There is so much that we can do to make our home look modern and functionally efficient. Utilizing the space under the stairs to our advantage is one significant way to do it. Although there are plenty of under-stairs ideas, still most of us utilize that valuable space to create an unsightly storeroom.

The space under the stairs has plenty of potential. it can be transformed into an aesthetically pleasing and functional space. If you want to know how to utilize space under the stairs effectively, we have rounded up some clever tricks that will help you with interior remodeling.

Make drawers 

Utilize the space underneath the staircase by integrating drawers and storage racks. It is a great way to increase storage without much effort. Perfectly designed built-in drawers and chests are an attractive way to make the most of this space.

Image: Clive Anderson Bespoke Furniture/MKDREAMDESIGN
Image: Tom Stringer Design Partners

Create a study room/office

It’s possible to reinvent the vacant space under the stairs as an effective study room. It will help you save a lot of space. This idea is ideal for homeowners longing to have a home office.

Image: Medina Grillo
Image: Scott Hawkins/Brendan Wong
Image: Pinterest
Image: Homes Designs and Plans

Create a cozy reading nook

The unused space under the staircase can also be used to make a small, cozy seating area. You can also simply place a sofa under the stairs to spend some moments in relaxation with your literary friends.

Image: JWT Associates
Image: Háptica Lab
Image: Pinterest
Image: Studio M Interior Design

Create relaxing area for a daytime nap

The space under the staircase is a kind of bonus for any home. It can be utilized to create a cozy sleeping nook perfect for relaxing and taking a nap during the daytime. Placing a small bed will do the trick, and you can further add amenities as per your choice.

Image: Sylvia Martin
Image: Kerr design studio

Build a wine rack

If you’re a wine enthusiast, then creating a wine rack underneath the staircase is the best idea for you. A perfectly integrated wine rack will put the space under the stairs to good use. It will be both a decorative and functional space to showcase your wine collection.

Image: Nicole Sassaman
Image: Jeri Koegel/Brandon Architects
Image: Vinotemp

Set up a closet

Need more storage space in your home? The space under the stairs is perfect to build a custom storage closet. With a little bit of creativity, the often-neglected space under the stairs can be turned into a functional space. It is a very useful trick to keep small spaces clutter-free.

Image: Avar Furniture
Image: Nook Design

Make a playhouse

There is so much that you can pack under the stairs. If the under-stairs space in your house offers you a big area, then create a small playhouse for your kids there. The idea will add extra living space for your little ones.

Image: Arin Solange at Home
Image: Boor Bridges Architecture

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Set up a guest bathroom

If your guest room lacks an attached bathroom, it is recommended to build one underneath the staircase. You can put space under the stairs to good use by creating a small bathroom there; size will depend on the type of space you have.

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Create a kitchenette under the staircase

It is a clever strategy to place a small kitchen under the stairs. All the required appliances and storage can easily squeeze into the space so that it can be turned into an efficient cooking area.

Image: Pinterest
Image: Wendy Goodman/Pinterest

Bookshelf will look good too

Building a bookshelf under the stairs is a popular way to make use of the awkward space. Just create some custom shelves to show off your collection of books and other collectibles.

Image: Pinterest
Image: Marc Koehler Architects/Kay Ettington

Grow an indoor garden  

Who doesn’t like greenery inside their home? Growing an indoor garden in the empty space below the stairs gives your interiors an environmental upgrade. You can place a few planters on the floor and mount some more on the wall to create a gorgeous indoor garden. You can further decorate with pebbles and rocks.

Image: Designer Staircases AU

Make a pet home

If you own a dog, there is nothing better than creating a doghouse under the stairs. You will surely be giving your pet friend a comfortable private home. Since pets love to have a cordoned-off area of their own it is a very good space. Have a look at this impressive under-stair doghouse by a Californian for some inspiration.

Image: Reddit/fatisbac
Image: Houzz
image: Keechi Creek Builders
Image: Zillow
Image: Nick Dawson Designs/Pinterest

Create a laundry room

Instead of setting up a separate laundry area, take advantage of the bare space under the staircase. Create an organized laundry area under the stairs easily by placing a washing machine and water source and drainage. Install some shelves to store clothes and other required materials.

Image: Inspired Kitchen Design
Image: Pinterest

Install an aquarium

Installing a glass tank with colorful fish species is a decorative and fun way to uplift the vacant scape. If you like to fish, the empty space under the stairs is an ideal location to install a custom aquarium. It will add life to a boring area of the house.

Image: Pinterest

Your personal Barista

If you love coffee, consider creating a coffee nook under the stairs. Just install some shelves and counter space to put your coffee machine. You can also add chairs and a coffee table to complete the nook.

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Under stairs media center

The space under the stairs can be used to create a media center. You just need to place a console table and then your multimedia units to enjoy the videos and music. If done smartly, this area of your home will be the next hot spot that everyone will be hovering around.

Image: Pinterest
Image: Rikki Snyder
Image: Smallworks
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