Kohler is a global leader when it comes to incorporating technology in kitchen and bathroom design. The voice assistant-powered Numi 2.0 smart toilet is one of its most acclaimed products that’s been lately made available for installation. With Milan furniture fair on the way, the American company has shared a preview of the new installation ‘The Creator’s Journey’ that will be presented at the event.

Kohler has always been technologically innovative but has taken a bit of an artistic approach this time to enhance the look and feel of its Numi 2.0 smart toilet. As part of its 150th-anniversary celebration, the brand is collaborating with four contemporary female artists from different countries to create a limited-edition collection of 12 new Artist Edition bathroom products.  

These artists are Brazil-based Ananda Nahú, China-based Ziling Wang, India-based Pushpa Kumari and US-based Elle. Inspired by combining visual art with manufacturing craftsmanship, they have created the Artist Edition toilets adorned with beautiful textures, intricate patterns, abstract illustrations, and picturesque landscapes.

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The talented creators were given full freedom to bring their visual expressions to decorate Kohler’s products – the Numi 2.0 smart toilet, Brazn sink, and Brazn bathtub. As per the official press release, Each product from the collection will be offered in a quantity of 150, honoring Kohler’s anniversary year.

KOHLER Artist Editions A World on Strings by Ziling Wang

KOHLER Artist Editions Aranya by Pushpa Kumari

KOHLER Artist Editions Falling Gently by Elle

KOHLER Artist Editions Flora Tropical by Ananda Nahu

Image: Kohler
Image: Kohler
Image: Kohler
Image: Kohler
Image: Kohler

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