Decorating your home for Halloween is a popular tradition followed by people all across the world. Buying readymade Halloween props and decorations is easy but isn’t the real fun. When you are building something by yourself, you are not only saving money but also adding a personal touch to it. No matter a homemade decoration is small or cheap, it will be perfect to show off your creativity.

When decorating your home for Halloween, you must consider the outdoor sections carefully. From the front door and windows to the patio and backyard, all the places are perfect for displaying inexpensive Halloween decorations. It is the space where you can freely display your talent.

There are endless ideas out there, but for your help, we have compiled a list of DIY outdoor Halloween decorations (in different themes) that are sure to impress your guests and passersby.

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DIY Floating Ghosts

It is an easy-to-make DIY outdoor Halloween decoration idea that you can put together even in the last moment. These DIY floating ghosts look great at night, but they will be captivating during the day as well!

Image: Simply Designing
Image: Practically Functional

Recycled Plastic Bag Halloween Ghost

Make yard ghosts easily with trash plastic bags. You can put them up in bushes or trees. It is a super easy Halloween craft project that you can make in a few minutes. Check out the full DIY at Creating Really Awesome Fun Things.

Image: Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

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DIY Tin Can Ghosts

In this particular Windsock project, you are using kitchen recyclables for outdoor Halloween decorations. It is a kid-friendly Halloween DIY craft. Just a few ribbons and tin cans will do the job.

Image: Chicken Scratch NY

Packing Tape Ghosts

This life-sized ghost Halloween decoration is made from packing tape and plastic cling wrap. Hang it from a tree or make it stand with support – it will haunt the neighbors for sure.

Image: Jonathan Fong/eHow

DIY Halloween Chicken Wire Ghost

If you have unused chicken wire lying at home, it can be used to make a ghost figure in your backyard. Cover with cheesecloth or paint black for a horrifying look.

Image: YouTube/To The Point


Witch Hat

You will need a lighted cone tree, grapevine wreath and a few other items for the project. You can put this lighted witch hat on your porch for a charming Halloween decoration. Check out the tutorial.

Image: The Navage Patch

DIY Witch Broomstick

Witch inspired decor is highly popular for Halloween. Witch’s broom is a symbol of witchcraft, and thus using them in home décor is a thoughtful idea. You can make one easily at home.

Image: The Rehomesteaders

DIY Halloween Witch Décor

A large witch cauldron surrounded by creepy witches will surely be an attention-grabbing Halloween decoration. All you’ll need is some fabric, empty bottles, and spray paint. Check out the project details at Scratch and Stitch.

Image: Scratch and Stitch

DIY Wicked Witch Legs

Looking for a fun way to decorate your garden? These DIY wicked witch legs are a perfect choice for you. Old stockings can be stuffed in a manner to form legs. Use them where you please – hide in bushes or display in planters.

Image: Grillo Designs


Pumpkin on the Porch

Pumpkins hold a big importance in Halloween. They are usually used to create jack-o’-lanterns but you can also use them into in your porch.

Image: 17 Apart

Concrete Pumpkins

While you can easily buy pumpkins in the market, however, you can make concrete pumpkins easily at home. It will be a perfect Halloween decoration for outdoors. If you have skills and time, making a concrete pumpkin topiary is not so tough either.

Image: 17 Apart
Image: Lily Ardor

Miniature Thread Ball Pumpkins

These mini faux pumpkins made from vintage thread balls are a super easy DIY craft that you can make in a day and reuse year after year. It is finished with moss and a wood stick.

Image: Alice Wingerden

Fabric pumpkins

You’ll need a round piece of colored fabric and sew at the ends into a loop. Then, cotton is filled inside the fabric that turns into a rounded pumpkin-like shape. Finally, glue a twig or cinnamon stick at the top as a stem. Check out the complete tutorial.  

Image: Homecrux/Rishik Sharma

Pumpkin out of Wheel

Take a spare metal wheel and use it to make a Halloween pumpkin decoration for the outdoors. Paint it in orange, use some fake leaves, and add a wood branch as its stem.

Image: Homeroad

Clay Jack-o’-lantern Candle Holder

This DIY project is a bit tricky but the end result is worth trying. First, you need to shape and carve the terracotta clay like a jack-o’-lantern. When a tealight candle is placed inside, it will create a spooky lighting effect. Check out the full tutorial

Image: Homecrux/Rishik Sharma

Pumpkin Fairy Garden

Making fairy houses from carved pumpkins is a great DIY project to be cherished with kids. These miniature pumpkin fairy houses can be decked with readymade miniature items like mushrooms, gnomes and fairies. Natural items like pinecones, branches, grass, moss, flowers, leaves, etc. can also be used. You can display them inside or outside your home.

Image: Woodlark Blog

Glow in the Dark Pumpkins

If you are looking for no-carve pumpkin Halloween decorations, then making a glow-in-the-dark pumpkin should be a suitable option. It’s a cool DIY Halloween project to spark up your creativity.

Image: iLoveToCreateBlog
Image: Annie Wills

Glowing Pumpkins Lanterns

Simply put tap lights, thick glow sticks, or other flameless lights into cheap plastic pumpkins, and you’ve made a glowing pumpkin lantern. Use them to decorate the driveway or the backyard.

