The Wing House on Australian east coast can be yours for $5.6 million

The Wing House

Resting over Wategos Beach and with Byron Bay Lighthouse Reserve as its backdrop, the Wing House in New South Wales, Australia is a combination of pure engineering and mind-blowing architecture. Listed on Unique Estates, this house with eco-friendly design and beautiful surroundings can be yours for a cool $5.6 million. Completed in 2013, this four-bedroom home is designed by the Australian architect Peter Stutchbury and has a wing-like 27.5 meter span roof which solves the mystery behind the name Wing House. The wing-like roof is made of Danpalon, a synthetic material that provides filtered natural light and also shelters the garden and an outdoor bath. Constructed using steel, timber, concrete and glass, the 4,600-square-foot structure has a 72-foot lap pool and about 1,600 square feet of outdoor space that include decks and terraces.

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Android-powered multitouch coffee table is one giant tablet for your living room

Android-powered coffee table

If you are thinking of buying a bigger tablet to enjoy your favorite Android games with your family, then we would suggest you to consider the new Android-powered coffee table sold by Ideum. Dubbed Platform Multitouch Coffee Table, it lets you play games and surf the web on a 32-inch or 46-inch touchscreen. To make it ideal for home, considering that you’ll have kids and jealous guests around, Ideum has designed the multitouch table to be sturdy and waterproof, good to withstand average living room spills. With this coffee table at home, you can now check your emails, tweet your discussion over coffee and even play Minecraft, all sitting in front of one heck of a large tablet.

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Capsule-shaped Drop XL is self-sustainable cabin for travelers

Drop XL cabin

Drop XL are capsule shaped Eco- friendly cabins for those who love to travel and explore nature but don’t want to stay in a regular hotel. It’s designed by In-tena, Barcelona-based design studio. Despite its small size i.e. 30 square meters, the cabin provides you facilities which you get in a hotel; it has a bedroom, a chair to relax and a comfortable bathroom. Read More…

Designer Satyendra Pakhalé designs portable Kangeri Nomadic Radiator

Kangeri Nomadic Radiator by Satyendra Pakhalé

Though it looks like a decorative sculpture for your living room, Kangeri Nomadic Radiator is a portable electric radiator. Designed by Amsterdam-based Industrial designer Satyendra Pakhalé (India born), the mobile radiator is created for Italian manufacturer of designer radiators Tubes Radiatori. Born out of curiosity of the designer to create a contemporary object for warming up the space closely surrounding the user, the innovative Kangeri Nomadic Radiator will keep you warm during the winter season and the energy saving technology will also provide you respite from huge electricity bills.

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Sunfocus is outdoor fireplace and BBQ grill in one

sunfocus outdoor fireplace

Be it a family get-together or fun time with friends on a chilly evening, Sunfocus outdoor fireplace by Focus is an ideal heating solution that will keep you and your friends warm for longer. Its sleek and smart element can be added to your outdoor living space, outdoor kitchen.  The steel fireplace that doubles as a BBQ grill can be mounted on wall. You can toast marshmallows or grill your favorite steak on it, and use it as a fireplace when you get famished while sharing ghost stories or engrossed in long conversations. Read More…

The Unusual Albero 1950s Bookcase for the 21st Century

Albero Bookcase

The unusual Albero Bookcase is redesigned by Poltrona Frau, the Italian furniture maker for the 21st century. This bookcase was originally designed by Gianfranco Frattini, a furniture design master and architect in 1950. It is a freestanding bookcase with rectangular cubbies attached to its center pole. Albero bookcase holds 8 to 12 adjustable cube shelves. It is an extendable bookcase which can fit into almost 11 feet high ceiling. Read More…

Aston Martin unveils furniture collection at Milan Design Week 2014

Interiors by Aston Martin furniture collection

Number of major brands from around the world showcased their latest innovations at the Milan Design Week which concluded last week in Milan. Aston Martin, Luxury British sports car manufacturer also unveiled a furniture collection at the event displaying the elegance and essence of the brand. Dubbed ‘Interiors by Aston Martin’, the furniture collection is produced by Italian furniture company Formitalia Luxury Group SpA. Both brands joined hands together and worked to produce something which reflects the name of the brand and also propagate the power, beauty and soul of Aston Martin.

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Foldable wooden laundry drying rack is easy to use and store

laundary drying rack 6

If you’re tired of managing your complicated laundry drying racks and still not satisfied with them; then, here is a foldable wooden laundry drying rack to solve the problem. The rack is made from maple wood and plated steel, this drying rack is corrosion resistant. Makers have chosen not to use plastic as it tends to break after a while when kept for long duration in the sun. The rack has 12 smooth maple rods for easy loading and drying clothes. Read More…

LiftEye virtual window for elevators will transform passenger experience


In spite of living in skyscrapers, or working out of the high-rises, we often remain aloof to the kind of height we are climbing in those elevators. To lets us realize, and experience the external environment of the building while traveling up and down the lift, LiftEye Ltd. has created the LiftEye – a new kind of realistic virtual window for elevators. First of its kind window system for elevators, the LiftEye transforms the lift into a panoramic lift which features three High-Definition LCD widescreen monitors installed on the walls. These transform passengers’ experience, allowing them to watch live streaming of the environment outside the building. Read More…

Snuggle up in the Fatboy Buggle-up, a comfy beanbag chair

Fatboy Buggle-up

Check out this comfy Fatboy chair named “Buggle-up.” Just by looking at this Buggle-up beanbag you could figure out that it is comfortable and can be kept in any corner of your house. It is available in 14 different colors, you can pick any one according to your preference. This beanbag is perfect to snuggle up in while watching TV, at pool side, or when you just want to lay down and rest. It can be used as a chair or a large lounge pillow by adjusting position of the straps attached to it. Two persons can comfortably sit on it unlike other beanbags available in the market. Read More…