The days are getting shorter with the arrival of autumn. The trees have started whispering and shedding their leaves. The nights are getting darker and we are on a voyage to Halloween 2023. This year Halloween is special, particularly after the spoils of the pandemic; children will be back in the streets asking for trick-or-treat favors and what else is back are our house Halloween parties.

If you are done buying Halloween animatronics, witch wreaths, and wine bottles and still find something missing for the grandest party of the year, we know what’s lacking in your star-studded decoration. Halloween Mason jars are missing, but wait you don’t need to necessarily buy them. Instead, you can make them at home. For your help, here are 20 DIY Halloween mason jars that you can recreate to leave your guests spellbound.

Mason Jar Mummy

Image: celiacmama

Wrap a gauze fabric around any cylindrical container and place a candle inside it to give your interior a devilish touch. These cute jars can then become centerpieces on your table or maybe form a decorative lining for the pathway to your house. Read the full tutorial at Celiac Mama.

Flickering Spider Light Mason Jar

Image: The TipToe Fairy

Flickering Spider Lights is the next big thing this Halloween. All you need is some old pickle container jars that are gathering dust on some shelf and put a tea light and a faux spider in that. Next, you can paint the jar from the outside with assistance from frosted glass spray paint and your Halloween Mason jar is ready to daunt everyone. Read the full tutorial at The Tip Toe Fairy.

Ghost in a Jar

Image: The TipToe Fairy

Ghost in a jar can be used as a great home decoration material which is scary and intimidating at the same time. All you need is some cheesecloth alongside glass bottles and foam balls to make your own ghost jar. Learn more at The Tip Toe Fairy.

Scarecrow Mason Jar

Image: Yesterday on Tuesday

In a world where everyone loves Marvel characters and adores superheroes, you get a chance to DIY your own scarecrow for Halloween. Take any random jar from your kitchen, paint it in different colors, and make a devilish face with black paint. Place a strip of an orange ribbon on the rim of the jar and decorate it with a yellow flower. The full tutorial is available at YESTERDAY on Tuesday.

BOO Mason Jar

Image: landeelu

Paint your Mason jars with black and white stripes and see the magic unfurl at your Halloween party when the Scarecrow Mason jar scares the kids away. In addition, you can also tie orange wooden letters reading BOO to add delight to your party. Read the tutorial at Landeelu Creating a Home.

Glitter Jars

Image: The Keeper of the Cheerios

Awaken the artist within you to create this funky Mason jar. All you require is gauze, cheesecloth, and a lot of glitter pens or spray paints as a substitute. Wrap the gauze around the jar and show your artistic creativity. Design the jars as per your requirement and see the magic unveil. Read more on The Keeper of the Cheerios, LLC.

Mason Jar Luminaries

Image: Happiness is Homemade

Make your own Mason jar lights in less than 15 minutes with some added assistance from vinyl stickers. Paint your jars in any color and then remove the sticker before the paint runs dry. Add tea lights to the jar and your Mason Jar Luminaries are ready to illuminate the entire night. Hop on to Happiness is Homemade for the complete tutorial.

Spider Mason Jar

Image: Ruffles And Rainboots

This Spider Mason Jar with eight legs is all you need this Halloween. Fill your jars with straw at the top and make eight legs out of pipe cleaners. You can also add multiple googly eyes to the jar giving it a scary blend. The full tutorial is available on Ruffles & Rain Boots.

Witch Mason Jar

Image: Creatively Beth

A Mason jar Halloween witch lantern is something that can frighten anyone. All you need is a binding ribbon which one must tie to the neck of the jar and a black cardstock that features the hat of the witch. Jump to Creatively Beth and learn the full tutorial.

Mason Jar Pumpkin

Image: love and marriage blog

If by any means your jack-o’-lantern is not ready by Halloween don’t worry, you can make your own jack-o’-lantern-looking Mason jar. The glowing Mason jar pumpkin can be made using orange paper, and a sponge brush. The full tutorial is available at Love and Marriage Blog.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Mason Jars

Image: A Pumpkin And a Princess.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Mason Jars is something that will surely send chills down the spine of your Halloween guest. Tie a ribbon on the neck of the jar and make your artistic hand do the painting. This jar will add décor to your dining and can also be used on the shelf. Learn more from A Pumpkin and a Princess.

Mason Jar Drink Glass

Image: Create Craft Love

The Halloween Mason jar drink glasses are best suited for your house parties. Decorate them with ribbon and adhesive vinyl and have a crack of a Halloween. Pin any spooky image or a tagline to the jar with the help of transfer tape. Tutorial at Create Craft Love.

Halloween Mason Jar Craft

Image: Color Made Happy

The secret to Mason jars lies in how one chooses to craft them. Add your own design to mason jars this Halloween, be it witch legs, cat face, or any other spooky touch. All you need is a white primer and a paintbrush to craft your winning piece. Jump to the tutorial on COLOR made happy.

Candy Corn Mason Jar

Image: Savvy Saving Couple

Another brilliant idea for Halloween Mason jar decoration is to fill the jar with candy corn. Next, you are required to add a Halloween peep inside the jar to give it a spooky touch. In addition, tie a ribbon around the jar neck to complete the look. Read the tutorial at Savvy Saving Couple.

Mason Jar for Bathroom

Image: KARA creates

How about having a Mason jar in the bathroom as well? Create a spooky Halloween hand soap mason jar and place it in your bathroom. All you need to do is put some eyeball ping pong inside the jar and add soap to it. Give finishing touches to it by adding a soap pump and enjoy your Halloween. Read the tutorial at KARA creates.

Pumpkin Mason Jar

Image: the36thavenue

There is nothing better than placing a Mason jar on the tabletop for interior home decoration during Halloween. This DIY pumpkin jar can be made using orange acrylic paint and leaf-shaped card stock. Read the complete tutorial at the36thavenue.

Spray paint Mason Jar

Image: Mason Jar Crafts Love

A candy corn mason jar will be a perfect addition to your Halloween party. Create your own candy corn mason jar by spray painting any old pickle jar. Spray yellow at the bottom and orange in the center and decorate it with faux black roses. Jump to Mason Jar Crafts Love for details.

Bat Mason Jar

Image: Sprinkled and Painted

How about scaring your inmates with bat mason jars? It may look very difficult at the beginning but is one of the simplest to make. Cut a foam sheet in the shape of a bat and stick it to any leftover jar gathering dust. Paint the eyes and teeth with brushes and there you have your bat jar ready to spook people. The full tutorial is available at Sprinkled and Painted.

Spider Web Mason Jar

Image: momdot

Light up your hall table with this extremely scary and frightening Spider mason jar. The jar will look so scary that children won’t even dare to come near it. All you need is old jam bottles, fake spider webs, faux spiders, and black nail polish alongside Tea Lights to give your room a horrifying touch. For the complete tutorial, visit momdot.

DIY Pumpkin Jars

Image: The Scrap Shoppe Blog

Your go-to accessory for Halloween has to be a pumpkin. Paint an old container completely orange, put thick sticks inside the jar, and tie it up. Your Halloween jar is ready for the October end feast. The full tutorial is available at The Scrap Shoppe Blog.


Atish is an avid reader and a writer with almost half a decade of experience in news reporting. He has previously worked with Hindustan Times as a field journalist. He has a profound interest in performing arts and has directed a few insightful plays on social issues and folklore. When not toiling with words or sourcing news for Homecrux and Planet Custodian, he can be found either appreciating cinema, reading cult classics, or searching for existential truth.

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