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El me cagneto

El me cagneto is bohemian-styled home for man’s best friend

El me cagneto by Alessandra Fagnani is peppy, creative and fashionable bohemian-styled little abode for the man’s best friend. The elegant pet house is inspired by the Venetian parlance “il mio cagnolino,” which means my little dog. So this beautiful house is especially designed for your adorable puppy in the house. Besides being a comfy pet house, El me cagneto’s  bohemian as well as baroque style of architecture also becomes decorative element of your interior. ...

Espresso Maker Desk Lamp

Beau Birkett’s Espresso Maker Desk Lamp is made from retired coffee maker

Beau Birkett, student from Birmingham City University, has designed and created the Espresso Maker Desk Lamp for Upcycle Project by converting Whittard Espresso Maker and vegetable rack into balanced and graceful desk lamp. Birkett had used the Whittard Espresso Maker as base and lampshade, whereas the vegetable rack provides required height and acts as a support arm for the desk lamp. The desk lamp is an work-of-art, presenting creativity as well as craftsmanship that shows how an ...


Vintage Industrial Crank Tables are perfect for classic and modern homes

Homeowners seeking minimalist yet stylish furniture to spruce up their dining or office space are in luck, as Phoenix-based furniture manufacturer Vintage Industrial has come up with industrial Crank Tables for both classic and modern homes. These vintage-inspired table designs boast streamlined machine-like base, adding chic trait into any interior. These table designs not only have exclusive appearance, but also meet the needs of functionality. Check out three exquisite table designs, which ...

Thislexik Studio

Thislexik studio is built from five colorful shipping containers

Located in Red Hook, New York, the colorful Thislexik studio is created by 26-year-old artist Vedat Ulgen. Instead of renting a small workspace, he decided to create his own eco-friendly studio using reclaimed shipping containers. The two-story structure built out of five shipping containers is further painted in five different colors, giving appearance of colorful Lego blocks. The cargo containers-based studio includes woodwork shop, office, storage area, bathroom and enclosed space for ... Floor-integrated Seating by Dina Amin floor-integrated seating inspired by Mosaic flower

Convertible and space-saving furniture pieces not only adapt as per the user’s need, but also maximize space of your home. Another addition to the transforming furniture is Mosaic flower-shaped seating system- by Cairo-based designer Dina Amin. It is a floor-integrated seating to suit creative home or office spaces, adding playful touch to any interior. Design of the flat seat comes in geometric form of a Mosaic flower as well as influenced by few characteristics of Islamic ...

FAVO by Imperfetto

FAVO is organically-shaped offbeat shelving system for your home

Designed and manufactured by Italian studio Imperfettolab, the FAVO shelving system is an organically-shaped offbeat shelving system to add minimal aesthetics to your home. The Imperfettolab studio workshop provides wide range of art research projects and organize exhibitions, under the trademark of Verter Turroni and Emanuela Ravelli’s design and production. The design studio works on the imperfection and ordinary aesthetic of natural materials and tries to replicate the same in their ...

Tiny House in Haida Gwaii

Tiny house in Haida Gwaii looks like an animated witch house

Noel Wotten, an artist and narrator from Haida Gwaii, has smartly converted a tree stump into beautifully designed tiny house, which resembles an old witch house. Haida Gwaii, formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands is home to the Ta’an Forest that includes variety of large endemic trees. Noel used the old stump to create a piece-of-art, exhibiting the most natural form of construction. According to Noel, it took him almost two years to complete designing and interior of the stump. The ...

Astro Twist Smart Lightbulb

Twist LED light bulb can stream music over AirPlay and Wi-Fi

Light bulbs integrated with speakers are not new to the world; such light fixtures are successfully entertaining the world. But the only problem with these light bulbs-cum-speakers is that one has to always turn on Bluetooth in order to play music and that’s not convenient all the time. However, the latest Astro’s Twist LED light bulb wants to change that forever with its built-in AirPlay speaker. Rather than using Bluetooth, this light bulb can easily stream music over Apple AirPlay and ...

Plastic Palace

Plastic Palace is a greenhouse built using recycled bottles by primary school kids

Plastic Palace by the kids of Canberra Richardson Primary School is a greenhouse built using 2,000 recycled plastic bottles. The new greenhouse will help kids in carrying out science experiments and grow seedlings for their school vegetable garden. The students and parents collected the recycled bottles in 18 months, which contributed as the main construction material of the greenhouse nicknamed by the kids as the ‘Plastic Palace.’ The greenhouse has basic timber frame, but the ...

Madrid apartment by Elii Architects

Susaloon apartment by Elii Architects maximizes space with foldout furniture

Designed by Madrid-based studio Elii Architects, the Susaloon apartment in Madrid proves how smallest of rooms can be maximized to meet everyday needs of inhabitants. This 23.5-square meter living space is renovated for a client named Susana, who also inspired title of the project. The tiny city-center apartment consists of a range of foldout furnishings to maximize space and keep the area clutter free. The foldout furniture including workspace, dining table, bed, ironing board and storage ...

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