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Realstone Recycled Granite Fire Pits

Recycled granite fire pits is must have for eco-conscious homeowners

London-based manufacturer  Granite Products is giving new life to leftover granite pieces that are mostly thrown away in waste removal bins. The manufacturing house that was founded by George Glover in 2014 reworks scrap granite into usable products that are both easy ...
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BioLite Base Lantern

BioLite BaseLantern: World’s first connected flat-pack lantern

Brooklyn-based social enterprise BioLite Energy has created a BaseLantern that acts like an off-grid solution to communities living in areas of energy poverty and outdoors. Imagined as the world’s first flat-pack lantern, the Bluetooth-enabled lantern doubles as a miniature smart grid to ...
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Xiaomi Yeelight bedside lamp_4

Hands-on review: Xiaomi Yeelight bedside lamp

For ages, we have been decorating our home with lamps that are functional but they completely miss the spark to create a “wow” experience in our rooms. However, after receiving Yeelight bedside lamp I have to agree that the Chinese smartphone ...
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359 Rotating Home

You can manually rotate this tiny house by PATH Architecture

Architectural revolution has blessed us all with unique and functional homes that are designed around our requirements. But these houses also highlight how classical architecture is helping architects to create marvels in today’s time. Oregon-based PATH Architecture firm has done something similar and created ...
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Spanish-style home

This Spanish style home has a treehouse with automated staircase

This Spanish style home situated in a friendly community of Silver Lake (Los Angeles) is one-of-a-kind property that is built around an open space and combines privacy with luxury living. Dubbed Casa Torena, the house sitting on a lot of 5,613 ...
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10 compact kitchen units to make the most of small spaces

10 compact kitchen units to make the most of small spaces

Fully-equipped kitchen is one of the priorities when it comes to purchasing a new home or apartment, but in tiny apartments with limited space accommodating full kitchen can be quite challenging. However, stylish and fully-functional compact kitchen units offer a ...
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AK-47 chair

This AK-47 chair made from real rifles makes you Godfather of your empire

The 1972 American crime drama The Godfather has given us some of the most iconic scenes and the famous lines, making it one of the greatest films in the world cinema. Willing to bring the same essence back, Austria-based designer and ...
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Architecture, Dream home
Wikkelhouse by Fiction Factory

Wikkelhouse: A cardboard house that wraps around your needs

Amsterdam-based construction studio Fiction Factory has built a sustainable and energy-efficient home that adapts according to your needs. Wikkelhouse is a bespoke cardboard house made by interlocking cardboard segments, where each piece weighs around 500 kg and is 1.2 m long. Designed ...
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Humito by Maestro Dobel

Beat the heat with Humito, the world’s first smoked silver tequila

Maestro Dobel, the 11th generation master Tequila makers, recently unveiled the world’s first smoked silver tequila that takes flavor profile from its cousin drink mezcal. Imagined as a response to latest mezcal trend, Humito is made from 100 percent blue weber agave ...
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Hello Kitty Orchid Garden

Singapore’s Hello Kitty cafe is designed to attract feline fans

Apart from travelling and receiving guests, people of Singapore have one more reason to visit the Changi Airport. As recently the airport has opened its door to the world’s first 24-hour cafe that takes inspiration from Hello Kitty – one of the ...
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