Father's Day 2017 Gift Guide Ideas

10 cool Father’s Day gift ideas

On the occasion of Father’s Day, everyone has different plans to make his/her dad feel special. Some wish to gift unique presents and cards, while others choose to treat him in an extraordinary way. Most of the teenagers find it difficult to choose the perfect gift for dad, so we have we racked our brains to round up some of the best gifts for this Father’s Day. Although every individual has a different taste, we have tried our best to compile a list that will surely inspire you to make the right pick for the man of your life.

Marc Newson’s unbreakable whiskey tumblerMarc Newson Unbreakable whiskey tumblers

This award-winning unbreakable drinkware is designed by Marc Newson and manufactured by Palm Products in Australia. Every whiskey glass has a colored base that adds the sensation of drama and individuality. This curved glass sits very comfortably in the palm of your hand and is very easy to drink from. If your dad loves to drink and tends to break glass more often, then it can be a great gift. Available in seven color options for the base, a single glass can be bought for AU$9 (US$7) at Palm Products but the buyer has to maintain the minimum order policy.

Buy: US$9

Tile Slim Bluetooth trackerTile Slim Bluetooth tracker

Tile is a slim gadget that can fit in your father’s wallet. It helps you to locate your lost stuff easily by locating through a mobile app. This tiny Bluetooth tracker can be hooked to things you often misplace. Once tagged, it functions as a GPS locator and rings to locate things easily. If your father forgets his wallet every time, then gift him a Tile Slim tracker and help him make his life simpler.

Buy: US$25

Suck UK’s portable barbecue grillSuck UK’s BBQ Toolbox portable barbecue grill

There are people who love cooking in outdoors, if your dad is one of them then this toolbox-shaped BBQ grill might be a thoughtful gift for him. It folds up to form a handy box that can be easily taken to any desired location. On unfolding, the unit reveals a sufficient 8×15-inch stainless steel grill area, rack to keep your food and a storage tray for holding chili sauce, herbs and other spices. Its body is made of stainless steel that’s further coated in high-temperature red paint.

Buy: US$100

Cali Roll yoga mat by YoYo MatsCali Roll yoga mat by YoYo Mats

Finding time to maintain fitness is crucial these days, and over a period of time yoga has come out to be a big resource to attain a healthy lifestyle. So yoga mats would be a wonderful gift for your busy dad this Father’s Day. It is the world’s first self-rolling yoga mat. The mat stays flat while you are using it and roll up itself as you move aside.

Buy: US$100

White Light shaving kit by Van Der HagenWhite Light modern shave kit by Van Der Hagen

Gifting your dad a modern shaving kit this Father’s Day is quite a thoughtful idea. If you also think the same, nothing can be better than gifting your dad a Van Der Hagen’s White Light shaving kit. The set comprises of a traditional 3-piece double edge safety razor with open and closed comb edges, a blended badger shaving brush, ceramic shaving bowl, metallic stand for razor and brush as well as five stainless steel blades by the company.

Buy: US$100

Crosley Executive USB portable turntableCrosley Executive USB Portable Turntable

Does your dad like to carry the rich, warm and lovely sound of vinyl with him? If yes, then just gift him Crosley Executive turntable this Father’s Day to make him able to enjoy his music anywhere. It would be a perfect gift for him as it folds up as a handy briefcase for easy transportation. This belt-driven turntable plays three speeds and its brass-plated body is strong enough to handle strains. The most interesting feature is that it can convert vinyl records into digital files. You just need to plug in the USB cable, play your record and watch the Executive create digital music files on your computer.

Buy: US$110

Roadie hammock stand by ENORoadie Hammock Stand by ENO

If your father loves spending more time outdoors, Roadie Hammock Stand by Eagle Nest Outfitters could be a great gift. The company has created a portable hammock that doesn’t require a hitch; instead, it can be secured under the wheels of a car. It consists of two towers that go underneath the car’s tire to create a perfect hang for the hammock. This means, your father can easily set up a swaying bed near his car anywhere when he is out on a long road trip. If you wish to gift it, get it for $200 at the ENO’s official website.

Buy: US$200

Levitating cup by Levitating XLevitating cup by Levitating X

Everyone has a fancy for levitating things; why not gift your dad a levitating object that matches his lifestyle this Father’s Day. Chicago-based Levitating Design Labs offers a variety of objects under its Levitating X collection, which includes vases, pillow, aroma diffusers, and art objects floating in mid-air, but the floating cup is something unique to gift. This floating cocktail glass is perfect to enhance his drinking experience.

Buy: US$200

Raw Studio’s portable leather chess setRaw Studio’s portable leather chess set

Chess is a mind game that functions as a medium of entertainment and interaction between family members. This leather chess set with steel pieces is an ideal gift for dads who find it interesting to make moves everywhere. There are ring-shaped pieces that can be folded flat inside the chessboard made of Italian suede leather. It can be taken to outdoors or anywhere. Black and white squares of the chessboard represent the contrast of suede and its skin side.

Buy: US$506

World’s first edible, meat-flavored greeting cards by Moonpig

London-based company Moonpig has launched the world’s first range of edible, meat-flavored greeting cards when Father’s Day is rolling up. These taste-full, limited edition cards look ordinary but are perfect to send wishes to your father. The BBQ flavored cards are smoked with hickory chips, while spicy hot cards are seasoned with cayenne pepper for a fiery finish, so he could eat them too. These edible greeting cards are made of rice paper infused with edible scents and ink to give the apearance of a real card.

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  • Father's Day 2017 Gift Guide Ideas

    10 cool Father’s Day gift ideas

    On the occasion of Father’s Day, everyone has different plans to make his/her dad feel special. Some wish to gift unique ...
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