Image: Making Lemonade Blog

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DIY Spider Web

Halloween decoration of a home cannot be complete without spider web display. You can make spider web by weaving rope and even by cutting trash bags. Candies can also be attached to the spider web to attract kids.

Image: Instructables
Image: Rhythms of Play
Image: Crafty Morning
Image: KC Edventures

Spider Egg Sac

Aside from the traditional way of decorating with cobwebs, you can also make spider egg sacs to ooze the outdoor space in a creepy Halloween feel. Porch lights will make a perfect spot to hang these Halloween decorations.

Image: The Tiptoe Fairy
Image: Martha Stewart

Giant Spider Decoration

Make a giant spider to display in your garden for Halloween. Haunt your neighbors by showing that your home has been taken over by a giant spider. If you are looking for a simple and cheaper DIY, you can use trash bags to make a spider.

Image: DIY Decor Mom
Image: Hefty

Giant Spider Illusion

A giant spider that looks like coming from under the ground is surely something scary. Just seeing its legs will probably totally freak out visitors to your home.

Image: Instructables

Skulls & Skeletons

Skull Signs

Transform your front doorway into a thrilling place with these skull signs. With included lights, they will create a spooky display in a backyard or garden.

Image: Jen Woodhouse

Bone Mobile

Making this DIY Halloween decoration is easy. Just take some fake bones and string them up like a chandelier and it is ready to be displayed on your porch.

Image: a wee Meenit Blog

Skull Topiary

If you have skull props at home, you can transform them into a creepy topiary for your front porch halloween decor. Start by securing a PVC pipe in a decorative urn filled with plaster of Paris. Glue plastic skulls onto the pipe in varying positions, and lastly paint them for a haunting appearance. Check out the tutorial for help.

Image: Celebrate and Decorate


Cemetery Fence

While decorating the outdoors of your home for Halloween, nothing can beat the aesthetics of a DIY cemetery fence. From pallets and PVC pipe to scrap metal, you can use any material to make them. Use skulls and other props to add the festive essence. You can also make a coffin prop on your own to add to the creepiness.

Image: Twelve on Main
Image: Print with My Pic
Image: Imgur
Image: HomeDepot
Image: Keddie Woodshop

Halloween Cemetery Pillars

Making a haunted castle-style entrance in the backyard will lift up your Halloween décor. You can make the frame using wood and wrap it with brick-patterned wallpaper.

Image: From House to Home

Concrete Tombstones and Hands

Make realistic-looking cast concrete tombstones and hands to give your garden a haunted makeover. Including concrete hands can add that eerie feeling to your DIY outdoor Halloween decoration.

Image: DIY Fun Ideas

Dead & Breakfast Inn Signpost

Decorate your backyard with a Halloween signpost. Just sketch out some fun or scary words on pallets and attach them to a mail post. You’re done!

Image: BHG
Image: Mom Endeavors
Image: Dave Lowe


Jack Skellington Tealight Holder

You will need a vintage lantern for the project. Start by painting it black and then print Jack Skellington’s artworks. Then glue them on the glass sections of the lamp. Jump over to the full tutorial.

Image: Homecrux/Rishik Sharma

DIY Halloween Lights

In case you are looking for Halloween lights, you can make them at home, this DIY tutorial at Landeelu can help you with it. You will need a few ping pong balls, a light string and a marker to draw eyes on the balls. Disposable coffee cups can also be transformed into Halloween-themed garlands.

Image: Landeelu
Image: The Kim Six Fix

Unique DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Spooky Welcome Mat

If you are looking for a creepy way to welcome your guests at front door, this can be a suitable DIY Halloween project for you. All you need to do is paint a spooky pattern on a doormat.

Image: Creative Live

Hanging Foam Bats

Black craft foam, googly eyes, and thread will be enough to make spooky hanging bats for decorating in your garden. Check out the DIY tutorial at HGTV.

Image: HGTV

DIY Flytrap Candy Holder

Want to hand out candies to trick-o’-treaters in a different way than usual? This DIY candy holder in the shape of a flytrap plant is just perfect. Paint it in your own style, decorate with wordings and hang it out on the fence.

Image: The Paper Mama

Pallet Zombie Pit

If you are a seasoned DIYer, you can try creating a zombie pit from pallet wood in a corner of your backyard this year. It’s not a big project to undertake, and won’t consume much of your time or money. Yet it will elevate the scare factor of your yard a notch higher.

Image: Pinterest

Hanging Cage Halloween Prop

Hanging cages with mini skeletons in them will be an attractive Halloween prop you can make at home. You just need to paint laundry baskets black like a cage and hang them using chains.

Image: The Navage Patch

Zombie Dolls

Barbie dolls are famous for their pretty looks but you can also turn them into zombies to decorate your outdoors. Filthy hair and bloody faces are some details you can incorporate to turn them into zombie dolls.

Image: Crafts by Amanda

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Concrete Smiling Stones

Turn your yard into a frightening yet enchanting landscape using concrete smiling stones. They can be placed amid plants or next to your front door.

Image: Made by Barb

Man-Eating Monster Plant

This man-eating monster plant Halloween decoration is perfect to scare up neighbors. It’s a Dollar Tree Halloween DIY you can try this year!

Image: Eden Makers Blog

Concrete Lighted Step Spook

You can make this lighted Halloween prop without any mold. It will be a permanent decoration that can be used over and over again. Check out the full tutorial at Made by Barb.

Image: Made by Barb

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