‘Tis time for Christmas and nothing puts us in the holiday spirit than the smell of freshly cut pine, cookies baking in the oven, and scented candles wafting enchanting aromas throughout the home. Scented candles not only add layers of fragrances to create a warm and cozy winter setting but elevate the overall ambiance as well.

A lit candle can be an indication of the commencement of Christmas dinner or the calmness to ease your nerves on a busy day at holiday shopping or decorating. With a wide variety of scented candles for the holiday season, here’s a list of fragrant wax accents that are available for purchase and will put you right in the mood for Christmas.

Winter Mason Jar Christmas Candle

With breath-taking notes of pine & cedar wood fragrance, this 100% soy wax candle sits in a beautiful frosted and burlap rope tied mason jar.  Perfect Christmas décor item, each candle has a cotton wick and burns up to 70-80 hours.   

Buy: $19

Image: Amazon/Moredots

Balsam and Cedar Christmas Candle

Let Balsam fir, Cedar, Holly scented Christmas candles fill your home with holiday spirit and make it Santa ready. Made from soy wax and food grade paraffin wax, the candle delights your Christmas celebration with a burn time of 80 hours.

Buy: $16

Image: Amazon/Bmonaty

Thymes Frasier Fir Pine Needle Candle

Drench your home in the forest fragrance with the iconic pine needle designed scented candle that burns for around 45 hours. The candle has food-grade paraffin wax and non-metal candle wicks to burn longer and cleaner on the Christmas Eve.

Buy: $34

Image: Amazon/Thymes

Pine Pomegranate Scented Candle

Create instant indulgence through this aromatic Christmas candle available in four engulfing scents. Perfect for holiday gifting, the candle has a lead-free cotton wick, delicate daisy patterns carved on the glass jar and burns for 50 long hours.

Buy: $20

Image: Amazon/LaJolieMuse

Whipped Vanilla Cake Scented Candle

Evoke a truly warm and inviting glow with the whipped vanilla cake candle that has three wicks that dance and flicker to burn instantly for 40 hours. Rendering your favourite natural fragrance, the candle has three aromatic layers and sits elegantly in a vintage-style container, perfect as a Christmas gift.

Buy: $19

Image: Amazon/TalentCandles

Sugar Cookies Scented Candle

Perfect for Christmas morning or after, fill your home with the nostalgic fragrance of fresh baked cookies this holiday season with this white chunky candle. Made of soy wax and two premium cotton wicks, the candle burns for approximately 80-120 hours at a stretch.

Buy: $14

Image: Amazon/Goodpick

Realistic Tree Shaped Candles

Light up your Christmas Eve with elegantly designed two pine cone tree shaped scented candles. Crafted using quality wax and refreshing white tea aroma, the candle can add to your existing décor exuding warmth and glow.

Buy: $14

Image: Amazon/Rtteri

Wild Berry Crumble Scented Candle

Light this red chunky candle infuse your home with fragrance from fresh scented candle that is made of synthetic, wax. Entice your guests with this heart-warming candle that brings joy to your Christmas celebration.

Buy: $26

Image: Amazon/ACheerfulGiver

Eucalyptus Orange Wood Wick Candle

This candle is made from natural soy wax and burns with wooden wick to fill your home with herbal refreshing eucalyptus and orange scents. Adorning an immaculate packing perfect for Christmas, the candle burns with a bright flame for at least 45 hours. 

Buy: $17

Image: Amazon/BenevolenceLA

Pine Fragrance Scented Tree Candle

A prefect addition to your Christmas Eve celebrations, this eco-friendly, round, pine and reindeer patterned candle infuses your home with scents of fresh Christmas tree. Made of natural soy wax, the candle has three cotton wicks and burns clean for approximately 35-45 hours.

Buy: $21

Image: Amazon/ Kormmco

Yankee Candle Balsam & Cedar

This two-wick Yankee Candle with aromatic balsam, cedarwood and juniper berry notes will evoke a festive forest fragrance. It is made from premium-grade wax that delivers about 110 hours of burn time.

Buy: $22

Image: Amazon

NEST Classic Scented Candle

This decorative scented candle comes in a luxury size with a blend of pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves, and cinnamon with subtle notes of vanilla and amber. Made from premium wax, it has a burning time of 50-60 hours.

Buy: $46

Image: Amazon

Bath & Body Works’ 3-Wick Candle

Made from fragrant oils and soy-based wax, this 3-wick candle gives about 25-45 hours of burning time. It has sweet smells of red apple, cinnamon, cedarwood and essential oils.

Buy: $22

Image: Amazon

Sweet Water Décor Christmas Scented Candle

With amazing scents of apple cider, cinnamon, Christmas tree, sugar cookies and orange, this candle from Sweet Water Décor has a burning time of about 40 hours.

Buy: $20

Image: Amazon

Pine Birchwood Scented Candle

Delicately crafted from natural soy wax, this beautiful candle brings in the aromas of birchwood, pine balsam, fruity bergamot and mandarin, jasmine and rose to your holiday décor. Besides, its geometric ceramic jar becomes a statement piece.

Buy: $18

Image: Amazon

Winterberry Scented Candle

This Santa’s Naturals candle is infused with aromas of allspice, cinnamon, blood orange, nutmeg, juniper berry and clove. Made from soy wax, beeswax, plant-based essential oils and cotton-core wicks, this candle will give you 30 hours of fragrant burning.

Buy: $23

Image: Amazon

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Lulu Candles Pineapple Evergreen

This candle is made from soy wax with fruity scents to fill your home with holiday joy. It has a long burning time and makes a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Buy: $15

Image: Amazon

Byredo Bohemia Candle

Containing fine fragrances from natural ingredients, this Byredo Bohemia candle comes in a sleek black container to infuse your home with sweet natural scents.

Buy: $52

Image: Amazon

Illume Balsam & Cedar Candle

The large candle, which comes enveloped in a tin container covered in delicate winter illustrations, sets a perfect mood. Its balsam and oak blend with cedarwood, cinnamon, and eucalyptus are quintessential for holiday scents.

Buy: $28

Image: Amazon

Diptyque Baies Scented Candle

The enticing perfume of Diptyque Baise candle contains the aromas of blackcurrant leaves and Bulgarian rose, which will remind you of a beautiful summer day.

Buy: $65

Image: Diptyque

Merry and Bright Candle

A perfect gift, these beautiful candles will spark a holiday delight in any home. Each candle burns for over 90 hours and is made from soy wax and pure cotton wick.

Buy: $15

Image: Etsy/

Scented Christmas Candle

With warm notes of sandalwood, cinnamon, white citrus, ginger, birch and tobacco, this scented candle is a perfect pick for setting a rustic holiday ambiance.

Buy: $19 

Image: Etsy/

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