Muki coffee mug displays a new picture every time with a piping hot coffee

Muki Coffee Mug

A cup of hot coffee is sufficient enough to provide energy to your mind and body. But, what if we say that now a hot coffee can easily change images on a coffee mug. Yes, it is true. The Finnish Coffee Company Paulig, in collaboration with the ad agency TBWA/Helsinki, has created an amazing Muki coffee mug, which has an e-Ink powered display screen that shows a different picture every time the mug is filled with hot coffee. The display screen on the mug is powered by heat from a hot coffee. You can set your favorite pictures on the mug through your smartphone connected via Bluetooth or download an app to manage pictures to be displayed.

Muki Coffee Mug

There is a thermoelectric generator at bottom of the mug, which gets heat from the hot coffee poured into the mug and doesn’t require any external source of energy or batteries. The innovative concept of creating a mug that displays new image every time a hot beverage is poured into it is to bring a smile on user’s face every morning. To buy the Muki coffee mug you still have to wait more as, before hitting the market, it has to undergo a series of beta testing. It is presumed to be launched in 2015.

Via: Gizmodo/Mashable

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