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16,326-sqft Home with Star Wars-Themed Bar for Grabs at $5.5 Million

When a home is done for a super-fan who drools for sci-fi classics, it’s bound to cost a worth – case in point a 16,326-square-foot Mediterranean estate in Carmel, Indiana. Decked out in a plethora of sci-fi-themed amenities, including a Star Wars-themed bar and yes, a home theater, the Indiana home is definitely worth the price the owner quotes.

Besides the outright attractions, the mansion has a 4,000 square-foot ballroom, sweeping staircases, breathtaking kitchen, and crystal chandeliers to add to the décor. In case you have the hefty pocket but are skeptical about betting out 5 ½ million because you’d have guests that won’t appreciate your passion for Star Wars, the house has a Chicago Rush Street-themed bar, a sandy volleyball court, and a massive indoor pool, phew…Now you like it even more than the Darth Vader!

Via: HockedonHouses

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