Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost Cupcakes

Glow-in-the-dark ghost cupcakes for fun Halloween dinner

Halloween is one of the popular baking holidays during the fall months, as it gives culinary artists the opportunity to create spooky yet adorable cakes or cupcakes. We’ve already shared Halloween-themed cakes with you. So, today we’re going to show ...
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Lock Table by J.P. Meulendijks

Interlaced Lock Table adds playful twist to modern home interior

Dutch designer J.P. Meulendijks has created eye-catching Lock Table that boasts interlaced legs, which are made from layers of flexible bamboo veneer. The layers of bamboo are beautifully locked into each other, adding a playful twist to modern interior. Design ...
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smart home automation

How to choose the right tech for home automation

Having a home controlled remotely is no longer an aspect of futuristic future. Home automation technologies advancements have virtually changed modern homes into a smart push-button households that are simple to control. The aspiration to own a home in 2016 ...
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Bluecup offers eco-friendly way to prepare perfect Nespresso blend

If you have a Nespresso machine at home, then you know the trouble of spending extra dollars for purchasing individual pods every now or then. Moreover, single-use plastic is quite harmful to our environment. So, to kill two birds with ...
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ZAAFDesigns Colour Design Bathtubs

Candy-colored standalone bathtubs are vibrant yet see-through

ZAAFDesigns Color Design bathtubs are colorful and lively additions for any contemporary bathroom. Boasting see-through design and clear lines, these standalone bathtubs are going to add playfulness to your dull looking bathroom or any other place where they’re placed. Design ...
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Marshall Jack Rack key hanger looks like real guitar amplifier_4

Marshall Jack Rack key hanger looks like real guitar amplifier

Key hangers are important accessories in modern homes to keep keys safe and organised, so that you can find them anytime easily. You might have seen Jack Rack key hanger by Pluginz, and again the company collaborated with UK-based amplifier brand ...
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Featured, Food
Halloween Cobweb Cakes

Sneaky cobweb cakes make Halloween treat a whole lot spookier

With October comes a great enthusiasm for the ungodly amount of sugar intake to satisfy your inner Halloween beast. So, it’s obvious that you must be trying to stock up on some eerie desserts for the upcoming spooky party. To ...
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Trilight by Striker Concepts is motion activated ceiling light_1

Trilight by Striker Concepts is motion activated ceiling light

North Carolina-based product designer James Burry of Striker Concepts has created Trilight, a ceiling light for illuminating big spaces such as garages, shops, utility rooms, basements, backyard or any large rooms at home or office. It is a motion-sensing enabled ...
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Taiga Tower with self-watering system makes home gardening a breeze

Urban dwellers living in limited space apartments lack a big garden for growing fresh food items. Although indoor gardening is a solution, but it also takes up a lot of counter space. Here enters, the Taiga Tower – a vertical ...
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Featured, Outdoor
Monster Garage

Ohio woman turned her garage into bloodthirsty Halloween monster

Some people decorate their house with skeletons and other eerie accessories for Halloween, while others go all out for the spooky celebration. Belonging to the latter category, Ohio-based graphic designer and face painter Amanda Destro Pierson has turned her garage ...
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