Sky B Plane bed gives wings to your kid’s aeronautical dreams

Inspired by Disney movie “Planes,” Sky B Plane bed is a perfect furniture to let your child’s aeronautical dreams take a flight. If you feel your kid is born to fly, this cool airplane-shaped bed is a perfect addition to your little pilot’s bedroom.

In the day, your child can play on the bed – acting like Planes movie’s character Leadbottom. After playing the entire day when your little one feels tired, this Leadbottom replica also serves as a comfy bed for a relaxing sleep.

The main structure of the airplane bed consists of wings and body, which are made from fiberglass. The propeller is made of real wood and the wheels are made of rubber. The wings section has a convenient storage compartment to store the youngtster’s accessories and personal belonging. Plus, the interior of bed is made of velvet upholstery for extra comfort.

The creative and playful design of the Sky B Plane makes the crib-to-bed transition quite convenient. This means the bed is suitable for kids of all age groups. Moreover, the decorative suitcases or storage compartments behind the wings are designed to allow the kid to climb up and down the airplane.

For more information and sending request for price, visit the Circu website.


Sky B Plane bed inspired by Leadbottom


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