Teenager’s scrumptious vegan food is taking Instagram by storm

People are progressively adopting vegan diet because of moral concern toward animals, and for the betterment of the environment. Moreover, people are following the diet to stay healthy, and are opting other alternative food like tofu, soy milk, mock meats, etc. Going with the vegan food trend, a 16-year-old creative teenager named Jose is getting popular on Instagram for his amazing vegan food creations.

His passion and creativity have made him an instant star on Instagram for good reason. He has tried many different smoothie bowls and raw cheesecakes with freezing fruits that acts as its main ingredients and decoration. It comes as no surprise that Jose’s every dish looks more attractive and satisfying than the last one.

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A lots of fresh cream, fruits and his presentation make each of his creation delicious and mouth-watering. He loves to experiment with his ideas, and creating wonderful vegan food from them. Jose not only inspires people by uploading the pics of creative vegan dishes, but also posts their recipes with photos, so that anyone can try them out.

As he says “Life is too short to eat boring food”. Here are some jaw-dropping creations of Jose, just give them a look, and perhaps you’ll stop over at one and make one for yourself!

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