Felted wool cat bed by Elevele

Felted wool cat beds by Elevele blend with your home decor

The felted wool cat beds by Elevele provide your adorable kitten a perfect place to curl up and escape the world. Elevele is Etsy shop that creates beautiful handmade cat beds/cat baskets/cat caves with fine perfection. Their cat caves form ...
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cooper cooler instant beverage chiller_6

Cooper cooler chills your drink in just one minute

Summer is hotter than imagined this year, and people are using various methods to keep themselves cool. But when it comes to chilling the warm beverages, people rely completely on their refrigerators and freezers.  They are useful, but can’t chill ...
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Cruisin’ Tiki floating platform

Cruisin’ Tiki – Floating bar for unparalleled weekend parties

Enjoying parties on a weekend is good way to re-energize yourself. But don’t you get bored of the same old partying methods, like in a club or on a boat? To give you a break from the usual ways of ...
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All Round lamp by Maria_6

Maria Novozhilova designs All Round Lamp without any top or bottom

In modern days, the trend of night culture is widely growing in all the big cities of the world. Different types of artificial lighting accessories are used to brighten the modern cities vividly. Maria Novozhilova, a Milan-based designer in collaboration with ...
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Accessories, Featured
Levitating Nixie Clock

Time floats on this Levitating Nixie Clock

Levitating gadgets have always flummoxed us all, simply because they look so cool. The same goes with nixie tube gadgets which are unique in their own way. Just imagine combining these two extremes into one. That is what Tony Adams ...
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Sony Z9D 4K HDR Android TV

Sony Z9D 4K HDR Android TV redefines ultra-high-definition viewing experience

Over the last couple of years Sony hasn’t been able to make headway with its LED TVs. However they are more aggressive with 4K technology and trying to lead the race with other competitors like Samsung and LG. The electronics ...
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Nice Way Hostels Porto_13

Enjoy sublime comfort and hospitality at Nice Way Hostels Porto

Portugal is famous worldwide for its luxurious hotels and hospitality. In continuation, the new eclectic hostel at Porto city by Nice Way Hostels is the outcome of amazing collaboration between architect Yaroslav Galant and interior designer Ilona Galant. The hostel ...
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Wooden wardrobes look alike shipping crates

Sigurd Larsen’s attractive wooden wardrobes look like shipping crates

A number of connectivity choices have made world tinier, but when we talk about living spaces, people of the world have to be content with small apartments in big cities such as New York.  A compact living space stays organized ...
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Featured, Outdoor
Open Air Hotel by Null Stern

Null Stern’s Open Air Hotel with no roof, no walls, no bathroom

Now travelers can enjoy unobstructed panoramic views of Swiss Alps in the Open Air Hotel by Null Stern. While most hotels offer number of luxury amenities to their guests for a comfortable stay, this one has none. In fact, the ...
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Furniture, Outdoor
Steel and Wood Bench by Jimmy Diresta

Decking scraps sculpted into industrial steel and wood bench

New York-based designer Jimmy Diresta is renowned for his DIY projects that use reclaimed materials to create practical pieces. The latest creation by Diresta is an elegant steel and wood bench that has been built out of decking scraps. The ...
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