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Logitech Circle Camera

Logitech Circle brings home activities to your smartphone

Do you often wonder what your pets or kids do at home when you’re not around? Well, all thanks to the Logitech’s latest Wi-Fi-enabled security camera dubbed Logi Circle you can keep an eye on your home all the time. This device will fall under the company’s new ‘Logi’ brand, and features a tennis ball-like shape, offering more than a standard home security camera. Unlike a normal surveillance camera outside your home, the all-new Logi Circle is designed to actually bring whole ...

Repurposed Piano

Creative ways to repurpose old piano into something new and exciting

Recycling or repurposing is a hip way of transforming old and  space-consuming pianos into a perfect home accessory. A piano is one of those luxury accessories that shows an orthodox side of your lifestyle and house. It immediately becomes a worthless, space eating object as soon as just one key goes out of the place. Thanks to DIYers, who turn even a broken or old piano into a useful item to accessorise your interior and exterior. Repurposing an old piano is a creative way of giving ...

20 times auto parts were repurposed into furniture

20 times auto parts were repurposed into furniture

Looking for right furniture pieces to spruce up your mancave? Forget elegant couches as well as wooden coffee tables, and give some kick to your living space with some car-inspired furniture. We’ve found some industrial chic furniture designs for every room in your home. Now you don’t have to leave automobile outside your house in a garage, you can simply bring it home in form of gorgeous household items that are built using car parts like crankshafts, engine blocks, wheels, tires, ...

Frontier Plus Woodburning Stove

Frontier Plus woodburning stove keeps you warm on-the-go

Winter season is slowly approaching, which means that camping is going to get really cold. So instead of building outside fire, why don’t you bring some heat inside your cold tent? Well, UK-based outdoors company Anevay has created the latest Frontier Plus woodburning stove to keep you and your camping companions warm during a cold night. The Frontier Plus boasts glass window, removable top plate and carry handle that helps in easy relocation from one place to another. Moreover, you can even ...

Katjes Magic Candy Factory

Magic Candy Factory is world’s first 3D gummy candy printer

Katjes – German confectionery is world’s first confectionery using 3D gummy candy printer which allows customers to create their own customized sweet treat. Entitled Magic Candy Factory, the 3D candy printer is capable of printing gummies in 3-10 minutes, unlike other machines that can take hours for the same task. The printing machine, which looks like any fancy FDM/FFF based 3D printer from the outside is actually a specially designed machine, which pours yummylicious gummy candy ...

Food art bny Steve Casino

Steve Casino’s food art turns peanuts into famous characters

46-year-old toy inventor Steve Casino has given food art a complete new identity by transmuting empty peanut shells into detailed celebrity caricatures. Casino got the idea while eating peanuts at work when he stumbled upon peanut that looked like him, and from there the story of celebrities or characters on nuts started. In past three years, Casino has created approximately 223 pieces; but for him the highest point was being commissioned by MTV to create twelve ‘Game of Thrones’ ...

Sonos TruePlay

Sonos updates Play:5 Speaker with new software TreuPlay

Speaker systems are not only considered  high quality if they sound great; how efficiently they adjust to the varying settings of different rooms also makes them great. Sadly that’s not always the case with even the most superior sound systems. But those of you who’ve got Sonos speakers at home can rejoice, as the company has recently announced Trueplay, a new software feature that is claimed to make your speakers sound even better. The Trueplay lets the users tune their Sonos speakers ...

Brother-sister duo turns their garage into spooky Halloween house

Brother-sister duo turns their garage into spooky Halloween house

For some, Halloween is not just another festive event, it’s more than that. That’s the reason they spend cash not only on horrifying costumes, but also on decorations. Likewise, Omaha-based brother-sister duo, Neil Vacek and Johanna Vacek, also put loads of efforts to turn Neil’s garage at 8409 Weber Street, Omaha into a frightening haunted house to seriously scare their neighbors. In fact they love Halloween to such an extent that they have been creating spine-chilling Halloween houses ...

Obi Smart Laser Toy

Obi is iPhone-controlled laser toy for feline entertainment

If you’re a cat lover, then you may have seen several cat videos online, where felines are found chasing red dots coming straight out of laser pointer toys. Well your cute kitties can chase laser dot for several minutes, but humans might easily get bored of moving the pointer repeatedly. So how to keep your munchkin entertained, even if you’re not home? Well, the answer is the latest Obi- a smart laser toy by Dan Provost and Tom Gerhardt from Studio Neat. It is a playful toy for tech-savvy ...

ORNL unveils 3D printed house powered by a car

ORNL unveils 3D printed house powered by a car

Ever wished to own a house and a car those don’t depend on external sources for electricity or fuel? Seems ridiculous and pointless? Not anymore, as a new prototype called the Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy demonstration project (AMIE) by Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) aims at completely revolutionizing the off-grid living. Well, AMIE is 38 x 12 x 13-feet 3D printed house integrated with solar panels and connected to a 3D printed hybrid electric car to keep each other charged all the ...

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