Colin Furze Staircase Treadmill - DIY

Staircase Treadmill – Crazy DIY for Desperate Fitness Freaks

Colin and his DIY’s, well, what can one say? Some absolutely love Colin’s skills and witty style while others find it to be absolutely rubbish! That said, the DIYer creates things you’ll not see anywhere else.

This DIY is about getting fit and losing those extra pounds in the most outrageous way you can think of. It’s a Staircase Treadmill which according to Colin is the ultimate exercise machine.

Like all other times, we give 15/10 to Colin for his effort and expertise level in creating this thing. However, in realistic terms, it is not at all practical. As a matter of fact, only a handful of Colin’s creation can be labeled as being “Practical”.

Comin on to this DIY, the idea is pretty simple. You create a treadmill which fits like a charm onto the stairs and then attaches it to a motor which has different levels of difficulty. The harder levels are going to push you to the limits – see how Colin and his friend struggle to get to the top of the staircase in the video below.

For bragging rights, Colin brought home Joe, a trainer from “The BodyCoach” to test out his new creation. For the record, Joe got a good cardio workout trying to catch the carrot that was going to be his reward for beating the machine!

How many of you actually go out and make the Staircase Treadmill is questionable. If you do, we bet you are going to have really strong lower body muscles and fat is going to be a thing of the past.

Also, don’t count out the chances of getting injured as you’ll be running up a 45-degree slope at full throttle. One wrong foot and you’ll come plummeting down hard on the floor.

Have a look at the crazy Treadmill Staircase followed by its making below.

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