of projection, for Antoniou, the main idea behind this lamp was to create an object ...

Luna Lamp by Acron Studio

Luna Lamp transforms simple corners of home into a magical place

Luna Lamp by Taiwan-based Acron Studio is a designer decor fabricated to transform any corner of your home into a magical place. Replicating earth’s only natural satellite, the studio is hoping to redefine the relationship between humans and spaces with their moon lanterns. Being a symbol of delicacy, balance and renewal; this lamp is designed to bring pleasure and light in every corner of your house. Made from glass fiber and non- toxic latex, the lantern is designed to mimic color and ...

Star Wars fans roll on this Halloween with BB-8 jack-o’-lantern

Star Wars fans roll on this Halloween with BB-8 jack-o’-lantern

With the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, numerous crazy merchandise and DIY projects are showing up in honor of the sci-fi flick. Most recently we’ve seen the cute little Sphero BB-8 droid, which has been influenced by R2-D2 robot from Star Wars movie. The interesting thing about this robotic toy is that it has become every Star Wars fans’ favorite in a very short time. Related: Sphero BB-8 droid inspired by Star Wars Inspired by the same BB-8 droid, a crazy Star Wars fan ...

10 Lego furniture designs to delight your inner child

10 Lego furniture designs to delight your inner child

Playing with LEGO pieces is quite entertaining, meanwhile provides children the ability to build anything they imagine. But somehow grownups look quite strange playing with these toy blocks. Still you don’t care what others say and want to rediscover your inner child once again? Then, all you need to do is bring home playful Lego furnishings with some nostalgic flair. Wondering which Lego-inspired furniture items must be on your shopping list? Don’t stress your brain, as we’ve already ...

Lei table by Andre Teoman

Lei table is a workstation and dressing table in one

With the unwavering passion for creating products of excellence, Portuguese joinery Wewood presents an all-in-one table made from solid oak and walnut finish that can be used as computer desk and also a dressing table. Lei is a multifunctional table designed by Andre Toeman, that accommodates itself to the needs of both partners at home and side by side mix functionality with sophistication. Composed of three spacious drawers and two storage compartments, Lei is provided with foldable ...

Medicinal Chocolate by Kuka Xoco

World’s first medicinal chocolate developed by Kuka Xoco

US-based company Kuka Xoco claims to have developed chocolate bar that is so healthy that it can be consumed as medicine. Claiming to be world’s first medicinal chocolate, it is made from cacao that contains antioxidants and minerals. Scientist of Kuka Xoco claims that the chocolate can help in lowering blood pressure while increasing good cholesterol. The prototype bar unlike any normal chocolate bar contains only 35 percent fats and sugar making cacao more effective. To achieve the fewer ...

Edison steampunk Lights

Edison steampunk luminaires works on energy-efficient LEDs

Melbourne-based Edison Light Globes is a manufacturing company that has been producing 19th century Thomas Edison-inspired lights, cables and fittings. Like Thomas Alva Edison, an American inventor, who influenced life around the world, Edison Light Globes is also touching people’s life by creating steampunk LED-lights that give classic-looking fixtures and bulbs a more contemporary feel. The company creating eco-friendly lamps loves to create steampunk-inspired luminaires, which ...

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