Bark-activated washing machine lets dogs do your laundry

Since differently abled cannot use contemporary washing machines with digital controls efficiently, an UK-based appliance maker JTM Service has created the Woof to Wash machine to assist, the washing machine is activated with a dog’s bark. Yes, a bark-activated washing machine! The purpose of the machine is to allow support dogs to do laundry for the disabled. As a rule, support dogs are trained to perform various tasks like stripping bed sheets, loading a washing machine or drying clothes, now these dogs will even be able to wash clothes – thanks to Woof to Wash machine.

The bark-activated washing machine lets a dog start the washing machine with a bark, once it has been loaded. The machine has an automated system for detergent and water, it will automatically determine the correct amount of detergent and water to be included in the load. Once the washing is complete, the dogs can unlock the washer by pushing a large paw-activated pad at the bottom of the washer. Hit the jump to see a video.

Via: DesignTaxi/Gizmodo

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