First look at the kennels confirmed for Godowoof Barkitecture 2023

There is a dog house for ever hound & their human

Barc by Foster + Partners

Flat pack plywood kennel is designed to meet the needs of the flexible, modern workplace.

Hound Lounge by Hopkins Architects

Designed for when you and the cute fellow want to lounge together.

'Fetch' by Coffey Architects

This innovative dog house is a celebration of our dog's greatest love: playing fetch.

Wig Wag by Hall + Bednarczyk Architects

Droplet look offers style and comfort to canine resident.

Bowowhaus by Sebastian Conran & Partners

This off-grid dog house on wheels is for adventurer with a woof.

The Poochchair by Rogers Stirk & Harbour

Not sure if comfort is the central idea of this design

The Agility Desk by George and James Architects X Fisher Morrison

Desk facilitates interaction between a dog and their owner whilst creating stimulating exercises.

BASK! by Gianni Botsford Architects

A concealed tunnel for your pooch, which will not disturb the room decor.

Goodwoof Barkitecture celebrates all things canine. It is back in 2023 with the theme ‘A Companion Piece – Dogs at Work’. The idea is simple, to demonstrate how dogs have become a part of our lifestyle and wellbeing through co-shared furniture cum dog house.  Barkitecture kennels, designed by a host of leading architects, from Sir Michael Hopkins to Foster & Partners, will be auctioned for charity by Bonhams on Sunday 21 May, 2023.