Coversnitch Lamp spies on you, tweets your private conversation

Coversnitch Lamp

If you feel paranoid about internet security and surveillance, then Coversnitch desk lamp is going to make it even worse for you. Coversnitch lamp by New York-based artists Kyle McDonald and Brian House, when installed, can listen to any nearby conversations and posts transcribed audio snippets to Twitter. Designed primarily to experiment with surveillance, the lamp is a good example of how anything in the public or private space can be revealed to the world by web connected devices we carry in our pockets.  Read More…

BentGrass air filter cleans air, emits natural scents

 BentGrass Air Filter Concept by Dominyka Barkauskaite

With an increase in air pollution, the quality of ambient air is deteriorating continuously. This impure air is the main cause of various health-related issues. To combat this situation, many designers from around the globe are coming up with various ideas of air purification systems that guarantee to purify air, leaving clean and fresh air to breathe. Lithuania based industrial designer Dominyka Barkauskaite has conceptualized an air filter dubbed BentGrass (Smilgeles in Luthuanian) that provides a clean and desirable atmosphere in a dwelling, making the people inside feel as if they are amidst natural surrounding.

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Artistic Grillo BBQ by FormAxiom, for easy cooking when you are outdoors

Grillo BBQ

Grillo BBQ, designed by FormAxiom, is a portable and lightweight BBQ providing a whole new versatility for road trips, beach trips or camping. It can be used spontaneously for meals with friends or family at any time of the day without carrying endless cooking accessories. The artistic BBQ opens up like an umbrella with a single movement and has the ability to fold itself into a small package, which makes it easy to carry. Read More…

Smartphone-controlled Mellow sous-vide cooking machine

Mellow sous-vide

Concept of sous-vide cooking is not new, yet Mellow sous-vide machine is a new addition to the cooking method. The Mellow is a smartphone-controlled kitchen appliance which can not only cook food but can also keep the food at refrigerator temprature. The sous-vide machine does not have any control buttons on the device itself, your smartphone solely acts as a remote control for it. Read More…

CATable: Shared table for you and your furry friend


If you are a crazy cat person who thinks about your pet’s comfort equal as your own. Then, CATable, which offers a new playground for even the most curious cats is a perfect furniture for your house. CATable is designed by Ruan Hao from LYCS, an architectural firm based in Hangzhou and Hong Kong. The elegant table is filled with passages and hideouts for cats. Meanwhile you can work on the top keeping your important files and laptop safe from your pet’s paws. Read More…

UNI coffee table folds up to become a side table

UNI Space Saving Compact Table by Auradee Sae-Lin

IKEA, a Swedish company that designs and sells ready to assemble furniture, appliances and home accessories, recently held its first Young Designer Award in January at Singapore with the theme ‘Make Space Better.’  Auradee Sae-Lin, a student from Raffles Design Institute, won the top prize of  US $1,500 cash and a trip to Ikea in Sweden with her UNI space-saving compact table. Out of more than 70 entries this simple yet functional coffee table was voted the best and most creative design that will serve as an ideal space-saving solution for urban dwellers who own compact apartments.

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View the starry night sky relaxing inside Ticla TeaHouse 3 Tent

Ticla TeaHouse

If you love traveling to a beautiful landscape but only to find yourself missing out on nature’s beauty once you get inside your tent? Then, Ticla Tent’s Teahouse 3 is the solution to your problem. Ticla TeaHouse 3 Tent is uniquely designed to offer you all around views and proper ventilation even in the rain, so that you can see the mesmerizing sites and gaze at the stars in night from within the tent itself. The tent is built to be tough and durable enough for kids and pets, and has enough room for everyone to enjoy their own little space.

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Protrude tray will extend beyond the table but never fall off

Protrude tray by YOY designs

YOY Design Studio in Tokyo, Japan, creates simple, everyday use items but they add a sense of amusement and deception in each of their works. Just yesterday, we came across Light by YOY Design, which was a simple lamp that projected silhouette of a lamp shade on the wall. Today, we have a simple wooden tray, dubbed Protrude, which exhibits a minimalist yet clever design. When placed beyond the tabletop, it seems as if the tray is about to fall from the edge and spill your coffee all over. However, nothing of that sort happens, the tray is aptly fastened onto the underside of the desk. The tray holds your coffee cup well beyond the table creating a fine illusion for the onlookers.

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Freestanding Elements Fire Torch for outdoor space of your house

Elements Fire Torch

The striking Elements Fire Torch by Terra Flame is a freestanding odor-less alternative to the outdoor fireplace with fine rustic detailing and embellished with beautiful white river rocks. The material used to create the fire torch is inspired by nature in its purest form. Each Elements Fire Torch is designed beautifully to blend seamlessly with any outdoor space. The fire torch measures 4 x 4 x 16-inches and requires single-use fuel cans. Read More…

Emergency Shock Sensor Lamp for homes in earthquake prone areas

Shock Sensor Lamp

If you live in an earthquake prone zone then this cool yet functional Shock Sensor Lamp is a suitable tool for your home. Shock Sensor Lamp is an emergency LED light which includes built-in seismic sensor that activates the lamp automatically during an earthquake measuring 3 or more on Japan Meteorological Agency seismic intensity scale. Powered by four AA batteries, the lamp on the sensor lasts for about 500 days in standby mode and illuminates for 15 hours after activation.  Read More…