Loliware Edible Cups

Drink up your beverage, then eat the delicious Loliware cup

US start-up founded by Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker, product designers who are working on biodegradable products, has launched an edible range of cups called Loliware. The designer duo has created this edible cup series to reduce the amount ...
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Architecture, Dream home
$3.5M Truckee Treehouse

$3.5M Truckee Treehouse embraces a pine tree instead of cutting it

Since ages we’ve been working against nature by cutting trees and building our dream houses on their dead remains. Now when the world is suffering due to problems caused by deforestation, people are trying to find out ways to preserve ...
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Peerless Spirit: The Macallan in Lalique Six Pillars Collection

Peerless Spirit is a 65-year-old whisky from The Macallan

Peerless Spirit by the world’s best known scotch distilleries is the sixth and final masterpiece of their Lalique Six Pillars collection. A concluding chapter in the story of The Macallan’s foundation stones, the single malt highlights strength and bond between the ...
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Domgy pet robot programmed to entertain and protect you

Most homeowners are warmly attached with their pets, as pets make their life happier. But as consumer lifestyles is becoming more busy, they don’t find time to give undivided attention to their four-legged friends. Therefore, ROOBO, Beijing-based fast-growing hardware and ...
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Water Heater

5 things to consider when buying and maintaining a water heater

Without a water heater, most households would find it difficult to keep up with their daily routines. Therefore, these sturdy and reliable devices are very much the workhorses of the domestic environment. They provide hot water on a constant and ...
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World’s first floating dairy farm

World’s first floating dairy farm to be built in Rotterdam

Although very less amount of food products are grown in urban cities, but a new Dutch collaboration is aiming at growing more food in cities for increasing population. To be built in the port of Rotterdam, the Floating Diary Farm ...
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For £149, Sense sleep tracker goes on sale in Europe

In 2014, we featured ball-shaped, non-wearable sleep tracker called Sense on Homecrux. Created by London-based inventor James Proud, this smart sleep machine was seeking funds on Kickstarter back then. It has been one of the most successful Kickstarter projects of ...
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Lift is skillfully designed wall hook to declutter everyday items

Canada-based design house IPPINKA dealing in creating distinctively unique products recently unveiled a minimal and multi-use bike hook that not only hangs in your bicycle, but also declutters your life with ease. Dubbed as Lift, the ultra-functional wall hook cleverly transforms ...
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Thonet Chair: Souvenir of the last century

Nucleo conserves Thonet’s No. 14 Chair as souvenir of the last century

No. 14 chair by Michael Thonet is one of the most famous chair that was introduced to general public in 1859. Also known as Bistro Chair, the No. 14 chair made using steam-bending technology was one of the bestselling chairs ever made. And ...
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