5 Tiny Homes Featuring Reverse Loft Interior Layout

Happy Jasta  ·  18 April,  2024


Treasure Island by Baluchon

The tiny house has an upstairs lounge area with a sofa and a coffee table. Just below the living room is a hidden bedroom.


Pingora by Wind River Tiny Homes

This 24ft tiny house has a bed underneath the loft living room. It is designed for openness and welcoming natural light.


Melon by Mobi House

The 26ft tiny house sports black and brown exterior. The living room is upstairs on the loft while the bedroom lies underneath it.


Hornby by Rover Tiny Homes

It is a 30ft RV style tiny home that can withstand summers and winters. The tiny house features a queen crawl-away and a living room above.


Beau River by Havenwood Tiny Homes

This 17ft tiny house can sleep 5-6 people, with a reverse loft style layout. There is one sleeping area under the living room while another one is above the bathroom.