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Starship Enterprise decor

Tony Alleyne creates Starship Enterprise decor in his apartment

Starship Enterprise decor

When it comes to those geeky themed decors, we daresay Star Wars is a bit ahead of Star Trek in the popularity scale. Now, before the Trekkies have my head for this, we have stumbled across something that might make up for this perceived ‘second place’ adoration. Tony Alleyne hailing from the lovely island-nation of Britain has painstakingly transformed his whole apartment decor to remarkably replicate the interiors of the iconic Starship Enterprise from Star Trek. And, by Starship Enterprise we don’t mean Captain Kirk’s battle stations, but rather Star Trek: Next Generation’s Sovereign or Galaxy class ships. So, while we are at it, you can gleefully gawk at the ‘authenticity’ of the whole ambit, starting from the deftly crafted display interfaces to the inclusion of the interesting ‘space jump’ room.

Via: GadgetReview

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  1. pritosh shukla

    May 4, 2013 at 7:27 am

    what price of this computer room…..
    pls tell me fast


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