Storing bikes in small spaces seems like a hassle as it can make the space look cluttered and unclean. Actually, it is not that complicated – you just need the proper gear to hold your bike securely. You can find a variety of bike storage solutions online, like a wall-mounted rack, a simple metal hook, or a wooden bike stand that you can make from pallets.

If you are confused about storing bikes indoors in an easy and trendy way, then bike racks are your literal answer. They provide you with a place to safely exhibit your bicycle as an art piece in your home.

All these bike racks and stands can be generally categorized into three types – wall-mounted, floor-standing, and hanging units. The wall-mounted bike storage systems can be further of two types – horizontal and vertical, as well as simple hooks for hanging bikes on the walls.

If you are looking for inspiration for indoor bike storage ideas, we have compiled a thorough list below. Keep scrolling:

1) Horizontal Wall-Mounted Bike Storage

2) Vertical Wall-Mounted Bike Storage

3) Floor/Free-standing Bike Rack

4) Ceiling Hanging Bicycle Storage

5) Bicycle Furniture

6) Bike Storage Under Stairs

7) Unique Bike Storage Ideas

Horizontal Wall-Mounted Bike Storage Ideas

Heart-Shaped Bike Holder: Made from steel rods, this adorable wall-mounted bike rack by Martin Foret in the shape of a heart would be a centerpiece, even if a bike is not hanging on it.

Image: Martin Foret

Zero Gravity Bike Rack: This modern indoor bike rack features a gas strut system to raise and lower down bikes. It can hold and lift bikes up to 50 lbs.

Image: Zero Gravity Racks

Airlok bike rack by Hiplok: It is an indoor and outdoor wall-mounted bike storage rack integrated with a hardened steel lock for safety. The rack is available in different colors on Amazon.

Image: Hiplok

Bike Dock: This wooden wall-mounted bike rack will save you floor space and show off your bicycle like an art piece on the wall.

Image: Pinterest

Pedal pod: Designed by Tamasine Osher for the design-conscious cyclists, Pedal Pod is a wall-mounted bike shelf made out of solid walnut. It has space for other cycling gear as well.

Image: Tamasine Osher

718 Bedford bike rack: This triangular-shaped bike rack is made of birch ply and veneer. It can also store some small items along with the bike.

Image: bookofjoe

DIY wall bike hanger: This brilliant indoor bike rack is made from a pair of drop handlebars and an old bike tire tube. It is a fairly easy and inexpensive bike storage solution.

Image: Man Made DIY

SLIT white bike holder: This wall-mounted shelf is designed by the German bike brand Mikili with the idea to easily blend into home decor. It features a folding mechanism that allows it to be collapsed when not in use.

Image: Mikili Design

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DaHÄNGER: This modern indoor bike rack hangs a bike and also has storage space for a helmet as well as other accessories.


Cova bike rack with shelf: This designer bike rack uses vertical wall space and has space for cycling gear. It is highlighted by its modern and rustic appearance.

Image: Mooose Brand

D-RACK wall bike rack by PARAX: This clever and stylish bike rack has a frame made of aluminum along with a wooden front. The bike is protected with a silicone pad.

Image: Parax

Taxidermy Bicycle wall hanger from TheIronRoots: This unique bike rack is handcrafted from Oregon fir, a leather bicycle seat, bull style road handlebars, and real handlebar tape. It is available on Amazon.

Image: theironroots

Old bike frame as storage unit: This DIY bike rack can be created at home, using an old bike frame.

Image: Instructables

Vertical Wall-Mounted Bike Storage Ideas

Walnut Bike Rack by The Artifox: Made from wood and steel, the wall-mounted bike rack uses a minimal amount of wall space. It handles most sizes and styles of bikes.

Image: The Artifox

Wallmaster Bike Rack: This bike rack mounts securely to the wall with just 4 screws and supports a maximum hanging weight of up to 50lbs. It is available on Amazon.

Image: Amazon

Leonardo Da Vinci wall-mounted hook: A simple and effective bike storage that hangs the bike onto the wall horizontally. It is available on Amazon.

Image: Amazon

Cycloc endo bike rack: This wall bike rack is designed to add a pop of color to bike storage. It features rubber contact points to protect the wall and wheels from unnecessary scratches and damages. It is available on Amazon.

