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Sawmill House by Archier

Sawmill House is made from recycled concrete blocks

Sawmill House by Melbourne-based architect Archier is a residential project started with the aim of designing a house that contributes to the environment. Located in Yackandandah, Australia, the environmentally-friendly house made from recycled concrete blocks highlights the idea of providing quality of space by engaging with environment. Each brick used is an industrial byproduct either left in trucks or at construction sites. The sustainable and operative structure is designed for a ...

Weird trick to skin a watermelon in just 10 minutes

Weird trick to skin a watermelon in just 10 minutes!

Wondering what snacks to add into your menu for summer party? Well, what’s better than refreshing fruits in summer, especially a watermelon? But the most annoying thing about this delicious fruit is that it’s too annoying to peel off, so most people try avoiding it even in hot summer parties. Not anymore, as Former NASA engineer Mark Rober, who loves posting amazing food tricks on his YouTube channel Creativity Design Science, has come up with a weird but easy way to skin watermelon in ...

Fishing Restaurant Zauo

Zauo fishing restaurant lets you catch fish for dinner

If you love fishing and are planning to make a trip to Japan in near future, then don’t forget to visit one of the most innovative and eccentric restaurants in Japan named Zauo. Meaning of Zauo is ‘sit and fish.’ The restaurant has a boat-shaped design and is famous for serving authentic Japanese cuisines like sushi, sashimi, sukiyaki, etc., and the best part is you can do fishing. The restaurant is a hit among  locals as well as foreign tourists, not because of unique ...

Nest Thermostat 3.0 gets bigger and smarter than its predecessor

Nest Thermostat 3.0 gets bigger and smarter than its predecessor

With the launch of Nest home security camera and Nest smoke detector, many analysts were assuming that the Google-owned smart home company is trying to expand into other niches. Surely their observation is not wrong, but the company has now returned to its parent niche by unveiling the third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat. Unlike its predecessor, the Nest Thermostat 3.0 has slimmer build along with 40-percent bigger, brighter and high resolution display; but still boasts same disc-shaped ...

Exquisitely utile bathroom designs by QS Supplies

Exquisitely utile bathroom designs by QS Supplies

Bathroom is a place where we find ourselves more than once in a day to freshen up or unwind after hectic work schedule. Whether we stay there for hours or just five minutes, the bathroom has become basic necessity of today’s life. May be this is the reason why homeowners prefer to focus more on interior of washroom, just like any other space of their home. Living up to modernistic as well as practical day-to-day lifestyle, UK-based bathroom warehouse QS Supplies has created few ...

RaspiTrap Photo-alerting Mouse Trap

RaspiTrap: Photo-alerting mouse trap with Raspberry Pi

Mouse traps may come in different forms or sizes, but these are designed to capture mice using a small piece of bread or cheese. However, there are few people who just prefer to use rat poison to kill these troublesome rodents. But what if you get a better device to get rid of mice without killing them? Developer and tinkerer Alain Mauer has now created a smart mouse trap called RaspiTrap that is integrated with latest electronics to make mouse trapping as humane as possible. The mouse trap ...

LG SmartThinQ sensor makes old home appliances interactive

LG SmartThinQ sensor makes old home appliances interactive

With each passing day, we come across latest smart home devices that allow your home to interact with you. But what about some conventional appliances with no smart technology? Moreover, what if you want to know about a specific machine instead of all the connected devices or don’t want to spend too much on upgrading your entire home? To all such queries, LG has got one simple and compact answer in form of the latest SmartThinQ sensor. It looks like a smart thermostat, but it is just a tiny ...

Chilli Island

Chilli Island fuses electric boat and lounger into one

Chilli Island, a water toy designed for beach resorts, is an elegant movable lounger with sunshades that offers comfort no matter what time of day it is.  The luxury toy is a perfect blend of electric boat and lounger, designed to provide relaxation and fill the gap between high-powered beach toys like jet skies and unglamorous means like pedal boats. The innovative beach toy is made from a combination of polyethylene and fiberglass. It comes with protected water CE certificate, making it safe ...

Tsala Treetop Lodge

Tsala treetop lodge lets you revisit your childhood

Tsala Treetop lodge is a five-star accommodation that’s conceived to provide exclusive luxury for small number of guests. The intimate lodge is 10 km away from Plett on the Garden Route in South Africa’s Western Cape and offers the most mellifluous combination of artisanship of ancient times with permissive modern luxury. The lodge elevates up to six-meters and comprises of rustic suites and villas that come with personal fireplace, spa bathroom and infinity pool on private decks ...

Old Church

Old Church rehabilitated into spacious single-family home

With the desire of turning something old into fresh and contemporary, Linc Thelen Design and Scrafano Architects have converted former Chicago-based church into a spacious single-family home. The collaboration between the renowned design houses is to create a timeless piece that balances between architecture and interior with the aim to maintain classic look of the church. Created for a family with three youthful children, the church house consists of seven spacious bedrooms and six ...

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