LED Light Clock

LED Light Clock turns your entire wall into a colorful timepiece

The Internet of Things has totally revolutionized the way we approach everyday products from home security to out daily cooking appliances. But why is the wall clock in your house is still so traditional? The LED Light Clock by Instructables user [Chrismelba] is a modern take on the classic analogue clock, bringing striking display of colored lights into a usual timepiece. Interestingly, this amazing clock turns your whole wall into a colorful timepiece, giving a colorful makeover to any interior.

It is an internet-enabled wall clock, which displays time via RGB LED strip, unlike conventional clocks. This means a LED strip is fixed around 3D printed white disc. To create the hour and minute hands, the Light Clock projects light in two different colors.

This means two selectable colors are used to indicate hours and minutes, either in a gradient fashion or a hard stop. Initially, it might seem complicated but very quickly you’ll be able to read it with ease. All the modes are based on two selectable colors to indicate hours and minutes, either in a gradient fashion or a hard stop.

Another good thing about the time teller is that it gives you millions of color options to choose from, allowing you to perfectly complement your existing decor as per your mood. A 144 LED neopixel strip powered by a beefy 4 amp 5 volt power supply is used for providing the colorful light and runs the controller as well. The time teller is also integrated with ESP8266 powered NodeMCU-12E board and software is written using ESP8266 for Arduino core.

As it is a Wi-Fi enabled micro controller, so the embedded web pages can be used to select your local timezone, color palette, and display mode. The correct time is selected by your internet network, so it’ll never go wrong. If you want to welcome glowing colors into your home, then you may preorder the light clock for $219; it is expected to be delivered at your address by April 2016.

Find out more about the clock on the designer’s Instructables account.

LED Light Clock

144 LED neopixel strip is fixed around the white disc for time display

LED Light Clock

Check out how the LED Light Clock shows time in comparison to the analogue clock

Via: Hackaday

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