Image: Cycloc

Steadyrack Bike Rack: The innovative bike rack can be mounted to virtually any wall, it’s that convenient. It is an ideal solution for storing bikes in garage. You can buy it on Amazon.

Image: Amazon

DIY Bike Rack from Pipe Fittings: This DIY rack uses pipe fitting to make a hook that allows hanging a bike vertically by the wheel. See the tutorial at LIV Cycling.

Image: LIV Cycling

Floor/Free-standing Bike Rack Ideas

Chol1 Angle bike storage furniture: Made of plywood, Chol1 Angle is a clever bike storage furniture. It holds the bike straight which is undoubtedly convenient to handle.

Image: Chol1

Bike rest: This wooden stand stores bike elegantly in any room of a house. It highlights itself with a wooden texture.

Image: Pinterest

BIKEHAND Bicycle Stand: It is an easy-to-use floor-standing storage system. There are three points holding on to the tires. It is available on Amazon.

Image: Amazon

Thule bike stacker: This freestanding bike stand is a convenient solution when wall or ceiling based storage is not suitable for your space. Available on Amazon, it can hold upright two bicycles of any weight.

Image: Amazon

Peri bike rack: This wooden bike rack will store the bicycle in a beautiful fashion. It seems that no mounting is required – you just place it against a wall. Whether indoor or outdoor, it will be a piece of art that stores and holds the bike.

Image: Peri Products LLC

Commuter bike rack: This unique bike rack provides both practical storage and artful improvement to space. It has plenty of shelves to keep cycling gear and other home decor objects.

Image: Sarabi Studio

Vadolibero Vertik bike rack: It is a multi-functional bike storage solution. Besides storing a bike, it doubles as a dimmable floor lamp controlled through a touch panel at the top.

Image: Vadolibero

Cycle accommodating coat rack: This metal storage rack is designed to store bikes as well as coats and other clothes. It holds the bike vertically, saving wall space.

Image: Behance/Danilo Calvache

Delta Michelangelo two-bike storage rack: This vertical bike rack leans against the wall and holds the bike using gravity. It is a cool addition to a home.

Image: Design by Delta

DIY Bike Rack from Crib Rail: An old crib can be turned into a cool DIY bike stand. You can check out the tutorial at Kelly Leigh Creates.

Image: Kelly Leigh Creates

Bike Stand from Pallets: Making a bike stand using pallet wood is effortless but cool. It can be used both outdoors and indoors to store your bike. Read the tutorial at Instructables.

Image: Instructables

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Ceiling Hanging Bicycle Storage

RAD Sportz bike hook: Hover your bike in mid-air with this ceiling mounted system that clips onto your bike’s handlebar and seat. It is available on Amazon.

Image: Amazon

Saris Glide The show off: This ceiling bike rack can store up to four bikes elegantly within arm’s reach. With adjustable hooks, it can fit in different type of bike wheels. It is available on Amazon.

Image: Amazon

Garage Gator bike lift: Easy to install and use, this motorized bike storage system will help in keeping bikes safely out of the way in garage. It can store up to eight bikes at once. You can buy it from Amazon.

Image: Amazon

Bicycle Furniture

Dede bike cabinet: This elegant bike furniture is created by interior designer Van Staeyen. The closet can hold up to nine bikes and store other bike accessories as well.

Image: Van Staeyen

Bicycle shelf: This minimalist bike displaying shelf will stand against a wall. It has space to accommodate books, shoes, and other stuff in an organized manner.

Image: Architonic

Bike storage built into walls: Make bikes a part of the interior decor with a built-in wooden bike storage system. It installs on walls, saving space and gives a rustic appearance to space.

Image: Pinterest

Bike Storage Under Stairs

Dual staircase bike storage: In an apartment with stairs, this idea will be really helpful. It stores two bicycles at a time.

Image: Pinterest

Unique Bike Storage Ideas

Bicycle covering: If you are not in favor of bike racks, then go for a cover that conceals the bike. Velo Sock offers a cool option and it’s available on Amazon.

Image: Amazon

These clever bicycle racks give a chic makeover to any living space. So as per your interior and available space, you can choose one of these bike storage ideas to transform your small interior into an organized place. If you’ve got a new idea to house your ride in a small apartment, feel free to share it with us.

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