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Baselamp by Luke Lamp Co. turns any object into a light fixture

The Baselamp by Luke Lamp Co. is a sleek LED light that has capacity to turn any object into a lighting fixture. The cleverly assembled lamp not only provides versatility and practicability, but also gives wings to your imagination. The lamp is designed in a way that it can turn anything into your personal lightning fixture, whether it’s a glass, fish bowl, whiskey bottle, or any other glass object; just place it on the lamp and watch it glow. The lamp comes with a chip-on-board LED ...

Le Chabanais

Le Chabanais is an all-brass restaurant designed by Clement Blanchet

Have you ever thought what makes a restaurant crowd-puller? Obviously, the answer would be: tasty dishes it serves and the location. But, again, it’s true that many restaurants lack that perfect location and if they are fortunate enough to have one, then poor services or food play spoilsport for guests. However, if you are looking for a place that offers you both, then Le Chabanais, the sister restaurant of Le Chateaubriand, might be one stop for you, located in the Mayfair district. ...


Albert Clock: Solve math equations to figure out what time it is

In this digital era, people are slowly depending on smartphones and other smart gadgets to do all the tasks, from household chores to even solve a simple mathematical problem. Although technology is to make our lives easier and more convenient, but totally relying on digital objects is not good for us. This is because such dependency may eventually decline our brain power. Nevertheless, Paris-based company MNTNT wants to sharpen up your brain, so the firm has come up with a fun solution in form ...

Casa Brutale by OPA

Casa Brutale concept home nestles within a cliff above Aegean Sea

We’ve have seen outstanding architectural designs hanging off the side of a cliff, but how about a home that actually sits inside a cliff? Thinking it’s impossible? Well, OPA Works has actually made it possible with their latest concept home design dubbed Casa Brutale. The cliffside residence overlooks Aegean Sea and rests within a steep rock, unlike some other hanging building structures. It is a splendid upright glass home that elegantly reflects aesthetics, structure and high-end ...

St. George Church

St. George’s Church, Clock Tower turned into £1m luxury four-bedroom flat

The Clock Tower of St. George Church, near the center of Manchester City, is now a nine-floor four-bedroom luxury flat frantically looking for an owner. Yes it is true, the evangelical £1m (approx. $1,555,795) Clock Tower is truly a dream home, but strangely no one has ever put a bid on this luxurious flat. St. George Church, is an early Gothic Revival Church built by Francis Goodwin in 1826-8, the church was later restored by J.S. Crowther in 1884 and has been listed as the grade II ...

Remy Martin Club Connected Bottle

Rémy Martin Club Connected Bottle is the world’s first smart bottle

Rémy Martin, renowned and quintessence name in the world of spirits, has collaborated with Selinko, to provide the world’s first smart bottle, connected with high-security NFC Technology. The Rémy Martin CLUB Connected Bottle is incorporated with new technology to help the leading spirit makers in providing genuine and unadulterated liquor, preventing the problem of counterfeiting. The Rémy Martin Club Connected Bottle comes with NFC tags, which are integrated with asymmetric ...

3D Printed Table by Joshua Stellini

Multifaceted 3D printed table also serves as a comfortable seat

The multifaceted cubical table with matte surface and perfect symmetry is 3D printed by Joshua Stellini, artist and student at the University of Melbourne. Unlike sturdy and rock-like surface of 3D printed objects, this particular table is designed to be cushiony so that it can even be used as a comfortable seat. The table-cum-seat is composed of 167 modules, which were printed by the university’s UP Plus 2 3D printers. These modules were further fixed on nearly 197 wooden modules, which give ...

BMT Asia Pacific SeaScap

BMT Asia Pacific unveils SeaScape, modular luxury off-grid villas

BMT Asia Pacific has recently unveiled their new project SeaScape, a new concept of luxury living on floating villas. The contemporary modular off-grid floating villas will not only provide luxury of living offshore, but also some precious private moments with loved ones. The design of floating villas features triangular shape with open spaces, clear lines resting on pontoon base. Each villa or module will be independent yet connected together, giving the freedom to manage various other ...

Hanging Beds by Wiktor Jazwiec

Facelift your room with Hanging beds by Wiktor Jazwiec

Hanging beds by Polish designer Wiktor Jazwiec are unique, extraordinary and contemporary. These beds are ideal for those who live in small homes or micro-apartments, but don’t want to compromise with comfortable bedding for a relaxing sleep. To provide comfort and cozy space to the users, the wooden hanging bed comes with fine features and built-in LED lights on its corners to add the magical effect. The hanging beds incorporates a pulley system and  jute ropes, which helps in ...

DIY kitchen ceiling lighting made from Ikea Lack tables

DIY kitchen ceiling lighting made from Ikea Lack tables

Instead of purchasing expensing kitchen ceiling lighting, you can make one at home using simple Ikea Lack tables. The designer Manu Gysen has purchased four affordable Lack tables in black for constructing unique lighting fixture for his kitchen ceiling. Firstly, he assembled all four tables to form a big square layout and used copper tubing to fix all the tables together. He has further cut circular sections on surface of each table and fixed two GU10 LED spotlights, forming a huge ceiling ...

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