Turn Fireplace into Meat-roasting pit

How to turn home fireplace into medieval-styled meat roaster

While many advanced cooking appliances are coming into the market, some home cooks still prefer the medieval-styled meat-roasting technique for cooking. The slow cooking technique such as grilling or barbecuing is hobby of many home cooks, as it is an indulging activity that brings smile on the faces of your loved ones.

For those who don’t like to compromise when it comes to grilling or roasting meat, old-styled meat roasters are the best appliances for cooking. However if you don’t want to spend extra dollars on such expensive cooking appliance, don’t worry, as you can simply turn your home fireplace into meat-roasting firepit.

To create this DIY meat firepit, you need some baking sheets to wrap in tinfoil to get all the heat on meat you’re trying to cook. After that you can roast the meat using hardwood, and also use some trays underneath to collect the drippings.

You also need a spit to control rotating the meat so it cooks evenly without much hassle. This way you can create you an affordable meat roaster at home whenever needed. For more instructions by ChefSteps on how to construct such DIY meat-roasting firepit, check out the video given below.

Via: Lifehacker

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