It is no secret that decorating your homes for Halloween can burn a hole in your pocket. Thankfully, there are ways around cutting costs by DIY-ing a few decoration items at home. There are many DIY Halloween crafts that go beyond a pack of faux spider webs and carved pumpkins, but one item that has untapped potential is the good old candle holder.

There are many fun and easy crafts that you can do with your family and give mundane-looking candle holders a spooky makeover. Here are 15 simple and easy DIY Halloween candle holders to save some money and add a distinct spooky touch to your space.

These items are made of wine bottles, glasses, mason jars, etc. Let the crafts begin!

These Glass Jar Candle Holders use candy and ribbons to add a charming vibe to your home. Full tutorial

Image: Repurpose & Upcycle

Upcycle small glass or plastic jars lying around in the house to make these candle holders. Full tutorial

Image: Instructables @ Diamonds_OnTheInside

Made from air-dried clay, this cute ghost clay candle holder can be made in under 30 minutes. Tutorial

Image: Homecrux

Make Halloween-themed candle holders from old furniture legs, glue and paint. Full tutorial

Image: Passion Shake

Give a second life to unused wine bottles and turn them into bloody candle holders. Full tutorial

Image: Taste of Home

Get some spooky prints and wrap them around the glass lanterns for errie feel. Buy prints

Image: Mr. Printables

Wine glasses can be cute yet sinister Halloween candle holders. Full tutorial

Image: Crafts by Amanda

These Halloween candle holders are made from glass jars, and painted with scary faces. Full tutorial

Image: Petite Fernand

Rock your Halloween decor with mason jar jack-o’-lantern candle holders. Full tutorial

Image: Mod Podge Rocks

Glass jars and a hot glue gun are all you require to make these uncanny candle holders. Full tutorial

Image: YouTube @PinkLadyNailDesigns

Wrap mason jar lights with black lace fabric to evoke the spooky vibe of the holiday. Full tutorial

Image: Entertaining Diva

This DIY skull candle holder painted in golden color can hold three candles on the top. It will be a centerpiece for the fireplace mantel. Full tutorial

Image: A Beautiful Mess

The final result of this snake Halloween candle holder is simply terrifying, given you can paint it to perfection. Tutorial

Image: Homecrux

Incredibly easy and quick, this DIY clay pumpkin candle holder is a perfect choice for fall and Halloween. Tutorial

Image: Homecrux

This DIY clay Jack-o’-lantern candle holder is a bit tricky to make but the final result is awesome, and it can be reused again. Tutorial

Image: Homecrux

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