Crazy Guys Travel to McDonald's in a Paramotor Sofa

Watch: Crazy Duo Travels to McDonald’s in an Air-Powered Sofa

Utah-based YouTuber Collin Randle is a flight student who loves to share his paramotor adventures on the video streaming website. This one-of-a-kind sport combines paragliding with a motorized, caged propeller. Recently, he has been in the limelight for integrating his couch with a paramotor and travelling in it to a nearby McDonald’s.

He has shared a video of his travel in the paramotor sofa on YouTube.

With the help of one of his friends, he mounted wheels to the bottom of a couch and had one half of a kids’ bike attached to the front along with a paramotor strapped to the back. It has a handlebar to negotiate turns and even a brake to stop at will.

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The duo travelled to the eatery and returned back in the paramotor sofa, safely, overcoming many road bumps on the way. Though it is not a good idea to ride an air-powered sofa, we are surely amazed by the crazy act.

Watch the video below:
Via: Mashable/Reddit

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